Screwing gold in the "Avatar": all ways

So, today we will talk about howcheating gold in the "Avatar". We will consider with you all possible ways to get a "gold", and also think about why we might need our gold coins. Let's start studying the topic as soon as possible.

What for?

Before you understand howthere is a winding up of gold in the "Avatar", it is worthwhile to think carefully about why we might need this resource at all. Maybe it's just a way to draw money out of the players?cheating gold in your avatar

In fact, the "gold" in "Avatar" - this is something withoutwhich in time will be difficult to play. For gold, you can buy yourself new things, furniture, rooms, and also get VIP status. It is necessary for some tasks. In addition, gold coins - this is also a pretty good way to restore energy. And it is always not enough. Thus, many players are interested in free gold scoring in the "Avatar". Now we will try to figure out what can be done in order to accumulate more "gold" without any investments.


So, the first way, which we now consider is a kind of hacking toys. For this purpose, a special program for cheating gold in the "Avatar" is used.

In fact, this option is illegal.So if you are thinking about hacking, it's better to weigh all the pros and cons immediately. The thing is that when using third-party content, you compromise your personal data. Including the account from which you play. Screwing gold in the "Avatar" in this case may simply not happen - you just give the attackers their data, and they leave you "with a nose."free gold scrolling in an avatar

So, you have to think about more interesting andlegal methods of obtaining gold. In fact, there are a number of opportunities that will help you solve the problem. The main thing is to know what needs to be done. In this we now try to understand.


Well, the first and, perhaps, the most honest methodgetting gold in the game is donation. In other words, investing money in a toy. It is enough simply to replenish the game account with a certain amount of money, and then exchange it for the game currency. So there is a winding up of gold in "Avatar", due to which the project develops. After all, designers and programmers also need to live on something.

Whatever it was, it's not a free way.You can put money when you have it, and even superfluous. But what to do when it is a pity to invest big sums in a toy, but to acquire something rare hunting? Then you can try to see how the game is free of charge gold in the "Avatar". True, it will require some effort from you. Let's see which ones.


Well, the first thing that only you can doit's free time. More precisely, literally two or three minutes. Come into the game, wait for the download, take away the daily gift, and then go out. And so every day.the program of cheating gold in the avatar

Such visits to the game are a kind ofcheating gold. "Avatar" in "Classmates" or any other social network allows you to quickly accumulate a good amount of "gold" for a month with daily visits to the application. In addition, you will receive various interesting gifts that you can use in the future.

And how much can you earn by this method?For every 5th day of visits without a pass you will receive 1 gold coin, for the 10th - 5 "gold", and for the 15th - 7 coins. The result - in 2 weeks you can get 13 gold coins. A good way for leisurely. You will not notice how such a wrapping of gold in the game "Avatar" will give you a good income. But what if you want to collect more coins, and even faster?


There is in our today's application and suchopportunity, as a game in a kind of "Wheel of Fortune". It's enough just to go into the toy every day, get special chips to scroll the wheel, and then play.

For the victory in "Fortune" you can get 4gold coins. A pretty good way to earn money, especially if luck goes through life hand in hand with you. If for all 3 possible free times you get 4 "gold", then, of course, for a day, such a winding of gold in the "Avatar" will exceed all expectations. So, you can try this method. But there are also a number of interesting ways. Let's get acquainted with them.cheating gold avatars in classmates


When you want to collect gold for free and moremore, then you have to resort to decisive measures. In addition to testing your luck and daily visits to the game, you can use a couple more ways that will definitely help you in our today's issue.

The thing is that the winding up of gold in the "Avatar"can occur by performing special tasks from the category of "free gold". For execution of each "quest" is charged from 1 to 3 coins.

In addition, you can use a speciala new location called "School" to get the desired coins. For example, each player has a great opportunity to perform school assignments and get up to 5 coins for "quest". A good and fairly fast method.

In addition, in the "Avatar" there is also such a method asOne-time receipt of 50 gold coins. For this, however, you will have to pass the so-called exams well. Get as many points as you can get 50 coins. By the way, in order for you to be given a gift, you will have to "scrape" over 275 points for knowledge. If it did not work the first time, do not worry - you can try your luck the next day. Get well prepared and get down to business.cheating gold in the game avatar

As you can see, cheating gold in the game "Avatar"can be conducted in several ways. If you decide to use all options, excluding hacking and donation, then you will not notice how you will accumulate the whole golden mountains.

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