Dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection"): reviews and expert opinion

These Russian dumplings - is the pride of domestic cooking. This dish is so entrenched in the menu of many citizens that today, without it, no one festive or everyday feast is unthinkable. Dumplings are not only a tasty and nourishing product, but also a real magic wand if you have supplies in the freezer and there is no time for cooking. Nowadays, many manufacturers of convenience foods offer a wide range of frozen dumplings. But it is not so easy to find a product of good quality and with excellent taste characteristics. Today, we offer you a review of dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection"), customer reviews and much more.Siberian dumplings Siberian collection reviews

Expensive = tasty?

We are accustomed to believe that if a product has a value higher than the others, then this characterizes its high quality, exactly, as well as vice versa.But in practice, this is not always the case. Of course, any manufacturer will not work at a loss, which means that you can’t count on real meat in dumplings.

But there are manufacturers who are trying to make more money on this “marketing” move and behave in bad faith regarding their products. Therefore, only the study of the composition, customer reviews and personal experience - will allow you to make a choice on a quality product of semi-finished products.

With regards to the prices of dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection"), then its value is higher than the other dumplings of semi-finished products. On average, these dumplings cost about 440-580 rubles per pack of 800 grams.

Siberian Dumplings Siberian collection composition

Opinion experts on dumplings "Siberian"

When buying semi-finished products, did you have to notice the literal meaning of the product category? On Russian products, categories A to D are labeled, to indicate the content of the stated requirements, the presence of certain ingredients.

For example, for ravioli, these categories are determined by the presence of muscle tissue in the composition of the product. Each letter corresponds to a certain percentage of their content:

  • catA - not less than 80%;
  • cat B - from 60 to 80%;
  • cat B - from 40 to 60%;
  • cat G - 20 to 40%;
  • cat D - less than 20%.

As can be seen from the list, the lower the category, the less meat in the dumplings. On this basis, the real market value of the product is determined. For example, the category of dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection") is denoted by the letter "B".

During the independent examination, the specialists investigated five popular manufacturers of semi-finished products (pelmeni in particular), among which were Siberian dumplings. And only one sample adequately confirmed not only its stated requirements for the content of meat in its composition, but also compliance with the full content of the remaining ingredients, including excellent taste. All indicators were seasoned dumplings "Siberian".Siberian dumplings Siberian collection price

The composition of the dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection")

Produced "Siberian" at the meat processing plant in the Moscow region. Legal entity called LLC Schelkovsky IPC. The composition of this product does not include genetic modified organisms, as well as soy protein. The ingredients of the dough and minced meat are completely natural.


  • wheat flour;
  • drinking water;
  • table salt and chicken egg.

In the minced meat dumplings "Siberian" (Siberian collection) composition is as follows:

  • beef;
  • pork;
  • bulb onions;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper;
  • granulated sugar.

The energy value of only 264 kilocalories, and the shelf life of only 4 months, which indicates the naturalness of raw meat.

Reviews of "Siberian" dumplings

All reviews about dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection") are completely positive. There are negative points, but this is no longer a matter of taste. As it was described earlier, the price is above the average for these semi-finished products, among other brands. And that pricing policy is a negative element in the reviews of the "Siberian" dumplings.

Many consumers, having tried for the first time "Siberian" outside the walls of their house, were surprised that their dish is a semi-finished product. Since the taste and the presence of real meat in them, pleasantly impressed. The dough was also marked by laudatory statements: it did not stick together or burst during cooking.

Siberian dumplings Siberian collection category

Many buyers could not overlook the composition of the dish: there are no preservatives, unnecessary additives, and no soy protein, which is already the norm for most manufacturers.

Reviews about dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection") read as follows: they are a quality product that can not only be used for a family dinner, but they are not ashamed to decorate a festive table.


Today we managed to get acquainted with the Russian manufacturer of semi-finished Siberian ravioli. We were pleasantly surprised by the opinion of experts who confirmed that this product meets all stated requirements. And reviews about the dumplings "Siberian" ("Siberian collection") and confirmed the excellent taste of this product.

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