Survival in the forest. Survival lessons in the forest

It is not easy to survive in a forest without a certain skill and experience. Of course, in the age of high technology, it is quite difficult to get lost with GPS devices. But there are such moments when a person got into an accident, and the nearest populated place is several hundred kilometers from this place. Or there was a wreck in the taiga, and the phone was broken. In these and other unforeseen situations will help some of the tips voiced in our article.

forest survival

Fear and panic

These are the most terrible states if a person is alone in a difficult situation. Therefore, the lessons of survival in the forestremind: when you don’t recognize places and don’t know where to go next, stop. Sit on a stone, stump or dead tree and calmly remember the place where you were still oriented. It is advisable to remember how they got to the site where you are now. No need to panic randomly wander through the woods. This will only exacerbate both psychological and physical condition.If you are sure that you will soon begin to search, it is better to stay at the place of the alleged searches. In no case do not panic, try to calm down and really assess the situation.

survival lessons in the forest

Orientation in the forest

There are several options with which you can correctly find your location. So, the forest survival school recommends the following indicators:

  1. The sun, moon or stars.
  2. Plants.
  3. Animals and insects.
  4. Hours

Sometimes information about the sides of the world can help a little who does not have a clue about the direction in which people are able to help him. But still some of the main points of orientation you need to know.

winter survival in the forest

Determination of the cardinal points using the clock

The lessons of survival in the forest give a person a lot of certain knowledge. In particular, instructors train students to determine the directions of the world by ... hours. To do this, take a wristwatch and keep it in a horizontal position. The arrow must be turned towards the sun. The middle of the angle between it and the number 12 will indicate the approximate direction to the south. It is also necessary to remember that this side of the world will always be to the right of the sun until 12 o'clock in the afternoon.And after the specified time - on the left.Forest Survival School

Where is north? To orient in this will help Polar Star

Sometimes the basics of knowledge of astronomy can ensure survival in the forest without nothing for a person who finds himself in such a situation against his will. Landmark on the North Star has been used by sailors from time immemorial. He was initially almost the only compass. To find the Polar Star in the night sky, you need to find the constellation Ursa Major. Next you need to hold the estimated line between the two stars on the handle of the constellation bucket. This line will “lead” to the North Star, which always points to the north.survival in the winter forest

Moss landmarks

Mostly moss grows on stones and trees mainly from the north. But do not rely on only one landmark. It is necessary to compare several options, because you need to accurately determine the direction of the world. This is a very important point, because a person’s survival in the forest depends on this, that is, his safety. The bark of the trees, which faces north, is always much darker and rougher than on the south side.

First priority human needs for survival in the forest

People with extensive experience in forest survival know that it is a large and living organism.The forest has its own laws and rules, the non-observance of which can lead to sad consequences. But, among other things, this living array gives a person shelter and food, the main thing is to properly use these gifts.

There are some primary needs that make real forest survival. In order for a person to feel relatively normal, they need:

  1. Water.
  2. Food.
  3. Fire.
  4. Shelter.

forest survival course

The main condition for human survival is water

It is water, not food and a roof over your head that ensures a person’s survival in the forest to the full. Without food a person can live for about 40 days. This time is enough to get out of the forest. And in the absence of water, a person will live no more than 7 days, and this is at best. Under normal conditions, he needs to drink 1.5-2 liters of liquid per day. Otherwise, the absence of life-giving moisture leads to dehydration of the body, and subsequently to death.

Therefore, the course of survival in the forest begins for a person with a search for a source of water. In the forest there are always swamps, lakes, streams and rivers. Find them help plants with increased requirements for moisture.They are distinguished by large fleshy stems and leaves. They have a bright and juicy color. If you come across these plants in the forest, you should know that groundwater flows shallowly in this place. The most common types of plants that love moisture are:

The proximity of the open water will be indicated by wet soil in the lowlands. In order to find the source of water, you must use animal paths. If they could not be found, it is necessary to collect water. The easiest way is to get rain moisture. It is necessary to dig a small depression in the soil, lay it out with clean leaves. After a while, the fossa will be full. A well-wicking cloth wrapped around a tree will help collect the morning dew. One end of the material should be lowered into the water collection tank. If there is snow all around, you shouldn’t eat it all the time to quench your thirst - you, on top of that, will also fall ill. In order to ensure survival in winter in the forest, it is advisable to melt the snow and use it in the form of boiling water.

survival in the forest without nothing

What to eat in the forest to survive

The main factors of human survival is its diet. The forest in this regard is a very favorable environment.Here you can find food of plant and animal origin. Nutritional protein products a person can detect quite easily. You do not need to be a skilled hunter who cleverly weaves a net and sets traps and traps. The source of protein in the forest is all kinds of worms, larvae and caterpillars. They can be mined by breaking the old stump or by spreading the top layer of soil. Of course, this kind of food will have a very unappetizing appearance, and the absence of the habit of using it will also be felt. But! Survival in the forest involves reducing the level of disgust. Larvae and worms can be eaten both raw and boiled or baked.

The source of protein in the forest is ordinary frogs, which can be easily caught. They can have paws, previously having torn off from them a skin. For catching small animals or birds, some skill and special equipment is necessary. But the above products will be quite enough to meet the body's need for protein. And if you remember that there are also mushrooms ... This will facilitate the survival in the forest.

Conifer trees, or rather their needles, are very useful. They can just be chewed. They are rich in vitamin C.If possible, it is recommended to make decoctions on the basis of needles. Mushrooms and berries are the main gifts of the forest. But if the knowledge about these plants is limited, it is not recommended to eat them.

It is clear that this kind of menu is not particularly pleasant to the taste and unusual for a modern person. But this food will help to survive, so you need to know a little about what you can eat and what not. This will help a person who is left alone with wildlife.

ways to survive in the forest

How to make a fire?

With the help of fire, you can cook food, keep warm and dry clothes. In addition, the flame will drive away unwanted guests, meaning wild animals and annoying mosquitoes. The fire will give confidence to the person and will serve as a signal to the rescuers. All this ensures survival in the winter forest, and at any other time of the year many times increases the chances of salvation.

It is necessary to equip the fireplace in a dry, open, protected from wind and rain place. Such a site must be cleaned of stones and forest debris. It is advisable to remove the top layer of soil and overlay the future "hearth" with stones, if they are available. For ignition it is necessary to use dry thin branches or bark of trees, preferably birch.Chaga tree mushroom is also a great option. Not only does it catch fire quickly, it also burns for a very long time. Therefore, such an amazing mushroom can be used to save fire.

What to do if there is no match or lighter? There are items that can replace them. It:

  1. Lens. True, the second "helper" is also needed here - the sun. As a lens, you can use glass glasses, a mirror and even a plastic bag filled with a clear liquid.
  2. Flint and Flint. Hitting a stone against a stone they get sparks that can ignite a dry tinder. Flint can serve as a hard stone.

extreme forest survival

Forest camp arrangement

In order not to die, you need to know the various ways to survive in the forest. This necessarily implies the presence of some kind of shelter where a person can spend the night and hide from the wind or rain. Temporary housing in the forest should protect people not only from the weather, but also from insects and wild animals. For arrangement of the night any suitable means and devices will be suitable. It can be a shed, a hole in the snow, etc. The simplest structure from the weather is a hut. It can be made of straight poles with emphasis on either side to the trunk of the tree. On the poles stacked spruce branches.They can be attached with willow rods, if the rope was not at hand.Forest Survival School

Wildlife Protection

It is advisable to avoid animal paths, burrows or dens, dense thickets, because predators can live in these places, which can complicate your position, which is already very extreme. Survival in the forest, and even next to its inhabitants, is not afraid of only experienced travelers in the taiga. They know that mostly wild animals attack humans in situations where they have no choice but to attack. For example, appear on the glade at the time of the meal. The option when a predator is hungry will not be considered. But otherwise, the animals themselves will not mind staying away from people, avoiding unnecessary meetings. Therefore, it is recommended to declare your presence in advance so as not to collide with the animal, so to speak, nose to nose. For example, making various noises, talking loudly, breaking branches with feet when walking, knocking a stick on a tree, etc. As a rule, animals can behave frankly aggressive towards a person only if they are injured if they are frightened or guard their young.

Let's summarize. During such a forced journey, your body will make an effort to survive. In this he will help the instinct of self-preservation. You only need to stock up on a certain amount of knowledge. Such training will help not only in an unforeseen situation, but also on a regular picnic, on a hike. Uncomplicated rules of behavior will definitely help out in extreme conditions.

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