Sealing seams in the panel house

At least 50 percent of the housing stock is made up of apartment buildings that were built using panel technology. She provided at one time housing many in need.

The need for sealing the seams of the panel house

joint sealing

The main problem of such buildings is the leakage of the joints, which are formed by structural elements. This indicates that in some cases the need to seal joints in a panel house is particularly acute. Thanks to these procedures, it is possible to reduce energy consumption, get rid of mold, as well as improve the microclimate in the rooms of the house.

Features of sealing joints during construction and methods of repair

sealing of interpanel seams

Sealing seams relatively recently was not considered such an important task, which is why this issue received little attention. Most construction organizations used traditional glass wool or tow for these works; at best, rubber-based seals were used. Then the seam was filled with a mixture made of sand and cement.At the last stage, the surface was covered with mastic based on bitumen. Due to the fact that any building structure shrinks during operation, the sealing of the seams is broken, even a very slight displacement of the panels relative to each other contributes to the change of the initial geometry of the joint. Moisture enters the seam, which contributes to the destruction of cement mortar, opens up space for external influences: precipitation and winds. Sealing seams after such phenomena can, of course, be made as described above, but there will be no guarantee of durability. Depending on the state of the joints between adjacent panels, today it is customary to use several techniques.

Repair work

sealing joints at home

Sealing of the seams should be performed after the master is able to determine the state of the groove. Thus, if the concrete or cement filling is not badly damaged, then cosmetic repairs are carried out. This method of access acts as the most budget, but it does not guarantee efficiency. If the main seam area is in good condition,however, it has some defects, the repair work is performed according to the technology, which involves partial opening of the seam at the original level. As the best, but very expensive option is the sealing of the joints using a technology called "warm seam". It is necessary to mention that the sealing cannot be performed from inside the room. If such works were made, then they cannot be called quality. All such manipulations should be carried out exclusively from the front of the building.

However, performing the repair of the apartment, you can fill the open joints using mortar and insulation material. This will allow to achieve a certain effect, but the situation will not be radically changed. Among other things, the sealing of interpanel joints should be carried out over the entire height, otherwise there will be no guarantee that the water that falls between the panels will not destroy the already repaired surface. For this reason, it is preferable to cooperate with neighbors, it will be cheaper and more reliable due to the amount of work being done.The cost is influenced by the need to attract climbers to carry out these manipulations on high-rise buildings. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the use of lifting towers and other devices is often impossible.

Redecoration of the seam

sealing of panel seams

Sealing of interpanel seams can be made without opening. This option is considered the most inexpensive. It should only be used with perfect joint coverage. Initially, analysis of the state of the seam is carried out, using a spatula to remove the layer of old mastic or resin. If the cement on the basis of the different reliability, then to save can be limited to cosmetic finishing. However, the sealing of panel seams in this technology is not correct. After the seam has been cleaned, it must be treated with a deep penetration primer, it is preferable to use a compound that has fungicidal additives. If necessary, the disturbed places can be sealed with a solution. Then the entire surface must be treated with water-repellent mastic. In order to seal the seams in the panel house, you can use one- or two-component compositions, the choice will be for the customer.Some experts advise the use of two-component compositions made on the basis of polyurethane.

Features of the seam redecoration

sealing of seams in the panel house

For the reason that the sealing of the seams at home can be carried out qualitatively only from the outside, it is necessary to prepare well the components of the mixture, which are stirred using a mixer. Applying sealant to the seams is made with a spatula, the width of the tool is selected depending on the size. It is recommended to seal the front edges of the panels with masking tape, which is removed after treatment with mastic. This allows you to get a more aesthetic surface.

Repair with partial opening

joint sealing tape

Sealing the seams of a wooden house can be made with partial opening of the seam. If some part of the coating is broken or there is a certainty that there is no sealing material behind the screed layer, then the embedding is carried out according to the technology, which involves the removal of the cement coating. If according to this principle a small part of the seam is opened, it is necessary to drill a hole every twenty five centimeters. Use for this you need a drill.After the voids are filled with foam, for which it is preferable to use a special gun, which will reduce material consumption. After hardening of the foam, its protruding parts need to be removed. The seam is treated with a primer, hidden areas and holes are plastered. The final step is the treatment of the seam with mastic.

Seal technology "warm seam"

sealing the seams of a wooden houseThe best quality cope with leaking seams can be a method called "warm seam." The cost will be higher, but the quality of the work will be on top. Consider it in more detail.

Features of the work

Manipulations should be started by opening the seam along the entire length, the sealant should be removed, and the edges of the panels should be restored if necessary. The surface must be treated with a primer. The seam must be sealed with foam, given its ability to expand. After the foam begins to increase, you need to lay up the seal, made of polyethylene foam. This will prevent the foam from escaping. This seal is made in the form of hollow tubes, but you can also purchase solid ones.The dimensions of this material should be greater than the width of the seam by fifteen centimeters. In its place of installation is done with a spatula, the element must be pressed into the layer of foam. When installing, care must be taken to eliminate the possibility of material damage. This can be used and tape for sealing the seams. This technology is considered today the most effective and modern. Its use allows you to insulate the seam, making it waterproof, which will provide reliable protection of the home from the effects of external negative factors, increase the operational life of the building. Sealing of seams in high-rise buildings should be carried out only with the help of professional support.


Experimenting with sealing seams can be exclusively at the level of 1-2 floors, with the ability to mount sustainable scaffolding. In other cases, it is reasonable to entrust the conduct of these manipulations to industrial climbers. After all, purely physically to produce such work, even with the appropriate technology, it will be very difficult, without having professional experience.In addition, it is very dangerous, and at least the result of independently performed work may not suit you, because you do not know about the intricacies and the basic rules that you should follow.

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