Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) engine oil: reviews and specifications

Every car owner knows about the need for timely replacement in the car of all cooling and lubricating fluids. One of the main ones is motor oil. If it is of high quality and chosen correctly, then it will be ideal to lubricate all the touching parts of the engine mechanism, reduce friction and cool, thereby prolonging the life of the car. Today we look at Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) oil, reviews about it, characteristics, application, positive and negative sides. In this article, we have gathered all the most important information about the Shell product.

What is semi-synthetics?

It often happens that people, buying a car for the first time, are completely unaware of the difference between synthetic, mineral and semi-synthetic oil. Synthetics is made on the basis of natural gases, is the most expensive of all types, is used on expensive imported cars.Synthetics are not recommended for use in domestic cars, as it is the most liquid of all oils and can find a way out in the small gap of the Russian car industry!

Mineral is made on the basis of oil, is the cheapest, and is used on classic Russian cars, old cars, as the remainder of the combustion product can efficiently fill all the invisible to the eye gap in the mechanism and tubes, will not run away.

Semisynthetic is made by combined technology and is universal for use on Russian old, new and foreign cars.

Semisynthetics are also good in that they combine the main advantages of previous oils: useful minerals dissolve better in minerals, and synthetic can withstand a wider temperature range.

Shell Helix oil 10w 40 semi-synthetics reviews

Shell Helix HX7 10W-40

Motor oil 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) Shell Helix HX7 produced by standard technology, but here used a special technique of adding unique additives. The manufacturer claims that these additives allow the engine to operate at full power for a long time, eliminate dirt and other waste substances in the motor, and ideally protect parts from wear.Also, the manufacturer says that this oil is better than even the most expensive brands of semi-synthetic oils.

motor oil 10w 40 semi-synthetics shell helix

Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetic) oil: HX7 characteristics

Thanks to a number of unique additives in the oil, it cleans the engine better.

Provides antioxidant properties due to a number of special additives. Compared to analog oils, it extends the service life of units and components by 20%.

Saving fuel is due to the instantaneous supply of oil to all parts of the engine, which is due to the reduced viscosity.

The liquid is able to maintain the level of viscosity for the entire period of use of the oil, if this period is not missed.

This oil slowly evaporates, which leads to less consumption for waste. Topping up in this case is made less frequently, and the car owner saves their money.

Helps reduce vibration and engine noise.

Basic characteristics of HX7 and scope

Oil viscosity - 10Ts-40.

Lubricating fluid can ignite at a heating temperature of 220 degrees.

It stiffens the oil at a temperature of minus 39 degrees overboard.

Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) can be used in the winter in the same way as in summer.It is all-season.

Suitable for engines equipped with fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation. What engines does Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) use? Diesel, petrol, turbocharged, intercooled.

This oil is recommended by manufacturers:

  • Fiat.
  • Reno.
  • VolksWagen.

Shell Helix HX6 10W-40

This oil for the engine has the same advantages as the HX7 series, so we will not list them. It is worth noting that when replacing analog oil with Shell Helix HX6, the engine must be flushed to avoid foaming or clotting of the oil. It is recommended to rinse with special means for flushing the engine.

Shell Helix oil 10w 40 semi-synthetics characteristics

Basic characteristics and scope HX6

The viscosity of this oil is 10W-40.

It hardens the same way as НХ7, with a minus temperature equal to 39 degrees behind the car.

There is a possibility of ignition when the engine is heated more than 220 degrees.

The density of this product is 871 kilograms per cubic meter, and in the HX7 it is 880, which is the difference.

Engine oil 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) Shell Helix HX7 recommended by manufacturers:

  • "Audi".
  • "BMW".
  • "Hyundai".
  • "Mercedes".
  • "Kia".
  • Volkswagen.

It can be safely used in winter in areas where the air temperature does not drop to forty degrees Celsius. It is also ideal for summer use.

Shell Helix oil ultra 10w 40 semi-synthetics

Shell Helix Plus 10W-40

This is also a semi-synthetic motor oil, which is manufactured using Shell's unique technology. It showed outstanding lubricating properties, and is indeed the best compared to analog oils. Independent experts assessed the quality of this product and recommend it for use.

Suitable for engines:

  • gasoline injection;
  • turbocharged;
  • multi-valve motors;
  • diesel engines;
  • gas-gasoline engines.

The range of its application is wide, and it can be used in almost every car with any engine. In order to make sure that this oil is suitable for you or not, read the recommendations of the manufacturer, which are available in the operational book of the car. If there is none, then consult with a specialist about the possibility of using this product specifically for your car.

Also, this oil is not recommended for use in winter in areas with a harsh climate, where the temperature drops to -33 degrees, since it is at this temperature that the oil freezes.

It ignites when the engine is heated to 210 degrees, so that in the summer, too, carefully monitor the temperature.

Shell Helix oil 10w 40 semi-synthetics photo

Shell Helix Ultra 10W-40 Oil - semi-synthetics or not?

Many car owners are interested in this question, who, standing in a store and not finding the Shell Helix semi-synthetic oil, think whether it is possible to add the same 10W-40 in HX7 10W-40, but already Ultra. Unfortunately, this can not be done, as the gray packaging of this oil and the label "Ultra" indicates that it is synthetic.

It is not recommended to mix these types of oils, as the additives can work in a peculiar way and foam all the contents poured into the engine. Also, these additives can precipitate and cause engine damage.

Shell Helix oil 10w 40 semi-synthetic diesel

Positive reviews of Shell Helix oil

Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) has numerous reviews. At first we decided to write about the positive, because there are so many more.

Car owners claim that this oil perfectly cleans the engine, does not leave carbon deposits, does not foam, which sometimes happens with other oils. There are reviews that by switching to Shell from another oil, the engine has become more obedient, it starts up easier and pulls better.

They say that even in the most expensive foreign cars this oil is used. There are reviews that the engine starts the first time even in frost below thirty degrees.

Note and low evaporation of this oil. It is more economical, requires less topping.

Also those who have noticed that Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) oil reduces fuel consumption. Reviews of this product say that although it is a bit more expensive than analogs, it is worth using, since it is really high-quality, it has a beneficial effect on the car, saves money on refueling and refilling.

Shell Helix oil 10w 40 semi-synthetics in winter

Negative reviews

There are opinions that after many years of using this oil, no flaws were noticed, but later they began to be discovered. Someone says that the car stopped to wind up even in a twenty-degree frost, someone began to evaporate the oil. Car owners believe that they bought a fake, and that is why Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) has failed. There are also reviews that the quality of the product has fallen dramatically compared with previous years, and car owners have become increasingly disappointed in it. But still the majority tends to fake.

To avoid buying such a product and not be disappointed in it, purchase only Shell Helix 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) from reliable suppliers and in specialized stores. Photos of the original packaging are in our article. Rely on the fact that each bottle of oil has an original sticker, and study it carefully.

Before you buy engine oil 10W-40 (semi-synthetics) "Shell Helix", make sure that this product is suitable for the technical characteristics of your vehicle.

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