Seraphim: meaning of name, origin, compatibility

Many modern parents prefer to call children Orthodox names, the sound of which gives a hint of romantic antiquity. One of those is the Seraphim. The value of the name, as is known, affects the fate and character of its owner. So what awaits the girl named Seraphim?

seraphim name meaning

Origin of name

Seraphim is the name for the girl, but it is derived from the Hebrew male name Seraphim. Translated into Russian, it means "fiery angel". Seraphim, an Orthodox name that came to us as early as the formation of the Christian church, was the name of one of the Orthodox martyrs. The name quickly gained appreciation and became quite common among the common people. In the heyday of socialism, when they began to deny everything ecclesiastical, the name of Seraphim was unfairly forgotten, but now it is practically not used at all.


Seraphim (meaning “fiery angel”) grows cheerful, sociable and very active. Easily able to endear both peers and older people. The baby loves to be the center of attention and, I must say, has all the data for this. She is eccentric, emotional, talented. To perform a song or dance is not a problem for her, the main thing is that all attention should be drawn to her person. Competition Sima will not tolerate and will do everything to beat the opponent. Seraphim, the meaning of which name is associated with the spiritual world, unfortunately, is not always the "angel in the flesh." Since childhood, Sima dreams of a beautiful and eventful life, where she would occupy a leading role. In some cases, this trait can grow into narcissism, so teachers and parents should be more attentive to the behavior of the girl and in time prevent the manifestation of excessive narcissism.

 seraphim name for girl


What else is remarkable Seraphim? The meaning of the name left an imprint on the girl's school years. She is a real angel, gifted with many talents. The girl has time for all disciplines, and it turns out she is not because of diligence or perseverance, but because of the natural gift.Even in early childhood, the baby has a great memory and lightning assimilation of any information he heard. Fortunately, her curiosity extends not only to the games, but also to the school curriculum.

seraphim origin of the name

Seraphim: meaning of name, character, health

According to the type of Seraphim - nevrastenichny choleric with a weak nervous system. She is incredibly picky. Resentment is going through very painful, even small failures can cause her nervous breakdown. Sima's health is not very strong and directly depends on her emotional state. You should also often pay attention to the state of the intestines and genitals.

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Seraphim's Name: Name Meaning and Fate

Having matured, Seraphim practically does not change, remaining a girl-child, a kind of angel, whom others want to protect and protect. Even in her declining years, she will have childlike spontaneity, emotionality and naivety. Externally, a woman tries to look strict, business-like and extravagant, but this is ostentatious; in fact, she still remains that sweet little girl who fascinated many adults and children.

Seraphim, the origin of the name of which is associated with the church, unfortunately, does not always justify its "angelic" value.An overly confident girl believes that she is always right and there simply cannot be any other way. Sima does not like to be responsible for the actions committed by her, which, of course, affects the attitude of others. However, her interpersonal skills do their job and, ultimately, the girl has more friends than detractors.

Seraphima hates loneliness, she always tries to be in society. It should be noted that the girl knows how to be friends, easily makes acquaintances and is ready to sacrifice for the sake of friends. Sima is non-conflicting, from a person who is unpleasant to her, she will try to simply step back and never meet again, coming up with different weighty reasons for this. She hates rudeness and vulgarity most of all, appreciates consistency, honesty and sincerity. Sima does not tolerate reproaches, in response, she can flare up ugly, having lost her natural charm, or simply withdraw into herself. It should be noted that Seraphim cannot be upset for a long time, and within a few minutes she can begin to apologize for her lack of restraint, even if the opponent was responsible for the quarrel. Of course, this does not mean that she has forgiven her offender; it’s just that the thought of revenge cannot arise in the girl’s bright head.

If we consider the pros and cons that the name gives to its owner, then the first can be attributed to a huge amount of positive energy that envelops a person, protects against troubles and misfortunes. The minus is the same energy, because most people are sure that the bearer of such a divine name must work wonders and sacrifice themselves for the happiness of others.

name seraphim name meaning and fate

Horoscope name

Winter Seraphim is an unbalanced person, who herself does not know what she wants from life. The girl is fickle and eccentric, likes to be in the center of attention.

Spring Seraphim is very different from the winter, the girl is incredibly good-natured, responsive, ready to sacrifice her happiness for another, even an unfamiliar person. She is very vulnerable, resentment going through a long and hard.

Summer Seraphim is very emotional and impulsive, often suffering from disorders of the nervous system.

Autumn Seraphim - prudent, decisive, always knows what she needs and how to achieve it. To achieve its goal is ready to go over the heads.


Beautiful appearance and natural femininity allow the girl to have a lot of fans.However, to achieve the heart of Seraphim is not so easy. She attaches great importance to her intuition, which, by the way, is very developed. If she feels that the boy is not her destiny, she, without any regret, immediately breaks off relations with him, remaining just good friends. In addition, it should be noted that Sima lives in a world of foreboding and mysterious signs, she believes in all the signs and is ready to cancel the date simply because the black cat ran across her path. It is simply explained - the girl is sure that the stars themselves reject her chosen one. The word "sex" scares Seraphim, she does not know and does not want to understand her natural desires, therefore she often chooses the wrong partners. If the young man can unravel and reveal it, then he will be rewarded with a passionate and tireless lover, who will make even his wildest desires come true.

 seraphim meaning name character

Family Children

As a life partner Seraphim chooses a calm and patient person. At home, the girl becomes especially tender and vulnerable, so the spouse will have to show all her masculinity, which will allow Sime to feel protected.In this family, as a rule, there are no particular difficulties, relationships develop smoothly and predictably. Kindness, sincerity and quick receptivity of a girl allow to stop any misunderstanding in time, therefore it rarely comes to divorce. Seraphim adapts his lifestyle to his household, trying to give them everything in everything, so family life with her will bring pleasure to anyone. Sima is a good mother who adores her children, however excessive gentleness prevents her from showing the necessary rigor in upbringing.

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