Small corner kitchen: layout and style

The dream of every housewife is a big, beautiful, functional kitchen. However, the harsh reality makes its own adjustments, and in most cases women have to huddle in tiny rooms, in which you can hardly turn around. Meanwhile, the kitchen should be multifunctional, because there they not only cook, but also dine, and drink tea with friends, and sometimes arrange small home parties. Correct planning will help in solving the problem, and corner kitchens for a small kitchen will be an excellent choice. They have a lot of advantages and very few flaws.small corner kitchen


A small corner kitchen can have several layouts:

  1. L-shaped standard - a classic version with the location of the furniture set along two adjacent walls. This is the most common modification, it is ideal for small, more or less square rooms.
  2. L-shaped with displacement - one part of the furniture set is located along the wall, the second - perpendicular, but not adjacent to the adjacent wall, leaving free access from both sides.This arrangement allows you to clearly separate the dining and kitchen areas.
  3. L-shaped with an island is a classic small corner kitchen, as in the first version, but with the installation of a small stand or table as an additional work surface, which sometimes is a dining table.
  4. F-shaped - a combination of the first and second species. Ideal for narrow but elongated spaces, as it divides the room into several functional areas.

corner kitchen for a small kitchen


The small corner kitchen creates the perfect working triangle: sink - hob - fridge, which is extremely convenient and meets all the requirements of functionality.

The corner is an incredibly spacious part of the space, and if you install an angular cabinet with a lot of drawers and sliding elements, then a large part of the kitchen utensils will be placed in it.

Corner layout allows you to well zoning the room and distinguish between kitchen and dining areas.

Corner furniture sets are compact and at the same time extremely roomy.

corner kitchen economy class


A small corner kitchen has a lot of advantages, but there are also small disadvantages:

  • It is not suitable for all types of rooms, for example, in a narrow and long room, the wrong location of the furniture headset can “pull” the room even more.
  • Sometimes corner kitchens require the transfer of sewage pipes and drainage - this is necessary in cases where customers want to install a corner sink or sink in the window area. In general, this is a very competent arrangement, but it significantly increases the cost of repairs.
  • The price for such furniture is slightly higher than for standard modules, and even the corner economy-class kitchens will be more expensive, especially if they are installed in a non-standard room with a lot of corners and beams.

corner kitchens Price

Variety of styles

Finished corner kitchens are made in various styles and the most interesting color combinations. For lovers of noble wood and natural colors, classic furniture sets are suitable - they are more strict, but they fit harmoniously into any interior.

Fans of built-in appliances and sophisticated multi-level lighting should take a closer look at the kitchens in the modern style - they are concise and made in low-key colors.It is in this style produce the corner kitchen economy class.

French Provence is the embodiment of a woman’s dream, decorated in light cream shades, an abundance of floral textiles, ceramics and artificially aged elements.

Kitchens in country style is a compromise between classics and Provence with a bias towards the use of natural materials, natural textiles and woven and ceramic decor.

High-tech is the choice of a bold, confident, modern person for whom functionality is important. This style is characterized by clean smooth lines, the lack of catchy decorations and the use of the latest technology in the interior.ready corner kitchens

Furniture and decor

The choice of furniture modules, style and colors remains the individual matter of each person. However, you need to remember a few features.

First, it is best to use long and narrow wall cabinets - this visually increases the height of the ceilings.

Secondly, use open shelves on which you can put small decorative ornaments that match the general style of the room. They are designed not only to decorate the room, but also add depth and volume to it.

Thirdly, choose the most functional furniture, preferably with built-in appliances and a lot of "smart" fittings (lifting mechanisms, drawers, rails and carousel devices).

A few tips on arranging

Corner kitchen for a small kitchen should be installed in the light of some circumstances:

  • For small rooms best suited headsets in the style of modern, hi-tech, minimalism.
  • Care should be taken to install a multi-level lighting system - this will visually add space, especially if you combine the abundance of light with the presence of a large number of reflective surfaces.
  • Make the most of the space - use the window sills and the surface under the window.

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that in small rooms it is better to install corner kitchens. The price of such a furniture set is relatively small: from 20-25 thousand rubles. The average price category is 40-60 thousand rubles. If you order furniture from expensive materials, for example, a tabletop made of natural stone, or include a lot of built-in equipment, additional lighting and smart fittings in the modules, the final cost will be much higher, but the result will exceed all expectations.

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