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Quality, has long been associated with the Swiss. For a long time, this delicacy was brought to the territory of Western Europe by the Spaniards. They began to add sugar instead of hot spices, which were so loved by the inhabitants of the tribes who lived on the territory of modern Mexico. It was they who found cocoa beans and began to make a drink from them. And only in the nineteenth century, the Europeans gave this product a solid shape. They made it what it is and brought it to taste.

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What do we know about Swiss chocolate? This delicacy is a symbol of taste and quality for more than one century. And while today no one has managed to surpass the Swiss.

And we ourselves have become accustomed to the fact that the most delicious chocolate is Swiss.

Swiss chocolate

And precisely because the Swiss guessed to add milk to this delicacy, they were considered to be unsurpassed experts in sweets. And thanks to them, Europeans are considered the most skillful pastry chefs.

Few people know that chocolate was originally used in Switzerland only as a medicine. It was issued strictly according to the recipe. And only at the beginning of the nineteenth century there appeared a chocolate factory, which began to produce it in large quantities. And they began to use it not as a medicine, but as an exquisite and very expensive sweetness. Only wealthy citizens, politicians and people who occupied the leading places could afford it.

Some wonder: why is Swiss chocolate better than others? They claim that this is just a brand. Many manufacturers of other countries produce a delicacy no worse.


So consider what Swiss chocolate is different from all others?

First, only Swiss milk is added to the sweetness mentioned. It is distinguished by its quality. Also in the Swiss chocolate is a lot of cocoa butter. This can not be said about other brands. According to the structure, Swiss chocolate is the most tender and soft. He has a creamy texture. For its production use only beans of the class "elite". That is why the most delicious chocolate is the one made in Switzerland.

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An interesting feature in the process of making it is that it can only be done by men. Women in the chocolate industry can only be allowed to pack.

The Swiss believe that real chocolate can be produced not only from them. Therefore, the recipe is kept in strict secrecy. Because of this, an organization was created at the beginning of the last century that monitors the non-violation of rights to the recipe for Swiss chocolate. What does it mean? The fact that none of the manufacturers in the world can use the recipe of Swiss masters in the manufacture of their delicacy.

The black

Very famous bitter Swiss chocolate. It is the hallmark of the country. Even in the rooms of any hotel you can find a chocolate logo. And black, he is bitter, is still considered incredibly useful. It can be used even by those who are on a diet. And real gourmets will not refuse to feast on a piece of real bitter chocolate from Switzerland.

It is black that is considered the best in taste and in composition. It contains sugar, vanilla, cocoa butter and the best cocoa powder.It is for the content of a large amount of cocoa beans that this type of chocolate is valued. However, only the Swiss use the best grains that are grown on plantations in Madagascar, Ecuador, etc. The taste of chocolate depends on where a particular bean is grown.

By its properties, dark chocolate is much more useful than any other. It consists of a huge number of trace elements. It is thanks to caffeine, which is contained in cocoa beans, increases vitality, and the person feels fresh and cheerful. Caffeine enhances metabolic processes, increases the level of efficiency. What is surprising, due to the use of dark chocolate is reduced the level of diabetes.

Also improves the condition of the cardiovascular system. The person becomes calm and less irritated. It is through the use of bitter chocolate that the immune system is strengthened.

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In addition, black has a high antioxidant effect. Differences between the bitter and all other species, not only in the amount of cocoa powder, which is included in its composition. Also in dark chocolate is the lowest fat content that leads to atherosclerosis.Even the least part of the bitter delicacy of sugar. And most importantly, in natural dark chocolate there are no harmful additives, which cannot be said about white and milk. But do not forget that he, like other sweets, should be eaten in moderation and not abused.


Swiss milk chocolate can be, like black, there is generally without any fear. After all, its quality is also on top. Although milk chocolate is less useful than black, but a large number of people prefer it to him. If you belong to the lovers of this delicacy, then try to choose Swiss chocolate. Always read the composition on the label. Often, the natural product includes milk or cream powder, plus butter, cocoa, also powdered sugar and grated cocoa beans. But cocoa powder is much less in milk chocolate than in bitter one. And how much should it be? According to European standards, milk chocolate contains at least 25 percent of cocoa beans, but only of the elite variety.

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A big minus of milk chocolate is that, due to its sugar content, it is very high in calories. But if you use it in small quantities, it may even be useful.Good uplifting, enriches with calcium due to the content of milk or cream. Also has a positive effect on metabolic processes. So as not to harm your health and not become addicted to chocolate, eat it no more than a few cloves a day. Try to eat only pure milk, and not products from it. Do not buy more per day than you can eat. Since you can not resist and be sure to eat everything you buy. And this can seriously harm health. When buying milk chocolate, look for a large amount of cocoa powder in its composition. This indicator will talk about its quality. Milk chocolate, as well as black, should be consumed in moderation.


Chocolate Bucheron Swiss is famous all over the world. But, unfortunately, it is not so easy to buy. But you can always order online.

the most delicious chocolate

He is white, milky, black. White with a raspberry or orange is very popular. Dark chocolate with walnuts based on herbs is made from the best cocoa beans brought from Mexico. Delicious black with roasted pistachios. For this species, beans are specially grown in Guatemala.There is also milk chocolate with hazelnuts, pistachios.

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More lovers of this delicacy can indulge in coffee bean and orange tiles. Bucheron growers were able to make chocolate with cranberries, strawberries and pistachios. Such combinations are loved by the sweet teeth from around the world.


Swiss chocolate Lindt is also very famous all over the world. The delicacy of this brand is considered the best in all of Switzerland. There are already more than two centuries. At first, one family really liked the idea of ​​hard chocolate. After all, this form of it greatly facilitated transportation and storage. And since then, the production of delicacies has become a matter that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Swiss chocolate. Reviews

There is probably no one who, having tasted Swiss chocolate, will remain indifferent to him.

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Is that competitors who are trying to discriminate him in the eyes of the sweet tooth. After all, Swiss chocolate, as claimed by consumers, is incredibly tasty and delicate. Therefore, everyone who has already tried it, advise others.

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