Stylish and irreplaceable bolero for girls

To make the children happy

Every mother loves to dress up her children. Whether it is a beautiful daughter or a sweetheart-son - parents try not only to dress the baby, but to dress with taste. Usually boys are less obsessed with their appearance, they are more interested in a new model of a car or a radio-controlled aircraft.Bolero for girlsBut the young women of fashion are always happy beautiful renovations. Clothing for girls is presented in a wide range. All sorts of dresses, sarafan, headbands, brooches with flowers, pretty skirts - well, as with this choice not to please your baby with a new outfit.

History of bolero

A bolero for a girl will be a stylish addition to any dress. This item of clothing came to us from Spain. A cropped blouse is part of a national Spanish costume. Initially, this little thing was a short sleeveless shirt that does not have zippers, and now, in fact, is considered a shortened jacket. Both long and short sleeve models with or without various fasteners are available. Bolero, of course, is considered an element of women's wardrobe.Absolutely anyone can use the material for sewing such a shortened jacket. Knitwear, cotton, chiffon, organza, satin - and this is not a complete list of possible materials. Bolero for girls is mainly offered as a supplement to the dress.

We sew a bolero for a girl with our own hands

Stylish bolero can be sewn with your own hands. Original will look knitted version. This accessory will not only decorate, but also warm the baby. A knitted openwork bolero for a girl can be worn with dresses and over a T-shirt or tunic. For a light summer bolero, cotton or acrylic yarn is suitable for a girl.Openwork bolero for girlsA graceful openwork is obtained if using a crochet hook. There are many schemes and guidelines on how to tie a bolero for a girl. You need to start with taking measurements. Measure need chest girth and the desired length. After that, choose the most suitable pattern that will appeal to you and the child. There are a huge number of ornaments, so there will definitely be no problems with the choice. The openwork pattern can be in the form of various flowers, butterflies, etc.

The materials we need

Threads for a more expressive pattern, you can take different colors. Then the process of mating will be a little more difficult. Perfect combined yarn, combining several shades. When measurements are taken and yarn selected, it can be determined with the cut. The bolero-sleeves are considered the easiest option. Such a thing becomes an ideal addition to any evening dress. A bolero for a sleeveless girl with a round yoke will look elegant.How to tie a bolero for a girlLace knit elegantly cover your shoulders, not constraining the movements of the child. Such detail can be made easily according to the scheme of a napkin. Then the main part of the bolero originates from the finished coquette. Shelves and back can be knitted with any openwork viscous or viscous-elastic. The lower border of the bolero can be issued flounced, rubber band, floral openwork.

Accessories and accessories for the bolero

As a fastener, you can use a large button or a decorative pin made of wood. Also, the bolero can be tied with a satin ribbon or with knitting yarn strings, the edges of which can be decorated with a knitted flower or pom-poms. Knitting is a very entertaining process, giving freedom to creativity and self-expression.A bolero, connected by its own sketch, will decorate a little fashionista and complement her wardrobe with a unique creation, made by the hands of a loving mother.

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