South Primorsky Park in St. Petersburg

Residential areas surrounding the south-west in Krasnoselsky district, where the highway intersects with Valor Street, end unexpectedly, turning into a green park zone. In the place where the South-Primorsky Park (St. Petersburg) is located, urban landscapes are transformed beyond recognition.

History of the South Seaside Park

The breakdown of the natural complex began in 1960 on the centenary of the birth of V. I. Lenin, the leader of the Soviet proletariat. Under its construction, a vast territory of 58 hectares was stretched across the marshland. The swamp that existed since the ancient era of the Littorina Sea, obeying the will of man, in 1970 gave way to a huge park complex named after VI. Lenin.

South Seaside Park

Although the South-Primorsky Park was built for 10 years, the original design of the architects was not fully implemented. The ceremonial part of the natural object was designed in a strict style that reflects the traditions of creating regular landscape gardening complexes dating back to the Baroque era.

The territory was intended to be divided into two zones - the north and the south.However, large-scale work was carried out mainly in the southern section, and the northern spaces of the complex were not fully mastered. They partially laid a network of tracks, created beautiful arrangements of trees and shrubs.

After that, from the north, they stopped refining South-Primorsky Park. St. Petersburg received a decent piece of territory for urban development. The remaining area is a corner of wildlife - green mass, overgrown with trees, spreading self-sowing.

In 2005, to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the garden and park complex was reconstructed. Renovation affected mainly the south side of the park. They restored a giant fountain, ennobled the recreation area, created the Planet of Summer attraction center and alleys. After reconstruction, the park was renamed. Since 1991, the complex has been called the South-Primorsky Park of St. Petersburg.

Description of the park

South Primorsky Park Petersburg

From the beautiful architecturally designed main entrance to the South-Primorsky Park, whose photos always look amazing, originate smooth paved alleys with elegant garden benches. Numerous paths that spread the territory as if by a ticker, created in the park an ideal geometry, accentuated by trees, shrubs and flower gardens.The main park avenue leads to the Gulf of Finland.

On the left side there is a hill, on the top of which is a lime grove. On the right is a grand fountain of incredible size. Before the restoration of its bowl used for public events. In the years of perestroika, karting competitions were held in the fountain bowl. Now the construction is used for its intended purpose. It created an enchanting composition of beating water jets.

Rest zone

South Primorsky Park St. Petersburg

For recreation, the park has created a beautiful corner in the landscape style, where groups of trees are interspersed with open spaces. Beautiful compositions here are made up of maples, chestnuts, limes, mountain ash, birch and other traditional species in the landscape landscape.

The uniqueness, uniqueness and extraordinary beauty of the South-Primorsky Park acquired thanks to the inclusion in the original arrangements of blue spruce and fir, rarely used to create artificial urban ecosystems. In the dense plantings of the park complex, it seems that you are in a real wooded area, where the ringing of bird trills is interrupted from time to time by the silence of nature.


In the place where the river Ivanovka flowed, they created the Small Pond. The pond is decorated with ornamental plants, collected in beautiful landscape compositions near the water. The outlines of the Great Pond resemble the figure eight. This form was due to two tiny decorative islands, formed in the middle of the reservoir. The popular name of the Big Pond is “Eight”. The ponds are connected by a small picturesque canal.

Reservoirs sheltered in the area a lot of waterfowl. Especially here love to arrange nesting ducks and gulls. Trees and shrubs are densely populated with other species of birds. Luxurious crowns have become the abode for nightingales, woodpeckers, pigeons and polar owls - skilled masters of disguise. Owls are not so easy to see, they are carefully hidden from the noisy guests of the park complex.

Game fortress

South Primorsky Park St. Petersburg

Adults and children are pleased with South Primorsky Park. Petersburg takes care of young citizens, creating amazing entertainment facilities for them. The attention of the kids in the park is attracted by an interesting decorative stone structure - a game fortress.

Behind its imposing walls lies a stone “zoo”, formed by sculptures of a crocodile, a turtle, an elephant and other animal figures.The children, who climbed inside the fortress and made a fascinating game, sometimes do not want to leave its walls.

Amusement Center "Planet of Summer"

The central alley, which runs into the complex, leads to an amusement park that receives visitors all year round. Entertainment here varies with the season. In the summer, visitors have fun in the Planet of Summer attraction center, ride horses and boats, and rent boats that cross the water surface of ponds.

South Seaside Park photo

In winter, the South Seaside Park is lined with ski slopes. Fans of winter sports are racing with the breeze on skis on the slopes, ride from the hills on Finnish sledges. In winter, a huge skating rink becomes the center of attraction in the park complex. This is where most of the visitors flow.

Cafe in the park

The popularity of the park complex is due not only to places for recreation and entertainment, but also amenities. Cafes harmoniously fit into its natural landscapes, where visitors and those tired of entertainment and those who decide to celebrate a family celebration or have a corporate party come to have a bite.

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