Smoked chicken. Surprise the household

Eat smoked chicken everyone loves. But sometimes the quality of this delicacy in the store is questioned by its appearance and shelf life. Moreover, we can’t find out in what conditions she smoked, and who did it at all. Today we have prepared recipes for cooking a delicious smoked chicken salad, as well as its very smoked chicken. Sure, they will not remain without attention.

smoked chicken

How to smoke a bird? Smoked chickens. Recipe

Home smoked chicken is better than two shopping. And it is true. Cooking is not long, and the taste is simply divine.

It is necessary for cooking:

  • large chicken weighing up to two kilograms;
  • garlic - head;
  • ground black pepper, salt, seasonings.

    how to smoke chickens


1) Rinse the hen, cut off the excess, let dry.

2) Mix salt, pepper and abundantly rub the carcass with them inside and out. You can use other favorite spices.

3) Wrap in foil and send to the refrigerator for two days. No longer needed.

How to smoke chickens?

Yes, very simple! Two hours before cooking, you need to get the chicken and let it “go” to room temperature. Follow the instructions.

1) Garlic to disassemble, peel, cut each tooth into pieces.

2) On the chicken, make subcutaneous incisions and stuff it with garlic.

3) Make a fire.

4) Pull the chicken out of the foil.

5) At the bottom of the smokehouse put the foil, on top - thin apple branches. You can use plum twigs.

6) Place the hen on the grill inside.

7) Tie the wings and legs so that they fit tightly to the carcass.

8) Cover tightly with a lid. The fire must be very weak.

smoked chicken recipe

Smoked chicken will be ready in an hour, in the event that the whole carcass. If you copy for the first time, then check its readiness, then you will know how soon you need to get it. The hen is ready if, when making cuts with a knife, no juice or bleedings from the meat are released. The most important thing - do not forget that the fire from the beginning of smoking should be medium in order for the process to start, after that you can keep it weak or even put it on the coals.

Serving dishes

Serve can be both cold and hot. The skin should be removed and beautifully chopped meat.Try not to eat the skin, it is very harmful, since all the waste from smoking is collected on it. Smoked chicken served with vegetables or sauce.

Salad with chicken and mushrooms in marinade

This salad has a fresh taste. The ingredients are easy to get and, in fact, it is easy to prepare, since everything bought must be cut, filled and eaten. Its calorie content is very high, so it is better for dieters to turn over the page, and if it is still interesting and decide to cook, do not be discouraged! Tomorrow will be a new day. So, let's begin.

It is necessary for cooking:

  • canned pineapple - 1 jar (can be replaced by fresh, who does not like preservatives);
  • marinated mushrooms - 1 medium pot (champignons are best for this salad, but if you have other preferences, you can experiment);
  • smoked chicken (brisket or thigh - 1 pc.);
  • eggs - 4 pcs.


1) Cut the pineapple and mushrooms into slices.

2) Smoked meat chop cubes.

3) Boil eggs, cool, peel.

4) Chop finely.

5) Mix all ingredients, salt and pepper.

6) Grind the salad with mayonnaise.

It is best served in pialks or bowls, decorated with a sprig of greens.

smoked chicken with pineapple

Smoked chicken with pineapple, or pampering legs

This recipe probably came up with gourmets. Smoke chicken meat on its own, and even beautiful, and most importantly, serve tasty - art. Today, almost everything is cooked from chicken. This zrazy, and meatballs, and chakhokhbili, and so on. List the advantages of chicken can be forever. We have already told you how to smoke chickens, and now it’s time to show how to smoke some parts of the carcass.

It is necessary for cooking:

  • chicken legs - 5-6 pcs .;
  • canned pineapples - two jars;
  • white cheese - 250 g;
  • sunflower or olive oil (to taste);
  • mayonnaise (at your discretion);
  • greens - one bunch;
  • olives or olives (to taste).
  • mineral water;
  • Onion - 2 pcs .;
  • spice.

In order to smoke a chicken leg, take chicken legs (in this case more than 6 pcs.) Or middle thighs.

1) Remove the skin from the legs or ham, separate the meat from the bone. Rinse.

You can, of course, smoke and bone, skipping this stage, but in this case you need to make sure that there is no raw meat left. By the way, pineapple softens very well. It can be used for marinade.

2) Cook the marinade.

Shred onion, mix with mineral water and salt, add pineapple juice (optional).

3) Marinate the meat for an hour and a half. Then remove and dry.

Smoking process

homemade smoked chicken

If you have a smokehouse, hang the meat on the hooks for 20 minutes. If the smokehouse is missing, it does not matter. You can take a cast-iron pot, put sawdust on the bottom, put a grate on top and lay out a chicken. Put on the fire, cover and put down the oppression. To do this, you can take a granite cobblestone or brick. Leave the meat for half an hour.

Original feed

Drain the pineapple syrup, dry the fruit. Cut cheese, mix everything and add mayonnaise or butter. Lay the chicken on a plate, garnish with chopped olives and greens. Both children and adults will eat this delicacy for both cheeks.


Smoked chicken is a delicacy that can be cooked on your own at home. Today we showed you the easiest ways to cook and serve dishes from this type of meat. By the way, from the chicken of this treatment can be prepared and the first dishes, such as pea soup, solyanka and so on. If you decide to smoke your own meat, choose only fresh, and then your dishes will be perfect.

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