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Svetlana Orlova, the governor of the Vladimir region, according to media reports, is one of the most prominent regional leaders. She often appears on TV, participates in various forums, including international ones. Svetlana Orlova - the head of the province, whose statements and statements are widely quoted on the web. In addition, she has become one of the leaders in the ranking of the most prominent statements by regional leaders of the Russian Federation.

Svetlana Orlova

At the same time, the newspaper Trud, analyzing the situation in the region, argues that Svetlana Yuryevna Orlova is a governor who devotes much time and effort to her own public relations and does not represent any serious economic or social initiatives. According to the media, this resulted in the slide of the region entrusted to the official to the last places in the federal ratings for all the main indicators of social and economic development.

How are things in the area?

The population of the Vladimir region is so accustomed to the briskness and active publicity of its governor that even the brief disappearance of it from the media space at the end of 2015 caused almost panic here. However, when Svetlana Orlova left her media audience for a full 16 days, the local media and the public reacted revealingly. All at once for some reason decided that the governor is not packing bags. What are the reasons for such assumptions?

Vladimir Tomiks TV admitted that there were a number of definite socio-economic prerequisites for this kind of resignation. Cases in the Vladimir region, according to the journalists of Tomiks TV, during the rule of the current governor, to put it mildly, “do not shine”. The projects voiced by Svetlana Yurievna in 2013 are currently unfulfilled: neither the high-speed highway, nor Volgabasy, nor Dobrynskoye airport, nor the embankment — nothing of the promises made by the governor, by and large, was not fulfilled.


The journalists of the Vladimir Zebra-TV shopping center commented on the jubilation of the regional leadership that the region was in the top of the National Rating of Investment Climate Development.As it was noted by journalists, at the St. Petersburg forum where this information was voiced, a report prepared by the RIA Rating agency of the Russia Today media group was presented, which summarized the analysis of the social and economic development of various constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The report said that in this regard, the Vladimir region, as they say, has nothing to brag about, but this time the regional leadership is silent. “The region is in the ranking below most of its geographical neighbors,” the journalists summed up.

governor of the Vladimir region svetlana eagle


The Vladimir region is still listed in the “average”, but the dynamics are observed, alas, negative, experts say. Since Khrushchev times, the Vladimir region was not among the regional leaders. Traditionally, she was in the status of “middling” - a solid “troechnik”. But today, according to expert Kirill Nikolenko, there has been a certain “slipping” into the category of “losers”. The first time, when Svetlana Yurievna Orlova just came to the governors, certain positive changes were expected in the region. But over time, it became clear to many that these expectations are in vain.In particular, when Orlova was the governor, one of the most pressing local problems remained - the outflow of the population to the capital and the neighboring Moscow region, due to the lack of people in decent paid work.


According to one version, the main reason for the failure of the governor of the Vladimir region, Svetlana Orlova, is that the official cannot simply pay due attention to her region, since her only son, Vladimir, is the main object of her concerns. Despite the fact that the son of Orlova is quite an adult at this time, moreover, he served for some time in the Department of Economic Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a police captain, most likely, the young man continues to need maternal care.

Svetlana Orlova, Vladimir region

What is the point?

Referring to data provided by law enforcement agencies, the media claimed that in the mid-2000s, Vladimir Orlov’s son, the future governor of the Vladimir region, Svetlana Orlova, was then still in the rank of senior lieutenant and was an operative officer of the ORB, he led a criminal group consisting of senior officers of the TFR and MIA."Werewolves in uniform" were engaged in the fact that "pressed" private entrepreneurs. Under the pretense of confiscation, the goods were taken away from businessmen, which then came true on the side. The members of the criminal group were arrested - everyone except for Senior Lieutenant Orlov, who managed not only to avoid punishment, but even to continue his service. According to journalists, by coincidence, apparently a coincidence, his mother, Svetlana Y. Orlova, now the governor of the Vladimir region, worked in the senate at that time.

New business

In February 2015, Svetlana Orlova and her son were again in the center of the scandal. The media has information about the high-profile case of drug dealers. One of the articles highlighted the trial, which took place in the Tverskoy Court of Moscow, in which a certain Aleksey Monin, a former investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, appeared in the dock. The interest of journalists in this case, in addition to everything, was also due to the fact that, as it turned out, the son of the current governor of the Vladimir region was again connected with the activities of the organized criminal group.

Svetlana Orlova Governor of Vladimir

Svetlana Orlova did not leave the press on her only son unattended. She replied publicly - and, as always, brightly and bitingly.Svetlana Orlova is the governor, who, according to the Komsomolskaya Gazeta newspaper, allowed herself to call upon journalists who shed light on the involvement of her family in a criminal offense, “scum” and “cowards”. The official assured the media audience that her son is an absolutely decent and honest person, since he, in her words, “does not even smoke”. When asked by journalists whether Vladimir Orlov plans to call the information she described as “deceitful” in court, the official said that there is no need to delve into “this lie”.

Svetlana Orlova (Vladimir region): what else is wrong?

From time to time, not only Svetlana Orlova's relatives, but also people close to her are in the center of loud scandals. So, in October 2015, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported on the arrest of Dmitry Khvostov, the former deputy governor. Militiamen accused the official of receiving a large bribe. It is known that Mr. Khvostov was among the closest officials to the governor. In September, the post was left by him, and a month later the former official was arrested.

The same newspaper contains a reminder that just shortly before this arrest, another official close to the governor, her former deputy Sergei Filippov, was detained.

Orlova Svetlana Yuryevna Governor

For completeness, you can add to the above appeared in the media information about the scandal around the waste of budget funds allocated for the arrangement of the residence of the governor, and much more.

Be that as it may, and the fall in social and economic indicators of the region, scandals in the family and the immediate environment, of course, adversely affect the image and strength of the political positions of the governor.


In addition to these scandals, in which Orlova and her relatives are involved, it is also known that Governor Orlova, a politician and entrepreneur, was accused of unfair political game. So, Prokhorov claims that Orlova’s competitor from the Civic Platform, Alexander Filippov, was forcibly removed from the gubernatorial elections at the request of Svetlana Yuryevna. Prokhorov also accuses Orlova of initiating her registration at a party election, similar to the “Civic stand” in symbolism and name, from which the namesake of Filippov was nominated at the elections.

Among the public there is a perception that the head of the Vladimir region in fact imposes not order, but its own order.The media mention the introduction of a gas engine program in the region, the purchase of Volgabas, the construction of a plant for their production, the redistribution of the bus transportation market in Vladimir, etc. The death of Avtandil Biganov is associated by many with the name of Svetlana Orlova. The governor rejects all attacks and calls them "mulks."


At one of the briefings, the governor explained that the reason for her so-called "scandal" is the interest of some political forces in spreading "slander" against her and her family. Svetlana Yurievna Orlova told reporters that she was literally “rooted out” from her post in the Vladimir region. The governor has to wage a constant struggle, repelling the most powerful information attacks of the enemies.

But, according to Peter Fokin, in his material published in December 2015 on one of the sites, in the comments given by the governor to the journalists, they found many inaccuracies.

Vladimir Region, Orlova Svetlana Y.: biography

The head of the Vladimir region was born in 1954 in the city of Obluchye (in the Jewish Autonomous Region). Her father worked as a locomotive machinist.After graduation, she studied at the Ussuriysk State Pedagogical Institute, which she graduated in 1977, receiving a diploma in philology. After distribution, she worked as a pioneer leader and tutor in boarding school No. 2 in Vladivostok.

 Svetlana Orlova Governor

In 1979 she joined the CPSU. She worked as an instructor of the district committee, head of the district council department, sector of the regional committee on physical culture and sports of Primorye. In 1991, Orlova graduated from the Higher Party School, she also took courses for women entrepreneurs (Academy of Nar. Households under the Government of the Russian Federation). From 1990 to 1993, Svetlana Yuryevna held the position of vice president and general director of the charitable women's commercial organization “Anna” (Vladivostok).

The beginning of Svetlana Orlova’s political career is the year 1993, when she was elected to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Svetlana Orlova began working in the State Duma Committee dealing with taxes, banks and the budget. Svetlana Yurievna during her career occupied many responsible positions.

It is known that in 1998 her candidacy was removed from registration during the ballot for the post of governor of Primorsky Krai. The reason was a mistake made when filling out her income statement.The candidate did not declare an apartment in Moscow and a plot of land in the Moscow region decorated for a spouse. In addition, Orlova’s opponents question her academic degree, Cand. economic sciences, obtained in 2005, since the defense of the dissertation Orlova occurred in record time.

In September 2013, Svetlana Orlova officially accepted the powers of the governor of the Vladimir region.

Svetlana Y. married. Her husband in the past served as a long distance captain, now engaged in business. He has a son and three grandchildren.

Her today

According to official data, consistent dynamic development is noted in the Vladimir region under the governorship of Svetlana Orlova. Its merits include the expansion of agricultural production, the stabilization of the development of the domestic food market, the growth of imports. With the direct participation of Svetlana Yurievna about 70 bills were developed.

Orlova Svetlana Yurievna

In 2015, Orlova declared revenue of 17 million rubles, which is 10 million more than the data of 2014. In 2017, the governor of the Vladimir region is confidently looking for tomorrow.

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