Russian oven do-it-yourself: scheme and instruction

Traditional Russian dishes are tasty and refined, they became famous throughout the world. And the “culprit” of such impeccable taste is exactly the Russian stove, because it allows you to cook numerous delicacies and to please yourself and your household with something original. The Russian stove managed to prove itself well in ancient times, because without this element the life of an average person was unthinkable.
Russian oven do it yourself

A bit of history

Russian masters have always been famous for the so-called "golden hands" in any craft, and the furnace business is no exception. That only is the famous Russian stove, which will warm and feed. Russia has been the leader of the furnace art for many years, and this fact is documented. After all, Russian stoves have always been in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad. The widespread development of the furnace business contributed to Peter the Great.In 1718 a decree was issued, according to which the construction of houses with chicken ovens was prohibited. And if at first this decree spread to St. Petersburg, then later the case concerned Moscow, which was a very strong impetus for architects who did not lose their head and began to think about new solutions. Nowadays, many people want to make a Russian stove with their own hands so that it demonstrates the high and decent taste of the host and becomes an attribute of luxury.

Do it yourself

Currently, this device is still popular, and has not lost its properties. Many owners of their own houses are interested in how the Russian stove is being made with their own hands, because it will not only get a quality product, but also get involved in the manufacturing process, which promises to be interesting. In order to be able to understand the device and the principle of its work, it is necessary to consider the process in stages. It should be noted that since olden times in various places in Russia, the technology for manufacturing furnaces has also been different. Sometimes it was possible to meet ordinary models. If we talk about the average Russian stove, then it had dimensions: width 2 arshin, length - 3, height - 2.5.It is not easy to fold the Russian stove with your own hands, but if you follow a particular technology, this work may seem not only simple, but also creative.

If the oven had the dimensions above, then with its help it was possible to heat 30 square meters. As a rule, it was located in the corner, and next to the door. In the manufacture of the furnace itself it is very important to determine the place in which it will be located, since some aspects of the laying depend on it. The laying began with the foundation, which was made of bricks. The Russian stove was made differently with its own hands, but in general the technology was the same. But in ancient times, the foundation was made of logs.

Previously, stones, bricks and even clay were used as a material, and undercuts were an essential element in each stove. On it was stored a special inventory. In order for the Russian stove to retain heat for a long period of time, a variety of materials were placed between the walls. Most often used for the manufacture of ceramic bricks, which were made by firing ordinary bricks.Firing gave the initial brick some characteristics of strength and reliability, as a result, the furnace was durable.

Due to the special design, the Russian stove will be done quickly with your own hands, and the whole process will not make it too difficult for you.

Roasting in the Russian furnace

Russian oven housekeeper do it yourself

In the Russian stove, pottery was fired for various purposes. This work was done in a certain way, when they first took the wood and laid them, and put the dishes on top, which had to be burned. The furnace was fired until the temperature in it reached about 900 degrees. Further, it was stopped to sink and waited for the moment until it cools down. But such a furnace cooled only the next day. Not only dishes, but also toys were burnt in a Russian stove, and this was done not by a special technology, but during an ordinary firebox.

So, the Russian furnaces were made with their own hands very simply, if we take into account the recommendations for the construction. In order to determine the temperature in it, the peasants used a very interesting method. To do this, they took a piece of paper, placed it in the oven and watched how quickly it was charred.If charring occurred immediately, then the temperature was more than 300 degrees, if the process was delayed for a few seconds, then 270 degrees, if the delay was 15 seconds, then 250 degrees. The Russian stove at all times was an indispensable helper, and human life was inseparable from this attribute.


The Russian furnace is done quite simply with its own hands, moreover, this process will be interesting if we correctly understand its structure. So, in a traditional oven contains the following elements:

  • sub-furnace, firewood is stored and dried in it;
  • a pole, in this device pots and pans with cooked food were placed, which were removed from the oven;
  • cooking chamber, in which the process of cooking;
  • stove, it holds dishes;
  • douche;
  • the bed is an unusual invention, you can lie on it and warm up;
  • A view is a door that blocks the chimney.

The design of the Russian stove is very well thought out, for this reason, many disadvantages are a priori excluded. The possible drawbacks are high fuel consumption, uneven heating, and so on.Russian furnaces with their own hands can make the most different, instead of the traditional version, a Russian mini-stove can be used, which has smaller dimensions, but is no less qualitative if we talk about heating the room. The mini-version consumes significantly less fuel, and not only firewood can be used to create an excellent optimal temperature in a house.

building a Russian furnace do it yourself

Main stages

The construction of the Russian furnace with their own hands is carried out in a number of stages. You need to do the preparation of materials that will be needed for the manufacture, and then you can do other work. As materials will be used:

  • Red brick;
  • sand and clay;
  • ruberoid;
  • gate valves;
  • asbestos.

In order to competently perform all operations, you need to have on hand a level and building pencils. Despite all the difficulties, with a great desire, absolutely every idea can be easily and simply realized.

So, we will consider the main stages:

  • Execute drawings, determine the location of the device in the house, select and evaluate the type of soil.
  • To equip the foundation. To do this, dig a pit in which to lay sand and gravel, then all layers are poured with concrete.
  • Prepare mortar for masonry.In this case, it is very important to choose the correct and optimal ratio of sand and clay. But it should also be remembered that clay can have a completely different quality. For this reason, you need to check the solution for fat content, rolling the ball and throwing it. If it crumbles, the amount of sand exceeds the norm, and if the ball is whole, then the consistency is normal.
  • If you want to make such a unit, like a small Russian stove, with your own hands, then if you have a design scheme, you will cope with the task quickly and simply. The first row of orders should be stacked from solid brick, and then the remaining rows form a sub-furnace - a place for storing firewood. Then you need to lay out a cold stove, a place for ash and a cooking chamber. The grille and doors are installed last.

After laying out all the rows, you can start building the pipe and laying out the rest of the elements. So, we build the Russian furnace with our own hands, while observing all the basic rules and recommendations from experts.

Little Russian stove with their own hands

Construction rules

In order for the finished product to turn out to be of high quality and serve the owner for a long time, it is necessary to perform each step carefully, while observing the instructions and technology.During construction it is very important to choose only high-quality materials, as well as correctly determine the place where the furnace will be located. Laying layers must be done strictly according to certain stages. With the right approach to business, the result will not be long in coming.

After laying multiple layers, it is necessary to work on decorating the furnace, and also check it for operability.

How to decorate the stove

The decoration is an integral element of the furnace business, since it can tell about the taste and wealth of the owner and, in addition, create a special interior for the house. There are many options for decorating it. The laying of heating elements is carried out using a refractory brick, and this brick is not distinguished by its elegant appearance. In addition, when using its rough surface, it will collect dust and be hard to clean. Finishing the Russian stove can be done in several ways:

  • Paint or whiten. In this case, the outer surface of the furnace is treated with a primer, which can be purchased in stores. After complete drying of the primer, you can do the painting.For such purposes, paint is used, which is heat-resistant. If you decide to hold a whitewash, you can use hydrated lime and bluing. It is important to remember that elements such as flaps, doors, are processed using silicone paint.
  • Plaster. It is made using clay and whitewashing can be carried out in the future. However, this method has its drawbacks.
  • Tiles. Such decoration of the furnace can be performed by anyone who wishes. This process has nothing complicated in itself, the tiles must first be moistened with water and then lined.
  • Facing using ceramic tiles. This process begins with preparatory moments, which result in the removal of dust from the surface. Next, the mesh is attached to the cells, and when facing, the tile will be tied up with a rubber hammer.
  • The painting. You can make a painting of the furnace with your own hands. In order to apply the ornament, you must have a minimum set of tools and a little imagination.Russian oven housekeeper do it yourself

Thus, the Russian oven housekeeper with their own hands can be made and decorated at the request of the owner.You can build a small stove too, it all depends on personal preferences.

How to repair a Russian stove

The efficiency of a building depends on its condition. The exception was not the oven. In the process of its long-term use, there may be some problems:

  • Cracks. They arise from the fact that high temperatures affect the material of the furnace. Repair cracks should be carried out on a mandatory basis, because with their large presence decreases efficiency.
  • The deterioration of the chimney. Traction as a result of long-term operation weakens. Therefore, you need to follow this moment.
  • The doors fall off. In order to eliminate such problems, it is necessary to repel the plaster and clean the joints. Then you need to carefully get the bricks.
  • If necessary, replace the grill.

In any case, easy repair of the device can be done. Russian oven (do-it-yourself) ordering is quite a feasible task for a novice master. However, if restoration is necessary, the process is best left to professionals.

Russian oven do it yourself order

Main stages

So, if you do not know the theoretical foundations of the manufacture of this unit, then the Russian furnace with your own hands (scheme to help) can become a reality if you follow the instructions.In general, there are several rows laid out gradually:

1) Sub-stove.
2-4) Well, in this case binding of the sutures is obligatory.
5) Over the sub-tail, you can begin laying the arch. The laying of the side rows with heels for the arch support is also carried out. Formwork is built on these elements.
6-7) Code. With it, overheat overlaps.
8) Installs a vault lock, which plays an important role in the design.
9-10) Brick laying.
11) Laid out overlapping stove. It is located above the sub-foot. The space that is inside the brickwork is aligned with the slope.
12) The laying of the floor is carried out.
13) Putting the cooking chamber, in this series it is very important to bandage stitches.
14-16) All procedures are performed similarly to the previous row.
17) Vault of the mouth.
18) The walls of the furnace and stoves.
19) The walls of the arch.
20) Reducing the hole above the hearth.
21) Align the walls.
22) Reducing the friction.
23) Samovarnik.
24-32) Gate Valves.Russian oven do-it-yourself scheme

Next is the laying of the pipe.

So, for every newcomer, a Russian stove with their own hands (the scheme will help) is as good as possible if we look into the whole mechanism. If you are not sure that you can do everything yourself, then it is better to entrust the work to real professionals.

With the right approach to all the work, you can get a quality product that will differ in parameters such as reliability and durability. In addition, with proper laying and decorating the finished product, you will get an excellent stove, which you will not have to repair for a long time. It is quite simple to make a Russian mini oven with your own hands, which will be distinguished by high quality performance and a wide range of functions. With the right approach to manufacturing, it can warm a large area.

Rules of operation of the furnace

In order for your homemade oven to serve for a long time, you must follow the basic rules of operation:

  • It must be made strictly according to the instructions. If you can not figure out the device of the furnace on your own, contact an expert for help. With the wrong approach to the implementation of a certain complex of works, the product can quickly fail.
  • Clean the stove regularly. This requirement is key because contaminated elements contribute to numerous breakdowns and rapid failure.
  • The quality of raw materials.The materials from which the furnace is made must be good-quality, the quality of the product as a whole depends on it.
  • Regularly repair the Russian furnace with your own hands, and do it at the initial stage. If you approach the process correctly, you can get what you want quickly.

    So, to build a Russian stove with your own hands will not be difficult if you do everything strictly according to the instructions. Moreover, the process will be truly interesting and exciting for you if you follow all the recommended steps and enjoy the construction.

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