Stones for Aries-women. Stone mascot horoscope

Which is better to choose stones for Aries-women? This question is very important if you need to choose a precious gift to a woman of this sign or if the Aries girl decided to choose a talisman for herself. You never know in what situation you may need this valuable information?

Special features

Impulsiveness, perseverance, hot temper, dedication - these are the main characteristics inherent in Aries. These are bright, hot, stubborn and temperamental persons, which is not surprising, because the element of this sign is Fire. In this regard, a woman-Aries stone plays a very important role. On the horoscope to pick it up - the best solution. It is necessary to acquire one that would be able to extinguish certain negative features, emphasize the expressive nature and at the same time not bring conflict into the inner world of its owner. Aries are multifaceted and often contradictory, their energy just beats the key, so it is very important to send it in the right direction.Their energy, will, activity and determination can be enough for all spheres of life: family, career, friends, travel and much more. However, self-confidence and straightforwardness can often play a cruel joke with them, spoil relations with relatives, colleagues, and friends. The fire element is also manifested in them in the form of love for everything bright and colorful, this is particularly reflected in their clothes and accessories and, of course, in the choice of jewelry. So what are the stones for the Aries-woman is better to choose to emphasize the passionate nature and not cause harm?

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Stones that should not be worn

Yes, indeed, for each sign there are certain stones, the wearing of which can be absolutely useless, since it does not bring any positive energy to their owner. There are some minerals that are not combined with one or another sign of the zodiac. For example, talismans for Libra will bring Aries unwanted and negative energy because of their incompatibility with this sign. So which stones for Aries-women by date of birth just do not fit? Gems that are suitable for Libra are contraindicated in Aries. These are opal, lapis lazuli, malachite, coral and chrysolite.Due to the fact that the color range of precious and semi-precious stones suitable for this fiery sign is in the palette of fiery and light shades up to transparency, it is absolutely not necessary to choose gems of black, dark blue and dark green tones. Also it is necessary to abandon the cold shades inherent in the elements of Water.

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Underline or temper

The ardent and passionate nature of the stubborn people should be emphasized with ornaments with bright colors - red, orange and yellow, which show the energy of this sign. But too quick-tempered natures should pay attention to the gentle blue, light blue, light green or transparent shades that will help smooth out some of the negative features of the character. Correctly selected stone Aries-woman horoscope can perform various functions: protective, restoring. It will help in concentrating, developing self-organization, gaining confidence and in many other things.

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Warriors of Mars, the children of the Sun and the beloved of Venus

Despite the fact that most of the features and characteristics are common to all representatives of this sign, there are still differences, which appear depending on the decade in which this or that person was born.March 21-31 - the first decade of Aries, passing under the influence of Mars, which gives its wards hardness, ardor, masculinity, loving ability. Such people are considered purposeful, narcissistic and selfish. Stones for Aries-women by date of birth in this decade are rock crystal, carnelian, jasper, tiger eye, agate, hematite and quartz.

The second decade (April 1-11) is protected by the Sun, which gives pride, nobility, ambition and generosity. His protégés become noble, loyal and familial, for whom it is better to opt for such talismans as the cat's eye, amber, sardonyx, heliotrope, and pearls.

But the last decade (April 12-20) is in the power of Venus, which endows with impulsiveness along with tenderness and creative abilities. An incorrigible romanticist and adventurer is an Aries born in the third decade. A stone talisman for a woman will suit in this case the following: diamond, ruby, garnet, sapphire or zircon.

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Different Aries and universal stones

And yet the selection of jewelry or a talisman is a very difficult matter, because the stone must not only fit, but also be pleasant to look.The choice of gems depending on the decade of birth is not always an axiom. Some astrologers agree, some do not. Therefore, there are stones for Aries-women, which are universal and will suit any representative of this sign.

King of stones

First of all, it is a diamond that gives good luck, fills with courage and raises the power of the spirit. It is also called the stone of the winners, it will help to overcome difficulties and achieve success, overcome fears and protect themselves from the negative. Diamond helps to achieve the desired, therefore it is the most important stone of the sign. Aries woman wearing a diamond, attracts harmony, love and financial success. This gem has some peculiarities: it must be obtained in an honest way. In order to activate its power, it will be better if it is presented. It is also a stone of married women, not suitable for young girls, should be worn on the neck or ring finger. White diamonds are universal, these are stones suitable for Aries-women to all without exception. The red diamond will protect from damage and the evil eye, and the blue one will direct and save. The green variety of this gem represents femininity and motherhood, it should be worn for women who want to have a baby.It will help you safely conceive, bear and give birth.

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Fire stones

A gem should optimally suit such a bright and passionate nature like Aries. The stone talisman for a woman in this case is a ruby ​​or a garnet. Ruby has a positive effect on love and sex, rejuvenates, empowers. He also helps to improve relationships with colleagues. There is a possibility that if the connection between the carrier and the stone is strong, then the ruby ​​will warn about the danger - it will darken.

Pomegranate is a stone of friendship and success, suppresses flashes of aggression. This is a stone of active and strong-willed women who know what they want, then the pomegranate will help them on the path to prosperity and wealth. No business sign of this sign can do without it.

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The final three

The stones suitable for Aries-women are also amethyst, rock crystal and carnelian. All shades of amethyst will suit this fiery sign, because this gem gives harmony, helps the development of the personality, and also improves mood and improves energy. It is believed that the most powerful will be amethyst talisman, which is inherited. For him recommend a silver cut.Rhinestone will help develop intuition, to achieve spiritual harmony and recognition. Thanks to his constant coolness, he will help to cool the ardent temper of his owner, to make him more accommodating. Cornelian protects against poverty, gives strength and health, attracts the interest of men. He is also advised to wear silver jewelry and preferably on the ring finger. These stones for Aries-women will be the most suitable, the main thing is to choose the one that best suits a person according to his characteristics, characteristics and appearance. You can choose a few and wear them depending on the occasion and need. If you really add up with a stone, then he will be able to give his energy to the bearer as much as possible.

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