Sour cucumber

The classics are immortal! Is not it? And this applies not only to works of art, but also the main components of our dining table. And this: potatoes, pork and, of course, pickled cucumbers. The latter are considered not just a favorite delicacy of the majority of the inhabitants of our country, but also a favorite snack for vodka.

Now the season of pickling cucumbers in full swing,therefore, we would like to share with you some recipes for their preparation. And even if you do not yet have a special love for the preparations of pickles for the winter, after reading our recipes you will definitely want to try them.

We all know that pickled cucumbersmaximally retain their vitamins and the most valuable nutrients. Our grandparents told us about this with such knowledge of the matter. And also about the fact that the usual lactic acid fermentation gives a special flavor to their taste. In order for this fermentation to pass as successfully as possible, you need to use the sugar contained in vegetables. That is, cucumbers for leaven must be sugary.

Do not forget about one more pledge of successfulsuction - the optimum temperature, which should not exceed (or be less) 15-22 ° C. After all, if the temperature is higher, then the taste of cucumbers will noticeably deteriorate (they will become soft and will not crunch so), and if lower - the process of souring will slow down.

The pickled cucumbers were originally cooked in tubs andwooden barrels - classic dishes for sourcing - but today such utensils in the household are only a few. We do not undertake to challenge the fact that in these containers cucumbers are worthy of higher praise. However, we are going to prove to you that the vegetables cooked according to the following recipe and in the usual food packaging are not inferior to the classic pickled cucumbers and you will not have to blush for them before guests or family members. Moreover, cucumbers cooked according to this recipe, will please everyone.

Sour cucumbers in three-liter bottles.

For this recipe you need fresh cucumbers, a few sprigs of dill, chilli pepper, horseradish and a couple of currant leaves.

At the bottom of a three-liter bottle should be putbranch of dill, horseradish, optional chilli and a couple of currant leaves, and then you need to fill the jar with cucumbers. Popkov at cucumbers it is desirable to cut, that the course of process of fermentation was accelerated.

Now you need to prepare the brine: five tablespoons of salt with a slide must be carefully chopped with three liters of cold water. Brine for cucumbers ready. Now the brine has to be filled with cucumbers, put a dill branch on it, a sheet of horseradish and close the jar with a cap cap. Banks with cucumbers should be placed in a warm place (only not in the sun) for just 2-3 days. All this time, the bottles need to be turned several times a day, so that the fermentation process is more even.

As soon as they are ready (which is easy to verify,having opened a cover and having tried personally a piece of cucumber), you can have two variants of the further actions. Sour cucumbers, covered with cap nylon, you can simply send to the basement and calmly store until the spring (or gradually there). If the basement you do not have - then the cucumbers need to be twisted as follows.

Brine from cans must be drained into a pan andboil. At this time, cucumbers pour the usual boiling water, cooked in advance, and leave for 15 minutes, no more. Then boiling water from the cans should be drained, and the boiling brine can be poured into cans and tightened. All bottles with cucumbers should be wrapped in a warm blanket and leave so until they cool down completely. In this form, cucumbers can be stored even in a warm apartment.

As you can see, pickling cucumbers is a process absolutelynot complicated, but the result will definitely make you happy. Such cucumbers will be equally appropriate and good everywhere - and as a snack for vodka, and puree, and as an ingredient in Olivier.

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