Strengthening IBX nails: instructions, reviews

At a time when the manicure is at the peak of women's fashion, it is so difficult to refuse to apply it! Although everyone has long known the detrimental effect of gels, acrylics and gel polishes on the nail plate with their regular use.

And in order not to deny yourself the pleasure, or rather a woman in a beautiful manicure, a modern nail plate coating system was developed for its protection and restoration - the IBX system for strengthening nails.

Method Description

The IBX nail strengthening system is not difficult, as many people believe, based on the name. This procedure is the application to the nail plate of special tools that quickly penetrate into the nail and restore its damaged structure.

It looks like a system like two bottles of funds that resemble externally bottles of colored nail polish. The volume of the vial of one agent is 14.3 ml, the second - 9.5 ml. This difference in quantity is due to the fact that the first tool is applied in 2 layers, and the second in 1.

The first is called IBX, and its action is aimed at accelerating the growth of nails.The second tool is called IBX Repair. Its function is the complete restoration of the damaged nail plate. It penetrates into the nail, fills all grooves and voids, aligns the surface of the plate, glues all the bundles and damaged scales.

reinforcement system

As for the consistency of the liquid in both bottles, it is liquid oily. IBX content is odorless, while IBX Repair emits a sharp, well tangible smell.

In addition to the smell, both means differ and brushes located on the outside of the cap. In a 14.3 ml vial, the brush is oblong and wide, and in a vial of 9.5 ml it is short and thin.

A special feature of IBX nail polish is that it lasts exactly as long as the system is in use. As soon as the use of funds is stopped, the nails on which it was last applied, grow back and cut off, and new regrown ones also become vulnerable to fragility and delamination.


IBX nail treatment has many advantages that, of course, make the system one of the best manicure procedures:

  • visibility of the result is achieved after the first application and as a result - even and strong nails;
  • the system is more effective because the substance penetrates deep into the plate, eliminating all defects at the structural level;
  • all the flaws of the damaged nail are becoming less and less noticeable;
  • nails begin to actively grow, while being less exposed to fragility;
  • the effect lasts constantly while the IBX system is used, even in the intervals between sessions the nails retain a strong and healthy appearance;
  • nail strengthening products do not contain any components harmful to health, therefore it can be used even during pregnancy;
  • funds can be applied as a basis for decorative varnish;
  • each time the method of strengthening will be carried out with less and less interval between sessions.
    nail growing


IBX for nails has a number of disadvantages, which are impossible to close your eyes. These include:

  1. The cost of the salon procedure. If you entrust your nails to the master, then be prepared for the fact that he will ask for a high price. You can also purchase IBX nail restoration tools for home use. It will be more economical.
  2. The procedure takes 40-50 minutes with a manicure, while the funds dry on the nails for a long time.
  3. As soon as the use of the treatment system is stopped, the nails immediately return to their original state: brittleness, separation, subtlety.

According to many women, despite these shortcomings, between the procedure of strengthening nails with gel / acrylic and the IBX system should be preferred to the latter. It is safer for the nail plate in terms of composition.

instructions for use

Indications for use

Lucky for those girls whose nails do not need any systems of strengthening and treatment. Then, in what cases do you need to resort to using the IBX nail restoration system?

  1. When the nail plate is thin, soft and weak.
  2. When the nails exfoliate, break, and there are grooves and other irregularities on the surface.
  3. When you need to attach the nails before applying a decorative lacquer coating.

Some reviews on the strengthening of IBX nails indicate that already the first application of the product gives visible positive results, but there is a converse.

Nail IBX: instructions for use

Many recommendations, including those from professionals, suggest that IBX products should be applied, following the instructions clearly.At first, this can cause difficulties, especially among people who are inexperienced in the subject of nail beauty. Before applying, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of a hardware or cut manicure, to give the desired shape to the nails and length. You should not put any emollients on the plate: it should remain dry.

After that proceed to successive actions:

  1. Nails are degreased and disinfected.
  2. Using neat strokes, apply one layer of liquid from the Repair vial on the nail plate. After drying for 1 minute in a special UV lamp for manicure.
  3. After some time, the dispersion layer formed on their surface is removed from the nails.
  4. The next step is to apply the liquid from the second IBX vial.
  5. After application, each nail is dried in a UV lamp.
  6. Using a lint-free cloth, the adhesive layer is removed and, if the procedure is carried out for the first time, the IBX bottle is reapplied. In subsequent times, the need for this is eliminated.
  7. At the end of the application, you can leave your nails in this condition or apply a decorative gel polish or just a varnish on their surface.
  8. The cuticle, as with other types of manicure, must be treated with a special oil.
    application of funds

The first few sessions can take 30-40 minutes. Subsequent times will take less time with the advent of experience. However, it is worth remembering that the IBX system consists of two means, and using them separately will not bring benefits to the nails.

The completion of the procedure, the nails do not shine and do not show any other shades. They look natural and healthy, because the fluid is completely and completely absorbed into the nail. Delete it is not necessary, but it is not possible.

The procedure is suitable for both men and women.

The regularity of the procedure

To hold IBX for nails will be required as often as the nails themselves require, or rather their condition. The procedure can be one-time or permanent. It all depends on the goals that are pursued:

  1. If the state of the nails is deplorable: they exfoliate, break, are subtle and soft, then the system should be treated once a week.
  2. If the nails have already "gone on the mend," and almost recovered, then it will be enough 1 time in 2 weeks.
  3. If the nails are in perfect order, but there is a desire to accelerate their growth, it will take even more rare application - 1 time in 3-4 weeks.

Once again it is worth recalling that, as soon as the use of the system is stopped, the nails will once again return to their previous condition. Weakened nails need treatment from the inside, by taking vitamins.

nail cover

Consumer reviews

Reviews of IBX for nails by consumers - both men and women - contain mostly positive remarks. However, not many people see the effect after the first use, as the manufacturer of IBX products claims. But after 2-3 procedures, the result is visible to the naked eye. Many women say that they replaced the usual strengthening with gel or acrylic on this technique, and also replaced it with nail extension with gel, although the essence of the latter procedure is completely different.

Most of those who use the system of strengthening, revealed a lot of advantages in it. Of the minuses, consumers have determined the high cost per session, especially considering that unhealthy nails require regular application of funds - once a week. And also many did not like the fact that efficiency is maintained only during the use of special formulations. Termination leads to the disappearance of a health outcome.

nail treatment

Nail Masters Reviews

What is the opinion of nail specialists about nail strengthening with the presented system? So, the overwhelming number of specialists in the field of beauty, or rather manicure, are categorically "for" a similar procedure. Despite the fact that it is relatively young, yet many masters revealed in her exceptional advantages over all other methods of strengthening and healing the nails.

Some masters of the nail industry say that with the help of the presented procedure they were able to restore the client's nails, which, it would seem, were no longer subject to restoration, and which destroyed the regular processes of gel building. Nail plates in the form of a "rag", just as soft and thin, in a couple of months of courses of IBX-systems turned into strong, even and healthy nails.

So, the masters recommend using the presented reinforcement system.

restoration of the nail plate


The IBX system is unique and has no analogues. So this is another advantage in the piggy bank of the advantages of the procedure. Therefore, if your nails are damaged as a result of numerous applications of the gel or acrylic, as well as naturally weak, the described restoration system will help to solve this problem. However, at first it is necessary to fork out.

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