Shower cabins with sauna: types, sizes, reviews

Modern models of shower cubicles began to go beyond standard designs for a long time, not to mention functional provision. Among the possibilities of plumbing facilities of this type is the steam generator option. Thanks to this addition, the user can use the sauna mode right at home. For the full use of this format of operation, a shower cabin with a sauna photo, which is presented below, is also supplied with high-tech sealing devices. However, when choosing equipment it is necessary to take into account a number of other nuances.

shower cabins with sauna

What are the features of sauna cabins?

With traditional Finnish saunas, some modifications of shower cabins can be related to the presence of the mentioned function of the steam generator. Accordingly, in the process of operation, the unit provides steam generation, thus introducing a new approach to hygienic care. But that's not all. The complex provides such functions as hydromassage and therapeutic support.As for the hydromassage, it is also present in conventional modifications, but the combination with the steam generator significantly increases the efficiency of the equipment. In addition, showers with sauna can provide ozone and aromatherapy. These functions eliminate germs, adding to the process of care and beneficial health effects. But in any case, the key tool of such models still remains the complex of the steam generator and sealing system. Thanks to this configuration, the water is heated, contributing to the intensive generation of steam in a bath or sauna.

Dimensional parameters

shower cabin with bath and sauna

If earlier it was possible to talk about the release of shower cabins in size in accordance with the standards, then today most modifications have almost individual parameters. Therefore, in relation to the segment as a whole, the average range of dimensional indicators is taken into account. So, most models have widths from 70 to 180 cm in width. The length, or depth, is in the range of 70-160 cm, and the height varies from 190 to 250 cm. You should also consider the parameters of the shower tray, which in the lower part is supplied with a shower saunaThe dimensions of this platform in thickness are on average 10-40 cm. The height of the pallet, by the way, is largely determined by additional functions that are integrated into the cabin. The same hydromassage, for example, is often embedded in its niche. Traditional solutions include shower cabins with a sauna, made in rectangular, semi-circular and square shapes.

Varieties of models

shower cabin with sauna sizes

The design is the main factor in the separation of showers. The most popular format is represented by corner models. It is an affordable, ergonomic and undemanding installation option, the advantages of which include the compact size. Another variation with an emphasis on structural minimization is a roofless cabin. Actually, the elimination of the upper part is conditional, since the use of equipment in the sauna mode still implies tightness. Another thing is that the roof has a removable mounting principle and also allows other operating formats. Classic shower cabins with a sauna are also widespread, performed in a square, round and rectangular shape.Non-standard solutions include combined modifications that mate with the bathroom. However, such variations are difficult to install.

Manufacturing materials

shower cabins with infrared sauna

As for partitions, in this part, most manufacturers rely on modern modifications of composite plastic alloys. Of course, they do not do without high-strength glass doors of sliding and hinged type. Much more interesting is the range of materials used in the manufacture of pallets. Suffice it to say that in the market you can find options made of marble and wood. These are premium expensive modifications that differ by special installation requirements. Stone platforms are characterized by a large load, which allows them to be used far from in every bathroom. But there are such solutions and serious advantages. Firstly, a shower cabin with a bath and a sauna with a design based on natural materials only adds to the healing effect, not to mention environmental friendliness. Secondly, the texture of the same marble and wood brings the original aesthetic shade to the local design.However, most cab models still have standard pallets made of ceramic base and acrylic.


A wide set of configuration is another way to attract the attention of the consumer, which is fully justified. The basic sets of cabins of an average level include watering cans, mixers with two valves, hoses and aerators that implement basic water treatment. Also, some models provide compact benches - sometimes of prefabricated type. The most technologically advanced solution of recent years is the infrared radiation system. The peculiarity of such models is that they heat the body from the inside - that is, it provides an impact on the object, and not on the air environment. However, shower cabins with an infrared sauna are recommended to be used in limited time intervals. As a rule, it is 30-40 minutes, otherwise the risk of adverse effects increases.

Positive reviews

shower cabin with sauna photo

The versatility of these cabins is the main advantage that users note. Moreover, it is indicated not only the possibility of using the sauna within the home space, but also the compact dimensions of such models.In addition, along with the capabilities of the sauna, as a rule, the user receives a wide range of other systems. Separate attention deserves hydromassage, the same infrared radiation system, aeration, etc. In other words, shower cabins with a sauna, by definition, are the top technological and functional development in the segment.

Negative reviews

If you compare the shower with the traditional Finnish baths, the advantage in size will be obvious. Nevertheless, the need for additional equipment with a steam generator still contributes to an increase in size relative to standard cabs. This forces users to carefully consider the choice of installation location and connection methods. There are also claims to some models in terms of energy supply systems. Since the multifunctional shower cabin with a Finnish sauna is not just sanitary equipment, but also electrical equipment, there are increased requirements for energy protection. And the quality of this software is maintained at the proper level by few manufacturers.

shower cabin with Finnish sauna

What to consider in the choice?

To get started is to decide on a set of functional content. Here it is important to consider not only the requirements of hygienic care, but also the possibility of direct health promotion. According to this criterion, the shower cabin with a sauna is the most beneficial. Reviews also recommend to carefully calculate the construction device in terms of future operation. Even in cases where the cabin fits optimally with the bathroom, the physical handling can be elementary inconvenient. In addition, you should not ignore high-tech control systems. For such cabins, special temperature controllers are offered that allow you to automatically control the operation of an object by several parameters simultaneously. Moreover, the control system can cover the flow of water, temperature, as well as the operation of the steam generator.


shower cabin with sauna reviews

Many of the functions in modern hydrological installations for the home are nothing more than the nature of marketing advertising with the aim of attracting an additional audience. But in the case of steam generators, the situation is not that simple.The fact is that full-fledged shower cabins with a sauna are really able to benefit because of the powerful heat transfer. In essence, steam room conditions are organized in which the user's body undergoes positive oxidative processes. In the end, you can count on stabilizing blood circulation, improving metabolism and alleviating kidney function. All of these effects are possible with the operation of traditional showers, but to a much lesser degree of efficiency. And this is not counting the additional hygienic and wellness tools that provide sauna shower models.

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