Tashkent TV Tower: photos, description, size

Tashkent TV Tower - one of the attractions of the city. Along with other historical and significant places, it became his business card, a recognizable brand. The high-rise beauty can be seen from anywhere in Tashkent. In addition, it organically fit into the landscape of the city, performing a number of important functions.

Tashkent TV Tower

Description of the Tashkent TV Tower

It was built in 1985. The construction lasted six years. This is a unique building, the last significant object of the Uzbek capital, built during Soviet times. Along with the Tashkent subway, it is the last monument of a bygone era. This is the pride of the townspeople. Tourists are brought here to show the beautiful city from a bird's eye view. To this end, the tower is equipped with viewing platforms, from which the entire city is clearly visible.

In the countries of Central Asia, it has no equal in height and technical equipment. At the time of the construction of the TV tower, she occupied the honorable fourth place in the world and the third in the Soviet Union, after Ostankino in Moscow and Kiev.But as time goes on and everything changes, new facilities are being built, so today it is ranked 9th in the world in height and is included in the federation of the tallest towers in the world.

Tashkent TV tower how many meters


The height of the Tashkent TV tower is 375 meters. Architects Terziev-Tsarukov NG and Semashko Yu. L. worked on the project, and technical solutions and calculations were performed under the guidance of Morozov EP engineers and MD Musheev. But physical indicators are not all. During the construction were applied unique artistic, architectural and technical developments.

The stability of the tower give three special conical supports-struts (93 meters each) and the foundations, whose height is 11 meters. The total mass of the Tashkent TV tower is 6,000 tons, the production material was welded steel. The total construction volume is 55,500 square meters.

Seismic protection

It should not be forgotten that the unique high-rise structure was built in a seismically active region after the catastrophic earthquake of 1966, which virtually destroyed Tashkent. Therefore, all parts are made with a large margin of safety, which allowed the most complex architectural and compositional application of lattice and solid wall structures to be realized in the metal.

What provides high seismic stability to this structure? During the construction, it was decided to divide the tower into three main parts, each of which will work independently under loads caused by the buildup:

  1. The central part of the structure is the trunk.
  2. Lattice welded frame made of steel.
  3. 93 m tapered supports for stability.

This design of the tower allowed to increase the seismic resistance of an earthquake of nine points according to Richter.

TV tower Tashkent photo

Performance specifications

The main tasks of the television tower are television and radio broadcasting, which is conducted on the territory of the city of Tashkent and its region, on southern Kazakhstan, on a part of the Syrdarya region. Through it, communication is carried out between government agencies and commercial enterprises.

With the help of a television tower, 5 television channels and 4 radio stations are broadcast. It is actively used by mobile operators. The Hydrometeorological Center of Uzbekistan collects information using a complex hydrometeorological station for high-altitude observations located in the tower.

Observation deck

As mentioned above, in the Tashkent TV tower at a height of 95 meters there is a viewing platform, from where guests and residents of the city can watch the high-altitude panorama of the capital, in which there are many interesting places and attractions. Upstairs high-speed passenger elevators will help.

How many meters is the Tashkent TV tower, the photo from which you wish to make, rises above sea level? It is located on a hill, the height of which is above the absolute mark of 480 meters. Therefore, the highest point of the tower is at 850 meters above sea level!

height of the Tashkent TV tower

Visiting the tower

The television tower as a unique object is very popular among residents and its guests. It is hardly possible to visit it yourself, but you can take a tour, which will be conducted by experienced guides. Excursions are conducted in three languages: Uzbek, Russian and English. Visitors will be told about the history of the creation of the tower and the sights of the city, located in the viewing area. In the lobby of the tower you can see an amazing mosaic panel. It is performed in the Venetian and Roman styles by the Uzbek artist A.Burkhabaev.

Restaurant "Koinot"

Above the viewing platform there are two halls of the Koinot restaurant, one at 98 meters, the second at 104 meters. For those who want to spend time with benefit and get an unforgettable experience, two halls are open: "Blue" and "Red". In the "Red" offers dishes of European cuisine, cooked by top-class chefs. In the "Blue" you can taste the national Uzbek dishes.

Both rooms can accommodate up to 120 people at a time. The time spent in the restaurant is 1 hour. It is very cozy, pleasant atmosphere, tastefully served tables. While dining, you will be introduced to the changing panorama of the city, as both halls rotate around the axis of the tower, making one revolution per hour.

Tashkent TV Tower description

What is next to the tower

The Pilaf Center is located at the foot of the tower. It offers national dishes of Uzbek cuisine, famous for amazingly tasty and mouth-watering dishes. Special attention is paid to Uzbek pilaf. Here you can taste its various options, which are prepared in huge boilers. It is well known that in different regions of Uzbekistan, pilaf is cooked according to different recipes, and it has a different taste.

Nearby is an aquapark, which is nice to visit in the Tashkent heat.Roll down the water slides, sunbathe and have fun.

The Japanese Garden was built jointly with the Japanese Embassy in Uzbekistan. In the garden you can see compositions of stones of different sizes of Sekiteia, there are exactly fifteen of them (according to the number of lunar days). In the middle of the park there is a lake where ducks and swans live. Sakura trees are planted along the shore of the lake, according to Japanese traditions. Here is an amazing tea house with a Japanese ritual drum and access to the pond.

"Tashkentland" is a children's entertainment center with a variety of attractions that are designed for children of any age and adults. The principle of its work lies in the fact that visitors buy a one-time admission ticket and can use any attractions during the entire time of the visit.

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