Teacher Amonashvili Shalva Aleksandrovich

Shalva Amonashvili - an outstanding teacher, professor, doctor of psychological sciences, academician of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences and radioactive waste. He gained fame in the teaching environment as the author of a unique system of working with schoolchildren, called “Humane Pedagogy”.

Curriculum Vitae

Amonashvili Shalva Alexandrovich was born in the capital of Georgia, Tiflis, on March 8, 1931. His father, Alexander Dmitrievich, died at the front in 1942, so the whole burden of education fell on the shoulders of his mother, Maria Ilinichna.

After graduating from school, Shalva Aleksandrovich entered the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Tbilisi State University. Once on the 2 course student leader in the summer camp, he realized that his vocation - to teach children. In 1958, Amonashvili graduated from the graduate school of the Research Institute of Pedagogy, and two years later defends his PhD. In 1972, he became a certified psychologist, having defended his doctoral dissertation.

Amonashvili Shalva Aleksandrovich: pedagogical achievements

Professional activity

The scientist considers such outstanding gurus as Khachapuridze, Gogebashvili, Ushinsky, Komensky, Russo to be his teachers.Today, Amonashvili Shalva Alexandrovich himself can be put on a par with them.

He began his pedagogical activity in Georgia, then moved to Moscow, where he actively gained experience and generously shared his own with similarly talented teachers. Especially the scientist became friends with the future academician of the USSR APN Davydov. The system of humane pedagogy, developed by Shalva Alexandrovich, although it brought outstanding results, was severely criticized by official bodies.

From the late 1950s to the early 1990s, Amonashvili worked at the Research Institute of Pedagogy of the Georgian SSR, where he went from a simple laboratory assistant to the general director of the Scientific and Production Pedagogical Association. In 1989, thanks to outstanding merit, a scientist was elected a people's deputy of the USSR, who he was before the collapse of the country. After working for 8 years at the Department of Primary Education of the Tbilisi Pedagogical University, in 1998 Shalva Amonashvili moved to the Moscow City Pedagogical University, where he was offered to head the laboratory of humane pedagogy.

The merits of a respected teacher did not go unnoticed. From 1985, he was a full member of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, and from 1993, the Russian Academy of Education.The professor conducts active educational activities, speaks in schools, research centers, universities, publishes books and almanacs. It often happens in Ukraine, where his system is very popular. However, some experts are critical of his ideas and approaches, which is normal for an academic environment.

Shalva Amonashvili: education of schoolchildren

Pedagogy of Shalva Amonashvili

What is the secret of the phenomenon of the teacher and scientist from Georgia? Why do some teachers idolize him, while others consider him almost a sectarian? The humane pedagogy of Shalva Alexandrovich calls for the awakening of the heart, the development of intuition, pays attention to creativity, fantasy, and free independent thinking of schoolchildren from the very first class.

The purpose of humane pedagogy is simple and majestic - the education of a noble person, highly spiritual, cultural, ethical. Which seeks to improve and expand knowledge. Which aims to bring as much benefit to others as possible and directs his talent to serve the common good.

By the way, the ideas of humane pedagogy are not new. They are reflected in the creative heritage of Pirogov, Makarenko, Skovoroda, Sukhomlinsky, Lev Tolstoy, Ushinsky, Komensky, Uznadze, Hesse, Pestalozzi and many other outstanding teachers.But Amonashvili provided them with modern sound, connected them with the problems of today, developed corresponding methods and recommendations.

Shalva Amonashvili: rewarding


Shalva Amonashvili is rightly called an innovator teacher. With some kind of sixth sense, he feels the children, instills confidence in them, liberates them, and they respond with trust and love. The lessons of an outstanding teacher are completely different from the boring narration of many teachers. He contacts with the audience, attracts the attention of children to himself and, accordingly, to the presented material. The training process is accompanied by warm-up and relaxation.

It was not for nothing that the International Association of Children's Funds awarded him the honorary gold medal named after Leo Tolstoy, and this is not the only reward. But the most honorable Shalva Alexandrovich considers the grateful eyes of his pupils.

The names of the author's programs speak for themselves: lessons of love, wisdom, patience, hobbies. Relying mainly on creativity, they give impetus to the disclosure of personality. Amonashvili says that children love difficulties, so you need to be ahead of events in order to become a real helper for them.He offers students assignments that make even adults think. And children in a few minutes already give answers. He is a supporter of homework, but he sets them not for the children, but for the family — parents solve problems with their children. The teacher is convinced that with the help of an adult the child becomes smarter.

Pedagogy of Shalva Amonashvili


Shalva Amonashvili expressed his thoughts and observations in numerous works that have become reference books for many teachers. Note some of the works:

  • 1982: "Creating a person."
  • 1986: "How do you live, children?"
  • 1987: "Unity of purpose".
  • 1986: "To school - from 6 years old."
  • 1996: "School of Life."
  • 2003: "My smile, where are you?"
  • 2006: "The Truth of School".
  • 2009: "Faith and love."
  • 2009: The Leading Hand.
  • 2010: "The experience of introspection."


As already noted, not all specialists approve of the educational principles proposed by the author. Shalva Amonashvili more than once found himself at the center of scandals. Sometimes he is accused of culting himself and even sectarianism.

The main arguments of the scholar's opponents are reduced to his free interpretation of the texts of the Gospel and the Lives of the Saints, comparing himself as a teacher with Christ, who also instructed his disciples. As an example, the words of Shalva Alexandrovich are cited: “I am a teacher.And Christ the Teacher. What is the difference between me and Christ? ”At the same time, the phrase“ I am a carrier of light! ”, Which the scientist advises to say three times in front of a mirror for confidence and composure, opponents from church circles interpret as a magic spell. Meanwhile, such code phrases are typical in psychology and are widely used, for example, in auto-training.

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