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The capital of the Republic of Tanzania is the city of Dodoma. Next to it is the important economic center of the country - Dar es Salaam. Another major region is Mwanza. Municipalities are interconnected by a network of freight and passenger traffic. In the waters of the Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa lakes, navigation is established.

Tanzania tourist reviews

Geographical position

Almost the entire territory of the state is occupied by plateaus overgrown with prickly bushes. Closer to the ocean, they go into the sandy lowlands. Similarity of deciduous forests can be found near the reservoirs of the republic. The highest peak of the mountain range penetrating Tanzania, reviews about it are full of enthusiastic epithets - Kilimanjaro.

The length of state borders, lying on land, exceeds 3,400 kilometers. They separate the country from Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Mozambique. Own lands are represented by the Zanzibar archipelago and the mainland of the African continent.

The region has fifteen national parks."Arusha", "Serengeti", "Ngorongoro", "Tarangire", "Mkomazi" are the longest. The last reserve is the youngest. His age is only nine years. It was founded in 2008.

Tanzania Zanzibar Tourist Reviews


The climate in Tanzania (reviews of tourists from 2016 claim that it is humid and hot on the coast) depends on the proximity of the area to the ocean. It has a pronounced tropical character. On the mainland, dry and sultry. The thermometer bar ranges daily from +20 to + 35 ° C. In the beach area, it only occasionally drops below + 25 ° C. March and February are considered the warmest months. Coolness comes in July and lasts until the last days of August.

Twice a year, monsoon rains seize Tanzania and Zanzibar. Reviews confirm the widespread distribution of elements. The first showers occur in the second half of autumn. Prolonged precipitation occurs at the end of spring. On average, a relatively dry period lasts six months. Travelers believe that the optimal time to travel to the republic is August.

If in the future, visiting the southern districts, then you need to plan it for June. September, October, December, January, February and March are suitable for exploring the western provinces.Rain seasons are dangerous with outbreaks of gastrointestinal infections of infectious origin and malaria epidemics. The streams almost completely erode the dirt roads. In Tanzania, reviews of tourists in 2017 confirm this, operational medical assistance becomes inaccessible.

tanzania zanzibar reviews


The coastline of the country is covered with white sand, reminiscent of powder. The best recreational areas are concentrated in Zanzibar. Pemba Island - the choice of Europeans. Impassable tropical tracts almost came close to its coral shores.

Travelers believe that this is the greenest resort in Tanzania. The absence of noisy entertainment, an abundance of secluded coves, untouched nature and high-class service allowed him to lead the ranking of places for family holidays in Tanzania. Guest reviews are proof of that.

Aboriginal people lead their traditional way of life. Grow cloves, collect mangoes and bananas. In the silence of the protected forests, shamans are hiding from prying eyes. Passionate fishermen Pemba promises a generous catch in the strait, which divides the island into two parts. Its width does not exceed 50 meters.Russians claim that they have seen sharks and whales in these parts more than once.

Share their impressions and divers. They are delighted with the emerald green of the reefs and the myriad multi-colored inhabitants of the ocean depths. The most populated reef is Samaki. His possessions are inhabited by colossal barracudas, giant stingrays, moray eels, octopuses and lobsters. On the shore are rare tropical birds.

Beach holiday

The main resorts of Tanzania, Zanzibar (reviews of tourists from 2016 enthusiastically describe them) are located in the archipelago and in the bay of Kizimkazi. And also in the villages scattered along the mainland coast. The island of Chang or Prizon is not far from the administrative center. It is famous for its wide sandbank, which has a typical white color for these places.

Here come the followers of tanning, as well as fans of deep-sea diving and snorkeling. There are huge turtles here. They are almost tame. They can touch and feed.

The symbol of the island Mafia (Tanzania, Zanzibar) reviews of tourists called the coral reef. Its length is more than 400 meters. In the thickets of its labyrinths there are marlins, sharks and sailboats.On land immense baobabs stand up. In their crown hide hordes of night mice.

Travelers not only get acquainted with the tropical nature of the region, but also enjoy learning how to weave ropes of coconut fiber. Comprehend the basics of fishing. Take part in the construction of dhow. Visitors canoeing and kayaking.

The bay of Kizimkazi, which stretches in the very south of the archipelago, is a favorite place for dolphins. Its water is not as blue as in the waters of Tanzania. It has a pronounced green tint. It is also transparent and warm.

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In addition to reserves, there are a lot of local history exhibitions in the country, there are historical sights. Therefore, do not neglect the advice of experienced travelers. During a vacation in Tanzania, reviews of tourists in 2016 will be able to easily replace the usual guidebook.

The largest national exhibition, designed to shed light on the past of the African coast, is located in the National Museum. It is located in Dar es Salaam. The date of its foundation is 1937. Today, his visit is included in the compulsory program of sightseeing tours.

The State Museum of Zanzibar works in the same administrative center of the island. And in Tanga there is an open-air ethnographic museum. This is a small village, whose visitors have the opportunity to penetrate the dark depths of Ambon cave and look at the remains of a fortification built by immigrants from Iran in the 16th century.

The most popular trips and excursions with Russians:

  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro;
  • multi-day trip to the bush;
  • programs for divers;
  • visiting national parks "Tarangire", "Serengeti", "Ngorongoro";
  • Tour "Shadows of Africa";
  • open ocean fishing;
  • quad bike safaris;
  • balloon flight;
  • expedition to the jungle.

Tanzania attracts not only fans of extreme tourism. Parents with small children and elderly couples rush here. Therefore, entertainment in the country are provided for every taste. Those who are not ready to experience the vicissitudes of fate are invited to the settlements of fishermen and craftsmen. Travelers visit plantations where farmers grow spices and exotic fruits.

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Hospitality industry

Country hotels are diverse.They differ not only in location, but also in cost, level of service, services sold. Russians call the most fashionable places in Africa “lodges”. These are miniature complexes consisting of log cottages. Possible to rent a house in whole or in part. Accommodation in any case cost a pretty penny.

An affordable option - a private hotel, which provides only two or three rooms. For the most economical there are campgrounds. All-inclusive programs are available in premium class hotels. The rates already include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rest practice partial boarding, offering customers only morning and evening meals.

Those who go to Zanzibar and to Tanzania, reviews of tourists warn about the features of the service. The staff in the hotels of the archipelago is slow and slow. Guests often have complaints about the quality of the services provided. Problems associated with electricity, hot and cold water. There are usually no questions to the “lodges”. Generators are used in campgrounds.

In high season, the lion's share of objects booked.Therefore, it is necessary to reserve a room in advance. Most hotels are focused on the coast and in close proximity to national parks. The most expensive objects belong to international corporations. They are located in the north of Tanzania. Hotels, the reviews of which are positive, belong to the networks of Kempinski, Sun and Hilton. They accept customers in the capital and Dar es Salaam.

Life in Zanzibar

There are far fewer hotels on the island than on the mainland. Currently, active construction of new complexes is underway. Now the following options are available to travelers:

  • ecohotels;
  • bungalows that mimic the homes of fishermen;
  • basic huts;
  • closed recreational areas.

In search of the best beach holiday in Tanzania, reviews of tourists recommend to pay attention to hotels, which can be found in Stone Town. The exterior of the buildings is designed in Arabic style. Shells built of stone. The decor of their rooms is consistent with the national traditions of the islanders. Guests are accommodated in spacious canopied beds. The rooms are equipped with antique furniture. On the floors are authentic Persian carpets.

Overnight in the province will be much cheaper. True, travelers who stayed in them, faced with the lack of Internet connection. Complained about interruptions in light and water. But you could bargain. The owner of the hotel usually stands behind the reception desk and receives visitors.

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Tanzania is a country of sincere smiles. Locals are usually friendly and indulgent to the quirks of foreigners. Russians celebrate great reception. Visitors from Russia are impartial, without political prejudice.

True, do not flatter yourself. Security in the country is guaranteed only near the main recreational and tourist areas. You can not move away from the main arteries of cities. You can stay without cash and expensive equipment. On the islands it is not advised to wear massive jewelry. They can attract thieves.

Night walks outside the closed area of ​​the hotel is better to cancel. When leaving the room, you must always carry with you copies of all documents. Originals and bank cards are stored in a safe.

Be careful!

Outbreaks of infectious diseases are seasonal.But this does not negate the need for vaccination. They are made before departure to Africa. Seven days before the date of departure to the ocean should start taking medication against malaria. Vaccination against hepatitis A and B, rabies, yellow fever, and typhoid fever is included in the list of mandatory procedures.

Water and drinks on the continent are drunk only from bottles. Unscrewing the cap, you need to ensure the integrity of the package. It is important. On sale there are fakes.

Travel around the expanses of Tanzania, reviews of tourists vied with each other about similar adventures, it is possible not only as part of organized groups or with a professional guide. To get permission to travel independently on national parks and get closer to the pristine nature, you need to undergo a special briefing.

Tanzania Zanzibar Tourist Reviews 2016

Its program includes the study of safety regulations on the roads of the country. Drivers are told about the nuances of communicating with Aboriginal people. Learn to repair the car. Explain the procedure in case of emergency situations.

As soon as the theory is finished, the listener of the lecture signs an official document.By this he confirms his agreement with the norms and requirements in force in the state. For their violation threatens not only the imposition of a fine, but also imprisonment.

So, while driving through the territory of reserves in Tanzania, reviews of tourists prove this, you can not leave the paved road. It is forbidden to leave the car outside the parking areas.

Financial questions

The state currency is the Tanzanian shilling. Bank rates are almost the same. Money can be safely exchanged at any point. When depositing a banknote of less than 20 US dollars, the cost of its purchase will be minimal.

Travelers are not advised to contact street vendors, luring promises of favorable tariffs. MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted only in large establishments of Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. There are almost no ATMs.

Ticket offices open at about nine o'clock. Stop their work at four in the afternoon. Friday in Tanzania, reviews of tourists are unanimous - a shortened day. Service is completed in an hour. The most convenient and reliable way to get cash is to use traveler’s checks. They are accepted by authorized agents.

Shopping and Food

In Africa, it is customary to leave a tip. Guides are usually given 10 dollars, porters, waiters - 5. The hotel staff thanks at the time of departure. Shops are in all localities of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Guest reviews indicate that they are small. Work shops from nine in the morning to seven in the evening.

Craftsmen of the country are famous for their crafts of beads, wood, leather, semi-precious stones. Travelers bring masks, drums, wicker baskets, natural coffee. The jewelry workshops feature a wide selection of products made from green tourmaline. There are jewelery interspersed with sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

In restaurants, they eat not exotic warthog or elephant meat, but quite familiar European dishes. Very tasty fried chicken, lush puddings, rich soups. The basis of local cuisine - bananas. They are extinguished and supplemented with goat meat cooked or cooked over the coals. You can safely try Tanzanian beer. It has a mild flavor and is inexpensive. But the wine is better to buy imported. Russians praised vodka from papaya.

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