SUV "Ataman" (GAZ 2308): characteristics, photos and reviews

The cars of the products of the Gorky Automobile Plant are not only Volga, Sobol and Gazelles. Few people know, but in the 90s, development of an all-terrain vehicle was going on GAZ. The new model got on the conveyor in the 95th year and was named GAZ-2308 Ataman. See his photo and specifications in our today's article.


Externally, the car is very similar to the passenger "Volga". However, unlike the standard model, "Ataman" has a different layout of the cabin and increased ground clearance. GAZ-2308 "Ataman" is a kind of a hybrid of "Gazon" 3307 and "Volga". The car has a large windshield, chrome grille and "kenguryatnik." Behind you can see the "Gazel" vertical lights. What does the Ataman SUV look like externally? Photos of the car reader can be seen below.chieftain gas 2308The car was produced in several bodies. This pickup and 7-seater wagon.The latter was called "Ataman-Yermak". Passenger SUV configuration has almost rectangular bevel racks and flat roof. Also, for the installation of large wheels, the arches were enlarged and plastic expanders were installed.gas 2308 chieftainIn the lower part of the body there are chrome thresholds and wide black moldings. The hood has a trapezoidal shape. A similar design was previously used on gas. A distinctive feature of the GAZ Ataman SUV is a different door opening scheme. Passenger doors opened in the opposite direction. As it looks, the reader can see in the photo below.gas 2308 ataman characteristicsIn general, the Ataman SUV GAZ-2308 can be described as the Russian Defender - just as rough, square and with truck roots. Often it was called "lobasty" due to the high location of the windshield.


As for the size, the machine has impressive dimensions. Thus, the length of the car is 5 meters, width - 1.91 meters, height - 2.07 meters. Owners' reviews mark a high ground clearance of 22 centimeters. The car GAZ-2308 "Ataman" all terrain characteristics at a decent level.The machine is able to climb any obstacles with an entry angle of 46 degrees. By the way, despite the similarity with the "Volga", the wheelbase of the "Ataman" turned out to be 30 centimeters more. But the Volga was never considered a compact car.


Reviews of the owners note that, despite the high ground clearance, landing in the car is quite comfortable thanks to the tripping board. As for the interior itself, for the most part it resembles GAZ-3307.

Here everything is the same archaic instrument panel with round dials, steering wheel switches, a flat center console, on which there is only one radio and a small glove box, locked with a key. The dashboard trim is wooden. However, in some versions black matte plastic was used. The steering column is borrowed from the "Gazelles" and has the same range of adjustments. Pedals are also borrowed from this light truck. The steering wheel is more “civil”, taken from the Sobol. In the car there are two fabric chairs without pronounced support.gas 2308 chieftain specificationsDoor cards - the same as on the "Gazon" - with the "oars" windows and sheathed dermatin. Many complain about the quality of sound insulation.After all, the cabin, in fact, cargo. On the move, you can clearly hear the sound of the engine and the suspension. This is a significant drawback of the model.

A distinctive feature of the car GAZ-2308 "Ataman" - three levers between the driver and the passenger seat. Such a scheme was previously used on the "Niva". This means that in addition to the main gear lever, the car also has a transfer case (with a reduction gear), as well as a differential lock.

Setting up the seats - only mechanical. Reviews of the owners note that the GAZ-2308 "Ataman" has a sufficient range of backrest adjustments. The seat itself rides on the "sled." For a short period of time, you can choose the appropriate position of the steering wheel and seat. The height of the ceiling allows you to accommodate even tall passengers. Another feature is a large glass area. This has a positive effect on visibility. Also, the Ataman SUV (GAZ-2308) has comfortable cargo mirrors. They look harmonious against the general background and are informative enough for the driver.


The line of power units consisted of one gasoline and one diesel engine. Let's start with the first.The petrol line was represented by the unit Zavolzhsky Motor Plant "ZMZ-405". A few years later, this engine was installed on the serial "Gazelle" and "Volga". The motor was very powerful. Compared with the 406th carburetor engine, which gave out only 100 horsepower, the 405th developed 152 horsepower. Also, the manufacturer for the first time applied injection. This has a positive effect on torque and fuel efficiency. In the urban cycle, this engine consumed up to 15.8 liters of fuel.gas 2308 chieftain specificationsAs for the diesel unit, the manufacturer used the Austrian Steyr engine. Gorky plant has acquired a license for these engines, and now they have received the label GAZ-5601. Previously, Austrian diesel engines could be seen on the "LAZES 3309" (however, they were 4-liter). Our copy had at its disposal 4 cylinders and 2.1 liters of displacement. The maximum power of the diesel engine was 110 horsepower. Both units were equipped with a manual transmission in 5 stages.

Acceleration, load capacity

What has the "Ataman" GAZ-2308 characteristics of the dynamics? This SUV can not be called fast.Acceleration to a hundred took 25 seconds. Maximum speed - 140 kilometers per hour. The car has a load capacity of 800 kilograms. This contributes to a massive frame.Gas 2308 Ataman photoIn the back of a pickup truck there are safety arches and a metal grill that prevents the load from coming into contact with the cab. The car has a steel flip side. The floor is not sheathed, as well as the sidewalls. In some versions, the cargo compartment could be covered with an awning (there was a separate steel frame).


We have already mentioned that the construction of the Ataman was borrowed from the Volga and the Gazon. Chassis manufacturer also decided not to create "from scratch." So, many elements were borrowed from the cargo "Gazelle", which stood on the conveyor in the 94th. So, the car has a frame bearing structure with permanent four-wheel drive. Rear axle was borrowed from the GAZ-3302. The car has a dependent, spring suspension. Steering gear - gear type, without hydraulic booster. However, the gear ratio gears are chosen so that the driving wheels of the Ataman can be operated without GUR. The fuel tank and brake mechanisms are also borrowed from Gazelle.So, the ventilated disc mechanisms are used in the front. Behind are "drums." Additionally, the Ataman GAZ-2308 SUV is equipped with an anti-roll bar.

Road performance

How does this jeep behave on the go? Owners' reviews say that the performance of an SUV is comparable to a truck. The car behaves tightly on the bumps (after all, spring suspension), rolls in corners.SUV gas 2308 chieftainAsphalt surface - not his element. The main trump card of the car "Ataman" GAZ-2308 - is passing. Thanks to all-wheel drive, downshifting and hard blocking, such a machine easily overcomes fords and sand dunes. Arches allow you to set the "evil" mud tires. By the way, in the basic configuration the car was equipped with 16-inch cast wheels.


It should be noted that the Ataman GAZ-2308 off-road vehicle is a rather rare specimen. Serially released about a hundred cars. Therefore, on sale it is quite difficult to meet. Those who put up the car for sale, asking for at least 350 thousand rubles.SUV gas 2308 ataman photoBut despite the low prevalence, the machine is easy to maintain.After all, the design is unified - half of the parts fit the Volga, and the second half comes from the Gazelle.


So, we found out what GAZ-2308 "Ataman" has, technical characteristics and price. "Ataman" - a very good project. However, due to the difficult situation of those years, it became illiquid in the market. And now for this price you can buy one of the many Japanese or American SUVs that will not be devoid of locks and transfer case.

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