Secret seam by hand. Needlework

The most demanded manual seam is secret. And although this can be done on a sewing machine, it is still quite often necessary to perform a secret stitch manually. This is due to the fact that the scope of its application is quite wide.

What is a secret seam

A secret seam is a type of seam that serves to invisibly join parts together. Its main feature is that this seam is concealed between the layers of fabric. Sewing it is quite easy, but nevertheless practice is necessary. From the first time it is not always possible to beautifully perform a secret seam with your hands. So training does not hurt.

Where necessary to use a hidden seam

So, what is the secret seam for? First of all, it is processing the bottom of the product, which was made of thin material. Also, this stitch is needed for sewing pants. Performing a secret seam by hand, complete the manufacture of textile dolls and other soft toys. Even with its help, they fix the sleeves of the blouse, as well as minor repairs of the product, if the damage is located on the front side.

Preparation of tools and materials

In order to learn how to sew a secret stitch, you will need some tools and materials, without which its implementation is simply impossible. First of all, these are threads that will be in the same tone with the material or as close as possible to it. You also need sharp scissors for cutting threads and a fine needle. The execution of a secret seam is also impossible without an iron.manual seamIn addition, if you have never done a secret seam before, its implementation will be very useful for you. We will consider this moment.

Secret seam: master class

Before you begin, take care of the preparation of the fabric. The material must necessarily sweep. How exactly you do this, by and large does not matter. You can process the fabric with an overlock or manually. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. By the way, the edges can be processed with a special glue pencil. In this case, the most important thing is that the edge of the fabric does not crumble in the process. Most often performed by hemming the pants with a secret seam. The edge of the product bends half a centimeter. In order for the fabric not to move out in the process, it is better not just to iron it, but also to squander to sew a secret stitchNow you should once again tuck the material to the same width and again carefully ironed. Insert the needle as close as possible to the bend, insert it inside and remove it between the hem and the product itself. Do not pull the thread too much. This can lead to the fact that the thread just pops up, because the knot on it to tie is not accepted. The first three stitches should be made very close to each other. They will serve as a fastening thread. If you still tied the knot, try to gently hide it between the layers of fabric.

There should be a short distance between stitches. About seven millimeters and no more. Better even if it is three or five millimeters. During punctures should be the capture of one thread of the fabric products. With a correctly executed secret seam, it on the inside out looks like a cross, and on the front side it forms parallel lines that are completely invisible. This is due to the small number of threads captured.

Performance of a secret seam at completion of work on soft toys

Let's now look at how to sew a secret stitch in the process of creating soft toys and other bulky items.If you do not master the process of this seam, you probably can not either sew a toy or repair, for example, a down jacket or a pillow. Insert the thread with one addition into a needle and tie a small knot on it as small as possible.having sewed trousersInsert the needle into the hole to be sewn inside the fold of the fabric from the inside. It is in this fold that the knot should be located, tied at the edge of the thread. Then move the needle into the fold of the opposite side or part. Grab a pair of linen threads and tighten the stitch. Repeat such stitches, alternating sides or parts, to the very end of the seam. After the entire seam is finished, you must sew a few stitches to secure the thread and cut the thread with scissors. After all, if you bite off or tear off the thread, pulling it too hard, the entire seam will tighten and spoil. And you will be forced to start work again. But if you follow all the recommendations clearly, the work on completion will look very neat and beautiful.

How to perform a secret seam on a sewing machine

Having studied how to perform a secret seam manually, you can consider its implementation on a sewing machine.Most easily, it runs on a machine that is controlled by a computer. He is able to set the program himself.

Processing the edge of the product is made in the same way as when performing a manual seam seam. In the program of the machine may be such a type of seam as overcasting. With it, you can also process the edges. First, perform the markup bend width. After that, mark the line of laying the machine stitch. The distance from the line to the edge of the product must necessarily be narrower than the hem, from which edge no less than seven millimeters should be retreated.

The line should be chosen such that the needle will occupy a center position. On the first marked line the fabric of the parts folds inside out to the inside out, and on the second - facing each other. All punctures should certainly be carried out in the fold of the canvas.secret hand sutureIf you are working on a typewriter that is controlled by a computer, then you should choose the zigzag line, the pitch of which is one millimeter. Needle, of course, should pick up thinner. After finishing work, the product must be ironed out. Such a line will be slightly noticeable on a smooth material and completely invisible if your material has a loose texture.

The sequence of the secret seam on the electric machine

First you need to install a special foot. It is designed to perform a hidden line, denoted by the English letter L and, as a rule, included in the complete set of sewing machines.

secret seam scheme

This foot has the function of regulating the width of the stopper. The adjustment is made with the help of a screw, which moves the limiter in the working process, and the regulation of the needle is not required. Of all the available modes, you need to choose a "zigzag" with the skipped "Christmas trees". The needle is installed in the center. The limiter is set manually with a screw. The line should be made in such a way that the needle captures as little as possible threads. Do not forget to finish ironing the product after work.

Some tips on making a secret seam

If you will perform a secret stitch manually, then choose such threads, which will be one less number than the fabric of the workpiece requires. Also, the thickness of the thread must necessarily correspond to the thickness of the needle used. The needle you are working with must be sharp. Otherwise, to capture a small number of threads just will not work.

secret seam master class

If you are performing a secret seam using an electric machine, you can insert a fishing line into it so that it is located on the front side of the product. But such a decision is good only when you sew things from thick fabrics. If the canvas is thin, then so do not come out.

Thus, we have considered the options for the execution of a secret seam, as well as situations that require its use. If you strictly follow all the rules, then the work will be not only neat, but also very beautiful, and most importantly - your seam will be almost imperceptible to prying eyes.

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