Script error: how to remove? Basic methods.

Probably, it is not necessary to say that many users of Windows-based computers quite often, visiting some Internet resources, reveal a problem related to the fact that, instead of the expected opening of the page, the browser displays a message that a script error has occurred. How to remove this notification and eradicate the malfunction itself will be further considered. And for a start, it is proposed to study some theoretical information that, when eliminating a failure, may later come in handy. And special problems in eliminating such a failure is not expected. But, first of all, we define all the most important aspects.

What is a script error?

First of all, let's consider the very nature of failure. If anyone does not know, when visiting any Internet resource, the page may contain not only text inserts or objects on audio and video, links to which are triggered automatically.

script error how to remove

Yes, in fact, everything is automated in terms ofthat the user is given the opportunity to work comfortably not only in terms of launching some players that allow playing video or audio (usually Flash Player is responsible for this), but also in the sense of completing additional software applets that are integrated directly into a web page ( ActiveX elements that will not be considered in this situation).

Simply put, press a button, and then follows the execution of a command or a transition to the additional menu. This is a script execution tool based on VB Script and Java Script. If the support for these executable components and their initial platforms is disabled, respectively, you will get a script error. How to remove the appearance of such an affliction will be discussed in more detail below. Regardless of the installed operating system, the solutions to eliminate this problem look almost the same.

Script error: how to remove on "Windows 7" with the simplest methods?

Basically, this failure concerns the Internet Explorer browser preinstalled in Windows. Despite all the improvements related to the upgrade to Windows 10, this browser has not become popular, although it shows good performance in terms of performance.

But, if you solve the problem of how to remove a script error on a computer with a Windows-based system on board, you should first enter the settings of IE itself, set as the default Internet surfing tool (in Windows 10, this is Edge).

To get started, just try to restart the browser or even reboot the entire system. If the failure is temporary, it will be fixed. Likewise, the usual page refresh (F5) can also be used.

Script error: how to remove on "Windows 10". Script execution settings.

It goes without saying that one cannot count on such primitive methods. Since the crash manifests itself in IE, it is worth using the settings where the browser properties item is selected.

script error how to remove windows 7

On the Advanced tab there are several important points with which you must perform the following actions:

  • set disabling script debugging;
  • deactivate error notifications.

After performing such actions, a message about some kind of failure, at least, simply will not appear. But the error itself in the system remains. What to do in this situation?

Add permissions

Here in the question of how to remove the script error, whether you like it or not, you will have to edit the registry keys.

script error how to remove on windows 10

First enter the editor by entering the regedit command from the “Run” menu, then right-click on the HKLM branch, and select the permission line from the context menu. After that, a redirect to the installation rights for specific users will occur, where the selected subject should be set to full access.

Registration of additional libraries

After that, close the editor and go to the command line (cmd as administrator).

how to remove script error on computer

Here you need to enter the line regsvr32 c: windowssystem32msxml.dll and press the enter key. But that is not all. The question of how to remove the script error also implies the registration of some additional libraries (DLL) using the main regsvr32 command:

  • leaut32;
  • ole32;
  • msxml2;
  • msxml;
  • wshext;
  • vbscript;
  • scrobj;
  • scrrun;
  • jscript;
  • dispex;
  • corpol;
  • atl.

Additional measures

If a black screen appears in the working system (this is mainly due to the execution of scripts based on run.vbs, which indicates an implicit virus removal), you can use the restart of the explorer.exe process from the Task Manager.

If that doesn't work, the problem ishow to remove the script error can be solved due to partial intervention in the registry, where in the HKLM branch you need to find the Winlogon key, and enter the value explorer.exe for the Shell parameter. Similarly, the Userinit key is set to the full path to the file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ userinit.exe.

Instead of the total

At the moment it has all the solutions that allow you to get rid of the described error. Initially, you should use the settings of the built-in browser, if, of course, you do not want to abandon its use. But, as it is considered, the best solution would be simply to change the browser, which will be used by default in the system.

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