Sobchak going down?

Former presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak will not be the co-chair of the Party of Changes, the creation of which she had previously announced together with former State Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov.
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This was reported by the publication with reference to three sources at once. The TV host herself refused to confirm the information, referring to the fact that the final configuration will be decided at the congress. "But we will definitely be on equal terms," ​​she added.
As reported by Davydov.Indeks, Gudkov and Sobchak announced the creation of a new opposition party three days before the election of the President of Russia. The name was chosen "Party of Changes", it was created on the basis of the "Civil Initiative", because it already has a license that will facilitate the work process. According to the ex-State Duma deputy, for the new party they simply can not give permission for the creation.
Dmitry Gudkov also said that the party itself will be reformatted, and its existence will be filled with "new meaning." At the same time, it was announced that the founder of the “Civil Initiative”, Andrei Nechaev, would remain the honorary chairman, and Gudkov and Sobchak would lead the “Party of Changes”.
Now it is said that the TV presenter, like the former head of the Ministry of Economy, will be only members of the political council of the new party structure. Andrei Nechaev, in an interview with RBC, said that Sobchak was not supposed to be the chairman, this was not planned, but also noted that everything would be decided at the congress.
Sources cite various reasons why Sobchak may refuse to co-chair. The first possible reason is that the idea has disliked the Kremlin. Second, Sobchak is not ready to leave the concert and commercial activities in politics entirely and is looking for the optimal construction for himself for a balance of career and political ambitions.
There are more skeptical positions. First of all, it concerns a very high anti-rating of a TV host. In February, already at the end of the election campaign, several sociological services were immediately named Ksenia Sobchak as the leader in terms of this indicator in the presidential election. According to the FOM, as a candidate she gained only 1.2% of the vote, 58.6% of voters were not going to vote for her. VTsIOM gave even less optimistic forecasts: 88% were anti-rating, 1.3% of respondents were ready to give it their vote.
Experts also say that Sobchak understands that her new political project doesn’t have much light: there are many risks and the benefits are not obvious, therefore the TV presenter simply does not want to consciously change her business and lifestyle and has independently decided to give up her leadership position in the Party of Changes. In addition, analysts are confident that Sobchak does not want to engage in party building, although he could, given his image, receive money for these purposes.
We add that the Congress of the "Party of Changes" will be held on June 23. In addition to changing the name, the event will also resolve the issue of the emblem and flag, as well as some changes to the charter.
Earlier, Dmitry Gudkov announced his participation in the election of the mayor of Moscow. At first, he tried to nominate him for the Yabloko party, but because of a conflict with the head of the Moscow branch, Sergei Mitrokhin, refused this idea. He also stated that he had received "clear signals" from the party: "on equal coalition, Dmitry Gudkov - Yabloko is impossible." After that, it was announced that Gudkov and Sobchak would create a new party association.
Natalya Shavshukova, a public activist and head of the CGI School of New Authority project, shares her opinion on the Sobchak and Gudkov party being created: “In general, the party is rather strange. This is such an absurd attempt to reincarnate the Union of Right Forces.The “Party of Changes” is a rather incomprehensible political formation for the tenths of the twenty-first century. It was possible to play such games at the turn of the zero, when there was no politics in the country, oil prices grew and the liberal parties at that time did not have any electoral base. In that situation it was possible to talk about such parties. Now, of course, this design looks strange. <...> The very fact of the nomination and the names of the leaders before the congress and before the voting indicates that the “Party of Changes” is a stillborn project. <...> I really like Dmitry Gudkov as a politician and he personally has prospects. I have great respect for Andrei Nechayev, but now the policy is not being done this way. "
Natalia Borodina, a political consultant, thinks about the reasons for Ksenia Sobchak’s decision and the chances of a new party: “Ksenia Sobchak does not want to lead the party, because, from my point of view, she’s a public man, but not a political one. <...> Sobchak is a pretty smart woman, I understand that political activity will be a kind of restriction for her. What is allowed to do in show business cannot be done in politics. I believe that she made a balanced and correct decision to join the political council.<...>
The success of the “Party of Changes” will depend on what is proposed by Gudkov and his associates to the voter. Today there are a lot of hot topics to which politicians should react, but unfortunately, this is practically not present. "
Well, something like this.
The full version of the material with detailed comments of experts can be read here.
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