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Many, finally and irrevocably moving to a moderately large iPhone 6, no longer look back. But this does not mean that a 4-inch iPhone SE may not be a great option. It is designed for those who prefer a smaller screen and a corresponding lower price. For example, long-time users of iPhone 5 5, who do not want to part with35990 rub.for model 6s, SE version cost27990 rub.It fits perfectly because it is compact and powerful, with the same fast A9 processor and 12-camera as the more expensive manufacturer’s smartphones, but much cheaper.

Although the design of the Apple iPhone SE smartphone, in the opinion of the owners, reflects some of the compromises at relatively low prices, it is nevertheless one of the most profitable acquisitions.

What is and what is missing

The small iPhone SE offers a lot of functionality, although not everything its larger counterparts are capable of.

On the one hand, the smartphone is equipped with the same promising A9 processor as the 6s Plus, and the same 12-camera on the back panel capable of making Live Photos. In addition, SE supports Apple Pay e-payment technology, which allows you to make purchases in thousands of online retailers and applications using the Touch ID sensor.The last 4-inch iPhone did not have these features.

iphone se reviews

On the other hand, some functions had to be abandoned in order to achieve a lower price. For example, the resolution of the front camera is only 1.2, compared to 5 for 6s Plus, so selfies will not be veryclear. In addition, there is no 3D Touch-screen, which is a long press on the screen displays the shortcuts and allows you to have more exciting controls in different games.

Initially, the iPhone SE was only available in 16- and 64-GB variants, and the model with a smallvolumeMemory did not leave much space for photos and applications. One year after the phone’s debut, Apple fixed this flaw by doublingcapacityrepositorydata. Now 32-GB option can be purchased for27990 rub.and 128 GB for35990 rub.The remaining compromises - the lack of support for 3D Touch and a modest front-facing camera - remained uncorrected.


According to reviews, Apple iPhone SE as two drops of water similar to the iPhone 5s (and the same cases come up to him), but the manufacturer has several refreshed aesthetics. For example, the beveled edges of the case are now matte rather than polished, so they are better combined with aluminum edges. The back panel is available infourcolors: silver, gray, gold and pink gold, and Apple has decorated the phone with a suitable stainless steel logo for a more unified look.

apple iphone se reviews

Compared to the rounded, sleek design of the 6s Plus, the look of the iPhone SE user reviews are calleda little angular. It thickness of only 0.5 mm (7.6 mm). However, the owner of the smartphonedefinitelynotice the difference in the overall size and weight. SE is 30 lighter, noticeably shorter and narrower.

Under the 4-inch iPhone SE screen, there is a Home button with a Touch ID sensor that allows you to unlock the device, purchase applications, and use Apple Pay. The sensor is not as fast as the model, but there is no big lag, and this is unlikely to bother anyone.


Initially, returning to screen 4 after the 4.7 iPhone 6 evokes the sensation of viewing an image through a door peephole. Everything looks smaller and tighter. For example, iPhone 6 allows you to see 7 additional lines of text on mobile websites, and the same goes for watching movies — you just can't distinguish faces.

Users also complain about problems with the keyboard on a small display. Since the layout is relatively close, sometimes you can press "Back" instead of the letter M. But after a day or two you can get used to it.In addition, the text is now much easier to type with one hand.

With a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, the screen on a smartphone has virtually the same pixel density as the 1334 x 750 panel on the iPhone 6s. But other compact phones have morecleardisplays. For example, 4 Xperia Z5 Compact (1280 x 720). The larger 5.5 Huawei Honor also differs moreclearp-screen.

Screen iPhone SE, by the reviews, very realistictransmitsshades, reaching DeltaE = 0.51 (the ideal value is 0). The display reproduces 111.4% of the color gamut, which is good, but the image is not as saturated as that of other models. The user will not be difficult to see the contents of the iPhone SE in the open air, since it has a very high brightness - 547.2 nits. This is significantly higher than the average in428 nitbut for examplelagging behindfrom Xperia Z5 Compact with618 nits. Honor has brightness529 nit.

iphone se 32gb reviews


The smartphone is small, but the A9 processor outperforms many other phones. IPhone SE quickly launches applications, switches between them and opens the camera in less than 1 second. Those who were upset by lethargy 5s will appreciate this update. SE is absolutely easy to do with simple games,likeCandy Crush, and with more demanding graphics Asphalt 8 and Marvel Future Fight. The smartphone provides decent frame rates, competing even with phones such as the Galaxy S7.The disadvantage of multimedia is of course the small screen. The more complex the game, the less it can be controlled. Even users with small hands cannot select some menu options in Future Fight.

Test results

According to reviews, iPhone SE when checking the overall performance by the method of Geekbench scores 4411 points. This is not only superior to the average in its category, but also the results of the Nexus 5X, Honor 5x, OnePlus X and Xperia Z5 Compact.

more success the iphone se has achieved in3dmarkІсе Storm Unlimited, typing 28474 points. This is superior to the Xperia Z5 Compact (26406 points),not counting the remainingfar behind othersphones, including OnePlus X and Nexus 5X (17000 each), and Honor 5x (less than 8000).

apple iphone se 32 gb reviews


12-sensoriSight,whichApple iPhone SE smartphone is equipped, user reviews are called one of the best,whichonly available on any size phone. Part of the credit belongs to the Focus Pixel fast autofocus technology, but owners also appreciate how well the model can capture scenes in difficult lighting conditions.

Pictures are highly detailed. Users liked the Live Photos feature, which records a second of video and audio before and after each shot. Live photos can be shared on Facebook and Tumblr.

Apple iPhone SE rear camera reviews note the ability to record4K video, but for some reason the manufacturing company chose to bury this option in the main settings menu. In other words, the application does not allow to change the resolution. Despite this, the footage looks prettyclearand plays smoothly and without loss of frames.

Fans of selfie frontal 1.2-camera will not like it, but it will do its job. Plus makes moreclearpictures, but not by much. At least the SE uses the screen to highlight the face in the dark using the True Tone feature.

smartphone apple iphone se reviews


Like the camera, the sound equipment of the smartphone is also at the height. The quality of the lower dynamics exceeds the average level. is heloud enoughfor calls and handsfree and has good detail for playing audio and video. However, users often face the problem of locking it when they hold the phone in their hands, and the monophonic solution cannot match the stereo.

Where is SE reallyit turns outon a horse, so it is when playing sound through headphones. Not surprisingly, the company that has won the favor of iPod users has created a device with good audio quality for the headset.According to reviews, a smartphoneat allperfectly showed itself where morecheapsmart phones can't copeplaybackdue to less powerful amplifiers.

The output signal is identical to the iPhone 6S,nearlycorresponds to the LG V10 and the volume level leaves far behind the Galaxy S7. Tests showed more noise andcrossstereo interference than the LG amplifier. In addition, SE lowers the bit rate of high quality files. The smartphone plays them, but without the full dynamic range. Nevertheless, the quality of the audio system for a mobile phone is amazing.

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Battery life

The biggest difference between the iPhone 5s and iPhone SE reviews is called battery life. The smartphone battery is 5% smaller than the 6S, but a smaller screen with lower resolution compensates for this difference. Duration of stay in standby mode is phenomenal. During the night, the battery charge drops by only 23%. When the phone "sleeps", it "sleeps" deeply.

If testing iPhone 5s gave 5 46 minutes of work inThe webvia a 4G LTE connection, the SE demonstrates an impressive 8 35 min. It's almost 3 longer. Smartphone iPhone SE reviews are praised for ultra-high endurance, it is superior to OnePlus X (7 21 min) and HTC One A9 (8 29 min), it can not be compared with Xperia Z5 Compact (10 54 min), Nexus 5X (11 30 min) and Honor 5X (9 22 min).

The phone is charged fairly quickly. Complete for 30 minutes recovers approximately 30%containersbattery. This is close to the numbers that the Galaxy S7 demonstrates with twice the battery, which meansthe absence of any technology fastcharging Battery so smallcontainerscould charge and more quickly.

iphone se 32 reviews


The iPhone SE debuted with iOS 9.3, which offers several great enhancements. For example, Night Shift automatically changes colors so that they are morewarmafter dark. This can be done automatically depending on the time of day and location, you can schedule or manually set the color temperature. Night Shift makes reading more pleasing to the eye and even helps you fall asleep faster by reducing the amount of blue that is thought to have an effect on sleep.

Since the release of the phone in 2016, Apple has released iOS 10, which has brought a number of improvements to mobile devices, including the smarter Siri, morereliabletext messaging, and updated the camera app. According to reviews, the iPhone SE 32 GB won from all these add-ons iOS 10, with the exception of the improvements 3D Touch.


Reviews of iPhone SE owners, whose plans included reducing the screen, called the model one of the best deals in technology. At cost27990 rub.This is the most affordable Apple smartphone in the entire history of the company, which does not look, does not feel and does not work ascheapphone. Although the appearance of the 4 models seems outdated, the iPhone SE has a premium design, and the combination of a fast A9 processor and a good 12-image sensor distinguishes it from mid-priced models. However, users would like to have moreclear3D Touch front camera and functionality.

Despite the fact that the iPhone SE is cheaper than other Apple smartphones, it cannot be called inexpensive. For just 11,500 rubles, you can purchase an Android phone, such as a Honor 5x, with a metal case, a fingerprint sensor, and a larger 5.5 screen with a higher resolution of 1080p. But the SE is much faster and boasts an excellent camera that positions it as a device muchabove its price range.

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