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Sofa "Atlant", reviews of which are presented below, is environmentally friendly, equipped with a natural frame made of wood, includes excellent materials for upholstery and filling. The most popular model from this manufacturer when unfolding allows you to get space for sleeping or relaxing in the size of 2 * 1.5 meters. The mechanism used is simple and easy to operate. Consider the features of this product and customer reviews about it.

sofa atlas reviews

Corner sofa "Atlant"

Among the presented range especially stand out corner models. They fit perfectly into the interior of the smallest room, while creating a beautiful design by covering a pair of walls at once.

According to reviews, the sofa "Atlant" can be placed along one or the other side of the room with minimal loss of usable space. With a competent approach to design, the product will create a cozy space and form a kind of individual zone.

Mods with a couch are in great demand. They provide an opportunity to save on storage of linen and other things. The transformation of such samples allows you to get a decent size bed. Most often, corner sofas are mounted in the living room, bedroom or children's room. A wide choice of colors and upholstery makes it possible to choose a product for each consumer depending on his preferences.

corner sofa atlas


This segment presents several options. Among them:

  • Sofa "Atlanta" (eco-leather). The composition of the material includes 30 percent cotton and 70% polyurethane, which is applied to the substrate with a thin layer. This solution makes artificial fabric durable and resistant to deformation. At the same time the covering remains elastic and "breathing". The color spectrum is multifaceted, but preference is given to milk and beige colors.
  • Jacquard chenille This coating includes a shaggy thread obtained by weaving a pile of strands between a pair of twisted bases.
  • Velours. In this case, it is better to choose a model with a short nap and frequent weaving. This will protect the product from scratching by pets.

Special features

According to reviews, the sofa "Atlant" with fabric upholstery is much cheaper than the leather version. This makes it possible to save on the purchase, while modern materials of artificial origin do not fade and are easy to clean. If the quality of the finish of such a material is good, it is difficult to distinguish it at first sight from genuine leather.

Atlanta sofa straight

As for the internal filling of the sofa, it is better to prefer new artificial materials. They interact well with dampness and are not susceptible to damage by insects. The price of modification depends on all components. The most expensive samples include leather, natural wood, spring mechanisms with special devices. The service life of such a product will be longer than that of cheap analogues. When choosing a model, you should consider the presence of pets and children who can persistently damage any surface. In this case, it is more logical to choose a modification cheaper.

Straight sofa "Atlanta"

This model is not brand and comfortable. Among other features:

  • Big size of a berth (195 * 152 centimeters).
  • It is well cleaned from most dirt and dust.
  • The upholstery is presented in various designs (velveteen, eco-leather).
  • Frame - natural wood.
  • Addition - bunk assembly with a provided shelf, which can serve as a stand for books or cups of drinks.
  • The filler is Finnish polyurethane with a high elasticity index.
  • Transforming design - reliable, made in the style of "dolphin".
  • A complete set - a capacious case for linen, three removable pillows which can serve as backs.
  • Disadvantages - the surface of markers is very poorly washed off.

furniture atlanta sofa

What do users say?

Reviews of the couch "Atlant" indicate that, despite the concerns of many buyers, beautiful light upholstery is practically not polluted and well cleaned. In addition, it emphasizes the excellent work of the dolphin-type folding mechanism.

Furniture "Atlanta" sofa, including, receives positive feedback for an additional complete set folding table and armrests. The cushions included in the kit are convenient because their covers can be easily removed and washed.Along with the democratic price of a sofa, buyers note the inconvenient arrangement of dogs with zippers fasteners.

Of the minuses: the owners of light models say that it is not always easy to clean the coating from some dirt. Consumers also point to subsidence of seating and sagging upholstery in just a couple of years of operation.

Atlanta 2

This model is an improved first version. The upholstery fits snugly to the base of the sofa thanks to two-line stitching. The product is made in pastel colors with strict lines, which allows you to install it not only at home but also in the office. Dimensions in the unfolded form - 2.1 * 1.63 m. There are armrests made of natural wood, which are durable and resistant to moisture. These items can be used as a stand for small items, a cup of tea, a glass of wine.

The corner sofa "Atlant" is suitable for almost any interior. Transformation of the product is carried out by means of a mechanism with a walking element ("eurobook" or "dolphin"). In the department for linen there is a lift with a gas distributor.

sofa atlanta eco leather

In conclusion

The straight sofa “Atlanta”, as well as some corner modifications, can be equipped with a “sedaflex” mechanism, which works in two stages. The modification is equipped with a more powerful metal frame and additional reinforcing mesh. The height of the springs in the area of ​​the bed is 120 millimeters.

The overall appearance of the design is complemented by padding cushions that are easy to use and maintain. Feedback on these products is mostly positive. Separately, the owners note velvet upholstery, as well as the possibility of choosing a variety of options for textures and configurations.

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