Reviews of phones "Micromax". Comparison of the best models

Micromax is an Indian company that was one of the first to have mastered the Russian market and launched a whole range of devices on it. But the manufacturer’s smartphones stand out - they are reasonably accessible, well assembled and often have powerful stuffing. In this article will be considered phones "Micromax", specifications and reviews about them from the owners.

Line Differences

The company produces two main types of phones - regular push-button and smartphones. The latter, in turn, are divided into two more lines - Canvas and Bolt. Versions of phones with buttons, although sometimes bought, are less interesting than smart phones.

Phones Bolt

This division includes inexpensive, medium-quality phones. We can single out several prominent representatives of the series and study them in more detail.


Not the worst smartphone, but not the top one. At one time it was a special offer, and it could be bought very cheaply along with a package of services from a cellular network provider.As often happens with such phones, its characteristics are not the most advanced at the moment. The screen size is not particularly impressive - only 4.5 inches. At the same time, the resolution is quite small - 854 by 480. As a result, this resulted in a small grain of the display. The operating system on board the device is “Android 4.4” without the possibility of updating. Compared with modern gadgets D320 is far behind in this regard. The built-in memory is a bit - 4 GB. At the same time the user will be slightly less than a gigabyte. "RAM" is in the device only 512, which is also not very happy. The maximum network standard in which the gadget is capable of working is 3G.

micromax phone reviews

Reviews of the phone "Micromax" D320 reflect its weak stuffing. The screen has a small viewing angle. At the slightest turn in the image will have to scrutinize. Touchscreen "slows down" and does not always adequately respond to touch. The camera, of course, leaves much to be desired. The pictures are a bit unclear and in rare cases incorrectly convey colors. In general, reviews of the phone "Micromax" D320 are quite negative. The smartphone is best to buy for the stock, if any, it is foreseen.


The main "chip" of the company "Micromax" is clearly reflected in this model. This is a very budget device with not the worst characteristics. Its average price in the market is about 3 thousand rubles. The screen is not "spade" - 4.5 inches. Although the resolution could have been made bigger, here it is only 854 by 480. As a result, the final density of the display suffered, which gives a slight graininess.

Inside the device is a good Snapdragon 210 processor. It performs calculations using 4 cores and at a frequency of 1100 MHz. Against the background of high-performance systems of other analogues, this, of course, is not the fastest solution, but it’s worth the money.

As for the amount of memory, then here the phone looks more than worthy. Operational in it - 1 GB, and its own - 8 GB. The latter can be expanded with an SD card.

Reviews of the phone "Micromax" Q415 in most cases associated with its low price and good performance. What, in fact, is the price-quality ratio. Naturally, with the right approach to the operation of a smartphone, its performance can be slightly increased. The cameras are not particularly inspired by the owners, as the pictures have noise and other various defects.


This smartphone is quite difficult to find on sale, as it has long been discontinued. Belongs to the phone line "Canvas". It is a classic "shovel" in 5 inches. The screen is not bad and has a resolution of 1280 by 720. The computing power is provided by an 8-core Mediatek MT6592 processor with a frequency of 1400 MHz. Not bad with the amount of memory - its own 8 GB, and operational - 1. You can also increase the amount using an external SD-card. The phone can work with the network standards in 3G. Manages all hardware operating system "Android 5.1". However, with such an excellent filling, the battery may be rather weak - only 2500 mAh.

Micromax phone reviews and specifications

Reviews of the phone “Micromax E313” note good performance due to the 8 core processor and a sufficient number of both types of memory. Also, the sound and built-in Wi-Fi behaves well. The touch screen is obedient and accurate.

As for the negative reviews about the phone "Micromax E313", they mainly reflect the rare "brakes" of the system and a weak battery. Also, many did not like the build quality of the device. After a short period of operation, there are creaks and backlash backlash.


This is another bright representative of the Canvas line from Micromax. Its price is in the middle zone - about 13 thousand rubles. This model is interesting because it has one of the thinnest cases - only 5 mm. The density of points on the screen is not the biggest - 306. For such a price, it was possible to make even more. Also, the 4-core Snapdragon behaves well along with 2GB of memory and 16GB of memory, which are quite significant for modern devices. Apparently, the dimensions still imposed their limitations on the capacity of the battery and the use of the second sim card, so the battery here is only 2000 mAh, and there is only one SIM card.

 phone micromax d320 reviews

Reviews of the phone "Micromax Q450" associated mainly with its interesting and unusual design. Also of the benefits is a good device performance.

As for the minuses, they include the absence of a second SIM card slot, the inability to expand the internal memory and a weak battery. As confirmed by the reviews of the phone "Micromax Q450", upgraded to the next version of "Android" is not possible.


This unit can also be attributed to the middle class smartphones. Its average price in the market is about 7 thousand rubles.For such an amount is offered very productive stuffing. For example, the processor here is 4-core with a frequency of 1250 MHz. "RAM" laid 1 GB, and built - 16 GB.

The screen resolution for a size of 5 inches is not the top-most - 1280 by 720. But there is no grain. The cameras are also quite good - 8 MP and 5 MP. OS, which is installed in the device by default - "Android 6.0". For communication, there is a set of two slots that can work with the 4G standard. Interestingly, an excellent 4000 mAh battery is supplied for this price. In this device, the developers thoroughly approached the problem of combining productive iron and charge capacity.

 phone models micromax reviews

The device is relatively new, so there are a lot of reviews about the “Micromax Q450” mobile phone. But almost all of them are positive. There are such moments as two sim cards, the ability to work in 4G mode, a large battery, not the worst screen.

Performance at height, which is also noted by users in the reviews of the phone model "Micromax Q450". Almost all the games of modernity are without any problems.

In general, this unit is worth the money and fully fulfills them.


This smartphone is a bit like the previous one - about the same price range and a set of characteristics. But there are some features.

The diagonal in the presented device is large - 5.5 inches. But the resolution for this size is not enough - 1280 by 720. The classic Spreadtrum with 4 cores is not the most productive. Cameras are not particularly stand out against the background of analogs and have 8 and 5 MP each. As for the memory, then the gigabytes are distributed as follows: 1 for operational and 16 for built-in. The phone supports 4G mode. And he can do it on both presented SIM card slots. The battery for such a screen and performance could be better - 3000 mAh.

mobile phone micromax reviews

Reviews of cell phone "Micromax Q4220" showed that he behaves well not only in terms of the quality of communication, and when using the built-in peripherals. Many games work on it without any problems. The battery, of course, will not always be able to withstand the rhythm of all-round use throughout the day.


Interesting in terms of design representative "Micromax". Unlike monolithic blocks of almost all other models, this smartphone has decorative covers and various elements on the case.The ends are made in the form of a tapered housing. Small decors in the form of barely noticeable lines give it a peculiar style.

From the "iron" is worth noting the budget processor Spreadtrum SC7731 on 4 cores and a frequency of 1200 MHz. In terms of memory, everything is standard - 1 and 8 GB. The battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh, which is the average among devices with such a set of characteristics.

phone micromax q415 reviews

Among the customer reviews about the phone "Micromax Q3551", many noted the interesting style and external elegance. Price was also not the last factor when buying. A processor, even though it is low-cost, will be able to run a couple of games of past years.

A little pumped up the display, which has not the best viewing angles. And also the touch screen does not always correctly respond to touch.


This smartphone belongs to the line of Bolt devices from Micromax. A very inexpensive copy, which can be purchased for about 4 thousand rubles. Actually, therefore, not all of its characteristics reach at least the average level.

The display is not the largest - only 4.5 inches. For some, this is not enough, but someone, on the contrary, loves such compact solutions. At the same time, the screen resolution is sufficient for normal definition - 854 by 480.The Mediatek MT 6735 rather budget processor with a frequency of 1000 MHz is designed to solve simple everyday tasks, but no more. Memory looks good. They are equal to 1 GB and 8 GB. The cameras are also simple, they can shoot in the resolution of 5 MP and 2 MP.

cell phone micromax reviews

This phone has collected a lot of negative reviews. They note a bad screen with very small viewing angles and an unresponsive touchscreen. Batteries, the volume of which is only 1750 mAh, are barely enough in full use even for half a day. There are negative reviews about the photo from the phone "Micromax Q424". It is not always possible to make high-quality images with the correct color. There are some problems with the microphone, sometimes the other person does not hear the owner.

In general, the phone can be attributed to the temporary "dialers", which can be bought for that period, until funds for a more productive device appear. Its characteristics are unlikely to suit someone for a long time.


This device, like the previous one, was met not very friendly. But first consider its characteristics.

The screen size is more than the standard in this niche of smartphones - 5 inches. The resolution is the highest, but not bad either - 1280 by 720.With regard to computing power, it is responsible for this 4 core processor at a frequency of 1300 MHz. With memory, everything is very good - 2 and 8 GB, operational and built-in. The battery does have as much as 4000 mAh.

With quite good parameters, the phone still does not show good performance. There are hangs and brakes, both in applications and in games.

A very interesting solution was the implementation of a non-removable battery and did not provide any emergency restart system. As users have noted, if the phone “hangs tight”, you will need to plant the battery completely.

In general, users note that the phone is very mediocre, with seemingly such obvious potential. However, after the purchase you have to “finish” it a little, for example, by installing additional software or by reflashing.


The company "Micromax" has good potential in Russia. She has all the ingredients for this - a large assortment and low prices. Although the majority of models of their production on the market do not reach the top, a large selection allows you to choose a suitable smartphone in almost any price range and specifically for specific needs.

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