Sweet cherry jam - the memory of summer

When summer comes, we enjoy fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, rarely thinking that sooner or later the cold and blizzards will return. And one day, a long winter evening will overcome sadness, sadness, and we really want the sun and summer flavors! Then you can open one of the cherished jars that we store now, and remember everything, feel everything, as if the summer had not gone, because in this open jar - cherry jam!

Where is the firewood from?

sweet cherry jam

Cherry jam will help us: it will return strength, good mood and the desire to live even in winter in contentment and pleasure! What is so miraculous in him? In addition to the amazing taste and nostalgic aroma, sweet cherry dishes are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, there are a lot of them: vitamins A, C, PP, B, joy for the heart muscle — potassium and magnesium, and also strengthening the body as a whole — calcium, iron, sodium, and much more.

What berries to choose?

The only condition - the berries must be very juicy and absolutely ripe.Color and grade do not play a role. Dark berries - jam, similar to the Crimean night, pink - like the morning of Sochi, white - like Odessa evening sparkling with fun. Keep summer mood in store, roll up July happiness in jars!

Cooking utensils

sweet cherry dishes

At home canning most often used glass jars with disposable tin lids, requiring seaming, and with reusable lids made of stainless steel with a sealing rubber, which you just need to close. Sometimes there are also glass covers with a special clip, they are very good, but fragile, and the hostess does not do without losses over the years. In all this packaging, your summer memories will live happily ever after, without encountering putrefactive processes. For cooking, choose dishes that are not too large, up to five liters, otherwise the berries will be hard and close to cook, they will crush under their own weight, the jam will lose appeal. Do not use aluminum. Best of all, of course, a copper basin for cooking, but in the absence of a wide enamel pan can be used, the main thing is that there should not be a single chip of enamel on the surface. All containers should be thoroughly washed and dried.Sterilized jars and lids for steamator boiling water, then dry again.

Berry preparation

cherry jam

First rinse the berries with running water. Now decide which jam you like more: with or without bones? Just in case, we have cherry jam (more precisely, its recipe) in two versions. With bones - fragrant. Without them, it is more pleasant to eat. But first you have to work very hard, removing the bone from each berry. If there is too much patience, use the usual hairpin or a safety pin to help you get a bone faster. The main thing - to adapt, not so long. Particularly lucky to have a simple device - kostochkovkovy, juice is almost not lost. Cherry jam with stones must be blanched (special metal nets are sold for this). Or, again, to pick a berry for a berry, piercing each with a pin. This is so that they do not shrink from the temperature, but on the contrary, can absorb hot syrup.

Pitted Cherry Jam

First, cook the syrup: for every kilogram of berries you need to take a glass (200 mg) of water and a kilogram of sugar.Bring to a boil and gently place the berries in the syrup. Stir until boiling, then remove from heat and let stand - it is convenient to leave overnight. In the morning you will boil the jam again, until boiling. In the evening - the third time. Here you need to try the syrup on readiness: drip it on the nail itself, if a drop does not spread - ready. Packaged in cans. If not ready - in the morning, cook one more time. Do not boil, please. The fragrance disappears. Some varieties of berries require five-fold cooking.

Cherry jam with stones

Blanch prepared cherries in hot water and pour syrup, which, just like in the first case, should be boiled separately: for a kilogram of fruit, eight hundred grams of sugar and a glass of water. Boil jam on low heat for about five minutes, then insist about three or four hours and repeat cooking, adding the two hundred grams of sugar, which we did not report at the very beginning. If sweet cherry is sour, sugar will be needed even more. Then follows the secret. After the second boil the jam should be poured into a colander (not aluminum!). Berries spread out in prepared banks, taking up space "to the shoulders",and syrup still boil down for fifteen or twenty minutes with a good boil, then pour the jars of berries right boiling! Immediately close the lids and place in the warehouse where you have the memory of the summer.cherry jam

As a bonus: sweet cherry jam

Wipe half of the stoned berries through a sieve, boil for five minutes in a boiling state, add the rest and boil sugar-free for another ten minutes at boiling. Then add sugar at the rate of half a kilogram per kilogram of berries and boil for ten to fifteen minutes to barely boil. Heat treatment for more than half an hour does not affect the beneficial properties of your jam. Spoon through sterilized jars of small caliber and enjoy! You can start right now!

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