Sweden Visa Center in Moscow

Tourists planning a trip to distant Sweden are simply obliged to take care of putting a visa in their passport. The Swedish Visa Application Center may issue two types of documents for entry into the country - a national visa and a Schengen visa.

Sweden Visa Center

What visa is needed for tourists?

Russians can not travel to the countries of the Schengen Agreement without obtaining a visa. Since Sweden is a party to this agreement, a visa is a prerequisite for entry into the country. In this case, the purpose of the trip does not matter, in any case, the traveler must first visit the visa center in Sweden and draw up documents.

Most often, tourists get a Schengen visa at the embassy, ​​it gives the opportunity to move freely in all countries included in the agreement. Documents are issued according to the general rules and in the terms established by the work schedule of the embassy. Far less often do Russians get Swedish national visa holders. It can be issued in case of serious discrepancies in the possible length of stay in the country with the rules for issuing a Schengen visa.But such cases constitute only 5% of the total number of issued documents.

Sweden Service Visa Center

Where can I get a visa to travel to Sweden?

Official issuance of visas is carried out only in specialized centers. There are several of them in the open spaces of our country. In any of them, tourists will be provided with qualified assistance and will receive a package of documents for a visa. The Sweden Visa Application Center in Moscow is the most important in the country and receives several hundred visitors per day. The embassy in St. Petersburg is quite well known, where the need for obtaining permits to enter the Schengen countries is also high.

Sweden Visa Center in Moscow

The address of the Sweden Visa Application Center in Moscow can be found in any directory, the organization is located on Mosfilmovskaya Street and has an official website. Travel agencies also always tell their customers where the Swedish visa center is located. Address in this case, the tourists may not be useful, because many companies take care of everything related to the trip. In this case, vacationers simply need to hand over the package of documents to their tour operator.

Visa Center of the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow: Schedule

Naturally, before going with a package of documents for a visa, you need to know the mode of operation of the embassy. The service visa center in Sweden has a standard five-day working week, there is no pre-registration for filing documents. Therefore, one tourists can get lucky, and they will keep within a couple of hours of waiting in the order of a live queue. And others may well spend in a queue a whole working day.

Embassy specialists begin to receive visitors at nine in the morning and finish at four in the afternoon. The issuance of ready-made visas begins at eleven o'clock in the morning and lasts until four o'clock in the afternoon.

Visa processing through a travel agency

The Swedish Visa Application Center accepts documents not only from the travelers themselves, but also from any other third party. The identity of the person filing the documents in this case does not matter. The main thing is that he has a notarized power of attorney from the person to whom the visa is issued. Therefore, tourists prefer to shift this responsibility to their operators, who have sold them a ticket. For a small surcharge, travel agents will take care of this.

The package of documents established by rules includes:

  • passport and its copies (after the end of the trip, the document must be valid for at least three months);
  • a questionnaire for all travelers, this rule applies to children;
  • two photos of a standard sample for adults (three photos are required for children);
  • adults must submit a statement of income from work, and the salary can not be less than twenty thousand rubles;
  • statement of account confirming the availability of funds, taking into account forty euros for one day of stay in the country;
  • Copies of Russian passport.

Address of the Sweden Visa Center in Moscow

In addition, adults must submit a confirmation from the children's place of study and permission to leave if one of the parents goes on vacation with the child. Visa center and consular fees are about sixty euros. Please note that this money will not be returned in the event of a visa refusal.

Self-registration of a visa: is it difficult?

Travelers who travel to the country on their own also apply to the visa application center in Sweden. In this case, their package of documents is slightly different from the one already described above. To the list is added:

  • confirmation of the hotel reservation with the dates of the trip;
  • copies of airline tickets;
  • invitation from the host party;
  • health insurance with an extended range of services, including the transfer of the body to the homeland in the event of death in the countries of the Schengen Agreement.

It is worth noting that many tourists can not properly execute all the necessary documents from the first time. Therefore, a visa should take care a month before the intended trip.

How long does a visa to Sweden?

The Visa Office in Moscow checks the package of documents for approximately seven working days. That is, after this period the tourist can get a ready-made visa. But in some cases, the inspection period is stretched to two months. The embassy staff does not explain this delay, and even such a long check on the identity of a tourist does not guarantee that he will receive a visa.

Visa Center of the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow

During the holidays, the standard seven-day period extends to ten to fifteen working days. This is due to the large flow of tourists who want to relax outside their country.

Do I need a visa for a transit stay in Sweden?

Travelers who have a transfer at any airport in Sweden should also be familiar with the basics of visa literacy.Keep in mind that even a short-term stay at an international airport is not allowed without affixed Schengen. In the case of a transit flight, the tourist must submit to the Visa Application Center in Sweden the usual package of papers indicating the end point of the trip. If the transfer lasts more than a day, then it is necessary to book a hotel in the country and give the confirming information to the embassy staff.

Visa to Sweden visa center in Moscow

Can I get a visa for more than one year?

In some situations, you need to get a long-term visa. This is usually the case when immediate family members invite a Russian to visit Sweden. An invitation to the country indicating the full details of the inviting person must be submitted to the Swedish Visa Application Center. But put a visa for two years can only those who have once had a Schengen and entered the country. Embassy officers verify this fact and make their decision to issue a two-year visa.

Is it all so simple?

When planning a visit to Sweden and going to a specialized center, keep in mind that your identity will be very carefully checked. Embassy specialists always make additional requests and calls to various organizations.For example, the hotel in which you are going to stay will surely send all information received about you to the visa application center. If the accommodation is not fully paid, the visa center will make additional requests to the bank and check all financial receipts on your account for the past year.

Many difficulties are caused by filling out the questionnaire, the embassy staff does not provide any assistance in this matter. In addition, the filling takes place in Swedish or English. Ignorance of this fact baffles independent travelers who want to quickly fill out all the formal documents.

Sweden Visa Application Center address

Do not forget that obtaining a Swedish national visa does not open for rest the borders of other Schengen countries. You need to know about this before you start collecting travel documents. At the moment, accumulated enough precedents when tourists tried to leave Sweden in other European countries, hoping for their visa.

A visit to Sweden can open up many new horizons for travelers. After all, the country is a great place for family holidays and gives a lot of positive emotions.But so that the rest does not turn out to be spoiled, take a responsible approach to obtaining a visa and obtaining medical insurance.

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