Russian Post - what is the result?

Yesterday it was three years since Dmitry Strashnov headed FSUE Russian Post. I really respect this person, because it was during his time when global changes began in one of the largest and most complex enterprises in the country. And so, the first positive results went ...

The other day in Interfax, I attended a press conference, where specific figures were sounded, symbolizing the success of the Russian Post. What best reflects the success of the company? Her profit is obvious. The net profit of the Post of Russia in 2015 increased by as much as 28% compared to 2014 and amounted to 1.58 billion rubles. The parcel business has become the driver of growth in mail revenue, which is associated with the growth of the market of international shipments.

At the end of 2015, the Russian Post processed 128 million international postal items, which is 64% more than in 2014 and more than 3 times more than in 2013.

For three years the company has become an efficient and profitable enterprise, and the profit was increased without direct subsidies from the state. Russian Post shows growth! This all happens by optimizing business processes and improving the efficiency of procurement and logistics.For example, production costs were reduced by 3%, and the cost of one conditional shipment from 2013 to 2015 decreased by 8.3%. At the same time, the enterprise in the current crisis time is not only not satisfied with staff cuts, but also raises salaries to its employees.

Russian Post is changing on all fronts: for the convenience of the Russian Post customers, in 2015, the new website was launched (more than 700 thousand unique visitors per day), the mobile application was improved, a new tracking service for corporate clients was launched, and the Mail Bank was created ... Now you can even order the delivery of a parcel from the post office to a house for only 100 rubles.

The company is becoming more efficient and competitive, including in terms of improving delivery times. I’m not the only one who notices these changes - the number of complaints from customers is constantly decreasing: in 2015, there were 55% fewer complaints on all channels of calls than in 2014! This is despite the fact that the Post of Russia is not afraid of criticism, it fixes absolutely all the problems, even in the dissatisfied with everything and everything runet.

I am sure that the Russian Post team will not stop at what has been accomplished, and will continue to work on the modernization of the global postal operator.

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