Should I take the drug "Elevit" during pregnancy?

Every pregnant woman takes care of her baby right from the start. You can do this in different ways - saving yourself from diseases, eating right and walking a lot in the fresh air. But it is also important to help the baby develop with the help of vitamins, so gynecologists recommend taking the vitamin drug Elevit to pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Elevit during pregnancyVariety of choices

It will be difficult for mother to decide what vitamins to take when carrying a baby. The huge choice can simply confuse the woman. Moreover, each set of vitamins has a different amount of useful microelements that a mother needs in varying degrees. Therefore, it is up to the doctor to appoint any medical devices, based on the needs of the woman’s body at a certain stage of pregnancy.


To take the drug "Elevit" during pregnancy, the gynecologist will definitely recommend to mothers who are at risk of miscarriage or blood circulation is impaired.The fact is that these vitamins contain a huge amount of magnesium, so useful in such situations. It is also important to know that the complex of vitamins "Elevit" contains a sufficient amount of folic acid, so that in addition it is not necessary to take it.

Elevit maternity instructionMinuses

The only drawback of taking vitamins "Elevit" during pregnancy may be the absence of iodine in their composition, which is so necessary for the expectant mother. Therefore, the doctor should recommend in addition to take, for example, the drug "Iodomarin".


Gynecologists recommend taking vitamins "Elevit" during pregnancy because this complex covers a huge amount of minerals and trace elements. You only need to take one pill a day - this is enough for mother and baby. Thus, in one dose, the expectant mother receives 12 different vitamins, 4 minerals and 3 microelements important for the development of the child.


A woman will not lose, if, on the recommendation of a doctor, she starts taking vitamins "Elevit" for pregnant women. Instructions for this drug are in each package, so you should not be lazy and read it completely to know the possible risks and take into account the options in which the intake of these vitamins is contraindicated for a woman.There are very few such situations, but you need to be aware of them. So, the drug Elevit is not recommended for women who have an intolerance to any component of the vitamin complex, iron absorption is impaired, and there is urolithiasis. In other cases, these vitamins will only benefit.

Elevit for pregnant women costSide effects

Reception of multivitamins may also be accompanied by some unpleasant or not very comfortable situations. So, women may have an allergic reaction to some substances, and there may also be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract: taking these vitamins, the expectant mother may suffer from constipation.

Cost of

If we compare the drug "Elevit" with other vitamin complexes for pregnant women, we can conclude that this is not a cheap remedy. But, given its saturation with useful substances, this complex fully justifies itself. In the question of whether or not to take the Elevit vitamins for pregnant women, their cost should not definitely play a decisive role.

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