Sergey Zheleznyak: biography, personal life, family and interesting facts

Today we look at the biography of Sergei Zheleznyak. How did this man go to success, what was his path? We will also get acquainted with his family and find out about the sensational scandals. Read all about this in the article below.


Zheleznyak Sergey Vladimirovich, whose biography is the topic of our article, was born in 1970, July 30 in Leningrad. By 1987, he graduated from the Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School and joined the CPSU in 1990. A year later, he received a diploma from the Kiev Higher Naval Political School. He became the deputy commander for political affairs in a training company of engine mechanics and gas turbines. In the winter of 1992 he left military service.

From 1993 to 2007 he was engaged in advertising, constantly developing and improving his level. In 2007 he graduated from the IMD International business school (Switzerland).

Sergey iron ore biography

Carier start

In the same year Sergey Vladimirovich Zheleznyak (the biography is presented in the article) receives an offer to test himself in politics. He is invited to the party "United Russia".Two years later, News Outdoor was charged with tax evasion by the company when Zheleznyak was its head. Taxes were paid later.

In 2014, the man heads the supervisory board of the “National Anti-Drug Union”. In the spring of 2014, Barack Obama enacted a decree that allowed sanctions against certain sectors of the Russian economy for violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Like a number of other officials, Sergey Zhelezhek was included in the list of those subject to economic and visa sanctions. They were brought against the men by the European Union, and after Switzerland, Canada and Australia.

biography of his wife Sergey Zheleznyak


In the winter of 2007 he became a deputy of the State Duma of the V convocation. In the spring of 2011, he headed the Committee on Information Policy in the State Duma. Zheleznyak Sergey, whose biography became more and more politicized, quickly moved forward. In the same year, during the election campaign, another State Duma deputy, namely A. Lugovoi, accused Zheleznyak of working for the enemies of Russia. In the winter of 2011, our hero was elected to the State Duma from the United Russia party.

S. Zheleznyak is the chairman of the All-Russian Union of Public Organizations "People's Most of Russia". The organization took part in the March in the protection of children.The members of the organization stated that they intend to cancel the foreign adoption and return the younger brother Maxim Kuzmin to the country.

Sergei Zhelezyak, whose biography has already been closely linked to politics, is the author of several laws (“On the fight against pedophilia on the Internet”, “On foreign agents” and “On the abolition of mobile slavery”). Also, the politician is the author of the bill on the protection of personal data of the population and copyright. Another man is opposed to raising the retirement age.Sergey Zheleznyak biography

Legislative proposals

The biography of deputy Sergei Zheleznyak is full of initiative. Whatever he did, he tried his best to improve this area. So it is in politics. In 2012, he proposed a draft law on the tax code, making some corrections there. More specifically, the question concerned the payment of taxes when selling movie tickets to domestic films.

In the same year, he initiated the introduction of amendments to the Administrative Code, according to which it was proposed to impose sanctions against the media, which produce and distribute products with obscene expressions. As a result, the law was passed, although the deputy minister for mass communications and communications said that the concept of foul language is too broad and does not have a clear definition in the law.

In 2013, a man worked on a bill, according to which Internet service providers and telecom operators were required to provide information about their users, if those committed a criminal offense. In the same year, the politician worked on the system of taxation of bloggers.

He also opposed the promotion of pedophilia in theatrical productions. This happened after the award of the Golden Mask award to the play “Midsummer Night's Dream”.

In 2014, the man introduced some amendments to the anti-piracy law. He proposed to block sites that give access to pirated music, programs, books, etc. It was said about the system of fines against individuals who spread pirated content on the network intentionally. These amendments were put into effect on January 1, 2016, that is, 90 days after their adoption. Representatives of the Internet industry are dissatisfied with this decision, since it, in their opinion, will contribute to the development of unfair competition.biography of deputy Sergey Zheleznyak

Falsification of elections: opinion

What opinion about election rigging Sergey Zheleznyak? His biography demonstrates that he is a man of sharp views. The man believes that the Gauss curve is not the only possible indicator for analyzing the authenticity of the results.And there is some truth in this, because if you conduct exactly the same election research in other countries of the world, you can easily come to the conclusion that they are falsified always and everywhere.

Financial charge

In 2012, Alexei Navalny published a report that S. Zheleznyak was teaching his daughters abroad and buying foreign-made cars, despite his thoughts on patriotic education and training. Alexey also pointed out that the money earned exceeds those that Sergey spent on training his daughters. In response, Zheleznyak said that his children themselves chose foreign education, but after completing the course they will return to the country and will work for its good. Alexey Navalny published a summary of the income and expenses of a businessman and a politician, showing his income and the expenses that he incurred during the year. The gap was huge. To this Sergey replied that he could document his income documentally and submitted a certificate from the tax inspectorate. “Extra” money came to him as a retirement benefit from the New Outdor company.

Against this scandal, journalist Irek Murtazin sent a request to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.As a result, he said that Zheleznyk's “severance pay” has all the signs of a criminal offense (the article on money laundering). This was the development of amendments to the law on the possibility of officials to have foreign bank accounts and real estate.Sergey Zheleznyak Biography Family

A little later, G. Alburov (the Anti-Corruption Fund) accused Zheleznyak of owning an offshore company in Cyprus, which is the founder of many Russian legal entities. Documents were also published that in the village of “Dream” the deputy owns two cottages that are not listed in the declaration. Zheleznyak sold his stake in an offshore company and got rid of two cottages. At the same time G.Alburov believes that the businessman simply hid the profit from the sale at some offshore.

Scandal with journalists

Biography of Sergei Zheleznyak - State Duma deputy, at one time overgrown with scandals. So, in the spring of 2013 at the 10th congress of the Union of Journalists, the man’s speech was disrupted by delegates. The applause of the journalists was so strong and long that the deputy was simply not allowed to give his speech.

Tax scandal

In the same year, the deputy befell a new scandal about tax evasion.On the basis of materials taken from the website of the Federal Tax Service, Boris Nemtsov said that S. Zheleznyak was in arrears in the payment of transport tax and personal income tax.

Sergey Zheleznyak: biography, family

The man is married to Catherine Zheleznyak. The couple have four daughters. Biography of his wife Sergei Zheleznyak little known. The girl is hereditary Muscovite. Parents were engaged in education. By the way, Catherine is 4 years younger than Sergey. In 1991, she entered the economics department of a Moscow university. It happened a year before the meeting and the wedding with Sergey. The exact date of the wedding and the circumstances of dating are unknown. However, in an interview, the man said that acquaintance with his future wife greatly influenced his whole fate. When did the wedding take place in the biography of Sergei Zheleznyak? Parents testify that this happened shortly after Zheleznyak moved to live with relatives after the end of service in the navy.

Journalists know that already at the end of 1992, the couple attended courses for future parents. It was here that the man met his future partner, who opened the advertising business for him.It is also known that Catherine has not only an economics degree, but also work experience, but no specifics.

Sergey protects his family life from prying eyes. At public secular and political events his family does not appear. Girls have the following birth dates: 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2000. Above, we mentioned a scandal related to the fact that the daughters of politics are studying abroad. Recently it became known that they are paid by Catherine, which indicates her high position and good earnings. To date, the couple have been married for over 20 years.biography of Sergey Zheleznyak deputy of the State Duma

It is also known that the eldest daughter Anastasia in 2014 graduated from Queen Mary University of London. Then she entered the magistracy at King's College. After that, the daughter of the politician even managed to work as an assistant producer at BBC News. In 2015, Anastasia married a colleague of Scottish descent McClemont.

Daughter Elizabeth graduated from an English school and works as an illustrator. Despite the fact that the hero of the article said that his daughters will return to their homeland, they live abroad.State Duma Ironberg Sergey biography


According to official sources, the income of State Duma Deputy Sergei Zheleznyk in 2011 amounted to 3.4 billion rubles. It is also known that he owns 2 apartments, 2 cars and a motorcycle.The income of his wife Catherine Frolova is not declared. In 2012, Sergey published official documents, according to which his income amounted to 103.7 million rubles in 2007.

We reviewed a detailed biography of the politician, as well as his personal life. Career in the life of a man plays a huge role, as can be seen from the above. However, the career path policy is very interesting. Sergey is active in his life position and does not intend to give up.

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