The telecast "Eagle and tails": all seasons. "Eagle and tails": list of issues of the last season

Today, the viewer can choose absolutely any show to his own taste - about cooking, learning new things, about technology, science and, of course, about traveling! If the series is missed - it does not matter, because on the Internet you can review all seasons from beginning to end. “Eagle and tails” (the list of program releases will be presented later) is a show that provides an excellent opportunity to see the whole world from the comfort of your own home. Well, flew!

What is this show?

Transfer “Eagle and tails” is a program of the travel category, which takes into account the interests of people who love to travel, regardless of their age, gender or other distinctive features. This show is for everyone and everyone - bright, interesting, with young and fun hosts.

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Its essence is simple: in each issue, the audience is shown one city, telling about the life of its population and unique sights. A brief excursion into history, etc.

Why is the program called "Eagle and tails"? Leading before the start of the main shooting, immediately after arriving at the airport, throw a coin and guess one or the other side of it. As a result, the lucky one gets a gold bank card with an inexhaustible amount of cash. This hero of the program will be able to live like a real Arab sheikh, taking advantage of all the benefits of civilization, while at the same time - especially the most luxurious and expensive.

What will get the other, not so lucky host? 100 dollars! They will need to somehow survive during Saturday and Sunday: rent apartments, eat, get to interesting places by public transport. At the same time, the rest should be made as varied as possible, being within the set amount.

The idea of ​​the project is original, and therefore liked the audience. To show the option of both budget and expensive rest, and making it 2-in-1 means making life easier for people who are puzzled over whether they have enough of their own savings and savings to travel to one or another part of the world.

Who is behind the organization of filming?

The show “Eagle and tails” is a Ukrainian TV show, which, however, quickly won the sympathy of Russian viewers.The premiere of the program took place on the Ukrainian channel “Inter”, and today the program is also broadcast on the channels of Kazakhstan, Russia (“Friday!”), Belarus and Poland. Alternately, one by one, all seasons were shown on television. “Eagle and tails” (the list of show releases today is very large) is a project that is obliged by its production to TeenSpirit Studio and directors Vasily Homko, Anton Shcherbakov, Evgeny Sinelnikov, director Elena Sinelnikova. Not to mention the efforts of operators, sound engineers, editors.

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"Eagle and tails": leading

So, it's time to go to those who regularly sees on the screen the viewer. How many places have traveled members of the program "Eagle and tails"! Vietnam, Spain, China, Georgia, USA, Morocco and others - this is not a complete list. Do leading throughout all the seasons remained unchallenged?

Not really. From season to season, they changed, but this had no effect on the program itself - it remained all the same fascinating and informative.

The first season was opened at that time by a married couple, Jeanne and Alan Badoeva (now young people are no longer together). In the second season, Alana was replaced by Andrei Bednyakov, an actor and KVN member who traveled with Zhanna during the 3rd season.

The next two seasons were marked by the arrival of Lesia Nikityuk, who won the show “Laughing Comedian”. The 6th and 7th seasons of the poor led along with the bride Nastya Korotkaya (at the moment they have already become spouses; the wedding was played in 2014). In the 8th season, new faces appeared at the leading positions - Regina Todorenko and Kolya Serga. In the 9th season, the man left the project because of the decision to devote himself to music, in connection with which his place was already mentioned among the directors and co-authors of the program E. Sinelnikov.

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“Eagle and tails. The jubilee season, released in honor of the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the first shootings in 2010, united in its releases all the presenters who have ever been involved in the program in this role. They traveled to countries alternately, finding new partners and making the most diverse tandems with each other. However, Zhanna Badoeva on her page on the social network "Instagram" after the end of season 10 wrote that next season it will not.

Another project offshoot of the show is “Eagle and tails. Around the World ”, opening to the viewer the most secret, unexplored and unique places of the planet. People interested in islands or seemingly inconspicuous,but the colorful areas that require careful acquaintance are definitely recommended to devote time to this particular area of ​​the program.

How many seasons were there?

Is it possible to list all seasons one by one? "Eagle and tails" (the list will be presented without mentioning specific cities) - the show, the seasons of which make up an extremely impressive list. It looks like this:

  • 5 first seasons;
  • 6th "Resort" season;
  • 7th season “Back in the USSR”;
  • 8th season "At the edge of the world";
  • 9th season "Undiscovered Europe";
  • 10th season "Jubilee";
  • 11th season “Jubilee. Part 2";
  • The 12th season Around the World.

In this case, the duration of one issue is approximately 45 minutes, and the number of all series of travel shows is 226 - and this, of course, is not the limit.

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“Eagle and tails. Around the World ": specifically about the 12th season

Currently, Around the World is the last season of Eagle and Tails, includes 31 editions, the last of which, dated September 12, 2016, marks the 217th journey since the beginning of the first day of telephoto shooting! The presenters for this season were Lesya and Regina, and the list of all the series and cities visited by girls is as follows:

  • Antwerp;
  • Düsseldorf;
  • Florence;
  • Namibia;
  • Johannesburg;
  • Harare;
  • Maputo;
  • Uganda;
  • Muscat;
  • Goa;
  • Bangalore;
  • Nepal;
  • Dhaka;
  • Phuket Island;
  • Chiang Mai;
  • Jakarta;
  • Hainan;
  • Macao;
  • Island of cebu;
  • Hiroshima;
  • Osaka;
  • Saipan Island;
  • Fiji Island;
  • Tahiti Island;
  • Vancouver;
  • Sacramento;
  • Salt Lake City;
  • Guadalajara;
  • Acapulco;
  • Tegucigalpa;
  • Guayaquil.

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Interesting Facts

So, here are all the seasons. “Eagle and tails” (the list of episodes of this show is very large) is a program that can amaze even a seasoned tourist, which defines the program as a progressive show, the creators of which understand the need for constant development and progress.

By the way, in numerous interviews you can find a lot of interesting facts: for example, presenter’s favorite presenter Andrei Bednyakov shared with journalists that once the sponsors of the program asked him to “tighten the strap” after he lived on Athens and spent a living The hotel already 42 thousand euros ... Over night!

heads and tails jubilee season

Familiarity with the kitchen, sometimes exotic, is another opportunity to test yourself for stamina. Would any person be able to eat, for example, horse intestines in Kazakhstan or a fried guinea pig in Ecuador? About crickets,cockroaches and other living creatures do not even speak - the hosts eat everything, because it is their job: to share emotions and impressions with the viewer, who you will not spend playing with the camera. So, you want, you do not want - if you please.

What is behind the scenes?

Many issues of the telecast remained unpublished or unrevealed, which is due to a number of reasons: often the film crew was simply refused to receive a visa. Behind the scenes were also such unpleasant moments as stolen passports (from Andrey Bednyakov the thief pulled the document right on the plane while flying to Mexico), as well as fines from the police for the flowers picked from the bed in Batumi.

Another child project

Today “Eagle and tails” continues to evolve, in connection with which anyone who wishes can also choose another unmentioned TV show, namely, “Eagle and tails. Shopping, where the guys talk about what and for what price you can bring from the trip. This project is really successful and managed to win the faithful love of the audience.

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