Set uTorrent for maximum speed. How to set uTorrent to the maximum speed

Today, on the Internet, downloading withTorrent is the most common method of data transmission. One of the best programs in this area can be called uTorrent, whose popularity is difficult to overestimate. Setting uTorrent for maximum speed does not take much time. Tens of thousands of downloads of this application clearly indicate the need for this program.

tuning utorrent for maximum speed The application itself is simple inuse, flexible settings and rich functionality. The program not only free of charge, but also allows you to download terabytes of movies, games, music, etc. Therefore, uTorrent has gained such popularity among ordinary Internet users, became for them native and irreplaceable.

A torrent client is a program that does not have an alternative

Download and install the torrent client is notno effort, like setting uTorrent for maximum speed. The program itself during the installation itself is configured and almost independently works on a personal computer. But there are such cases that even such programs use the maximum speed of the Internet, but with some downloads it is not visible. Several factors influence the download speed parameter.

How to set uTorrent to the maximum speed

One such factor is the permissiblethe level of data transmission, which is determined by the number of distributors. But even the download speed depends on the settings in the torrent client program, which may be irrelevant for one or another network of the Internet provider. This article will describe in detail the optimal method, which requires setting uTorrent for maximum speed. The answers will be exhaustive and understandable.adjusting the speed of utorrent

Settings in the uTorrent application have several tabs, which are responsible for each parameter individually. Optimization of each of the tabs will be considered.

Torrent settings: General tab

optimal settings for utorrent

Setting up uTorrent for maximum data transfer speed is achieved through several actions, each responsible for its own parameter.

  • One of the possible reasons for the drop in speedclient can be a large number of programs in the autorun, including uTorrent itself. Setting uTorrent speed will help avoid such problems. To disable the autorun function, it is enough to use the menu in the General tab, find the line with the words "Run the application with Windows" and uncheck the parameter selection. In this case, if you use the torrent file, the application will run many times faster than when running in the background mode via autoload.

  • The next parameter "Run minimized" is notto change, since it just minimized the program when autorun. But we disabled the application startup function when OS started, which required setting the uTorrent speed, and there's no sense to change this setting.

  • "Auto-verification of associations" - the function of diagnosing the download files for association with our program. The parameter can also be left alone.

  • The following function is common for allprograms checking for new versions of the application and does not affect the optimal settings for uTorrent. She is advised to leave it on to receive update notifications.

  • A parameter that suggests updating the program todifferent beta versions available for downloading should be turned off and not used, because the unfinished applications are not a standard of quality and speed.

  • The following function has become a real rebus for us. It offers "Send detailed data for updates (anonymously)". The set of these words clearly does not inspire confidence and certainly will not help improve the speed of downloading data and does not affect the optimal settings for uTorrent.

  • "Anti-Boss" is used for confidentialityUse the program and can hide the icons and windows of the application. You can configure this function for different keyboard shortcuts. In general, the ability to hide the download is not very necessary for the average user, but is useful for those who want to use the program at work.

  • "Add.! Ut for unfinished" - the ability to change the initial expansion of damaged torrents.

  • The following function allows you to create a busy hard disk space and ensure complete completion of the download. The parameter is called "Preloads for all files".

  • Particularly attentive to the function that prohibits the program from entering sleep mode when downloading files. This will help reduce the waiting for the download.

Torrent settings: Interface tab

how to set up utorrent to the maximum speed

Here all the parameters given to us are notneed a description and intuitive to configure. They will not help answer the question of how to set uTorrent to the maximum speed. You can and do not touch them at all, leaving all the checkmarks by default. The only thing I would like to mention is the parameter "When adding a torrent", to which it is better to put all the tickers on "active". It will save you from many troubles.

Configuring the torrent: the "Folders" tab

  • This tab can secure the completion of the download, because it affects the hard drive, the speed of writing to hard disk and is responsible for the space allocated for download.

  • A parameter that allows you to select a hard disk asa storage place for downloads, is called "Put new downloads in:". Also in the specified place there will be also temporary files of loading and adjustment uTorrent 3, 4.

  • This function allows you to change the location of fully completed downloads. The parameter "Move completed downloads to:" is called.

  • It is necessary to take into account that to create a system thatwould distribute downloads to different storage locations based on the file extension here. Therefore, all uploads, one way or another, come off in one place, which makes it difficult to understand where the file is in the folder. But these settings are not useless and can set some order when working, if you do not bypass them and configure.

Torrent settings: Connection tab

These settings basically affect the download speed, stability of connections with other clients of p2p networks.configuring utorrent 3 4

Connection parameter of the Internet application "Portincoming connections "must be changed to the following values: from 30.000 to 70.000. The need for this arises from a number of factors that affect speed. One of them is the provider's limitation of the network range for the inability to use torrent clients. The remaining range levels may also not be suitable, as they are often used by other programs that use the Internet while working, which can lead to conflict and errors.

Additional settings for uTorrent: router and forwarding

The following function is only necessary for those who userouter (router). But if you do not fully understand what "UPnP Forwarding" and "NAT-PMP Forwarding" are, then it's better not to change them at all. Also, you should avoid the activation of the "Random port at startup", since this is fraught with a break in the file download with a bad signal.

If you use the built-in protection frommalicious software in the "Winds", then you should activate the "In the firewall exception" option. If protection is disabled, then you should not use this function. If you are making an Internet connection through a proxy server, then you should pay attention to the relevant parameters.

advanced utorrent settings

The next parameter is the key for speeddownloading files is the "Speed" tab. The optimal settings of this function will allow you to reach the maximum of your Internet capabilities, help you to quickly download large files.

Torrent settings: Speed ​​tab

correct setting torrent client utorrent

You can find a special table with values,which should be specified in the parameters. This requires the correct setting of the torrent client uTorrent. For each Internet speed and parameters used by your ISP, there are separate combinations of settings that you need to install. Therefore, to configure, you need to calculate the best option for you and set the result in the tabs "Global speed limit", as well as in the "General load limit" settings. The data in such tables are indicated in kilobytes and kilobits, this should also not be forgotten.

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