Reusable condoms are becoming popular again.

With a one-time condom, no one will be surprised now - everywhere is advertising, personal experience, advice from friends and acquaintances. Also widely known composition and purpose of this contraceptive. But most of the reusable condoms cause surprise and mistrust, since information about them is much less.


Unlike disposable condoms, which are made mainly from latex (less often from polyurethane), reusable ones are made from silicone with a thickness of 1.5 to 3 millimeters.

This material, as well as latex, protects partners from unplanned pregnancy and venereal diseases, and it is also durable and at the same time elastic. The nozzle in such a condom is made from the same material.

History of creation

It is difficult to name the exact date of manufacture of the first condom, since it is a very ancient intimate accessory. But it is known that in the third millennium BC, reusable condoms were already worn in ancient Egypt.But at that time they were used only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, because they did not yet know about venereal diseases.

reusable condoms

In 1840, the quality of condoms was influenced by the discovery of Charles Gudière, who invented rubber vulcanization, thanks to which condoms became elastic.

In 1921, they mastered the vulcanization of latex, and the production of disposable condoms began. But until the fifties of the last century, most of the population preferred the first type of these methods of contraception.

Benefits of using reusable condoms

This type of condom has a large number of positive characteristics, here are the main ones:

  • Enhance erections. Observed due to the material from which this method of contraception is made, and its thickness. It will take more pleasure and partner.
  • Increases the length of the penis. From the first application, the length of the penis increases at the expense of the tip and is only visual in nature, but with regular use of this type of condom there is a real increase in manhood.
  • Medicinal properties.Reusable silicone condoms help prevent prostatitis and prostate adenoma, as well as get rid of these diseases or at least alleviate the course of the disease.reusable condom reviews

Size selection

Reusable condoms exist in three sizes. The same number of sizes and has a nozzle.

To determine the appropriate size, it is necessary to measure the length of the penis using a string or elastic meter. But you need to pay attention to the fact that the member must be in an un excited state.

Size number 1. Suitable for owners of the length of the penis from six to eight centimeters.

Size number 2. Ideal for a penis length range of eight to eleven centimeters.

Size number 3. It assumes a length of eleven centimeters.

Mode of application

All reusable condoms consist of the cover and the nozzle itself.

You need to put this condom on the member in the excited state and take into account that the nozzle must be on its head. During intercourse, a vacuum massage is performed inside the condom, as a result of which blood flows to the penis, the blood circulation of the penis itself and all other pelvic organs improves.This process has a very good effect on enhancing erection and prostate condition.reusable silicone condoms

In this way, not a surgical intervention, but a simple reusable condom can help prevent prostate problems. Reviews of men who have already tried to use this type of contraception, argue that the duration of sexual intercourse increases significantly. And the use of a special nozzle made of very delicate materials gives the partner a truly unforgettable pleasure. This is due to the fact that the nozzle stimulates the erogenous zones of the female’s genital, such as the clitoris and point G.

Another feature of such sex accessories is that they require additional lubrication for the condom, and under it. As a lubricant, it is better to use pharmacy options, but in no case do not apply petroleum jelly, which can destroy silicone.

After intercourse, it is necessary to clean the reusable condom, it is better to do this immediately, because the dried sperm is poorly removed. It is necessary to wash this type of contraceptives with a special solution that is easy to buy in pharmacies or in specialized stores.reusable condoms

Types of reusable condoms

Reusable condoms vary in size (the theme was covered above), color, shape, and function.

The latest invention in this field is a reusable condom with vibration. This type of contraception combines useful and pleasant, provides one hundred percent orgasm with a partner.

Like the usual reusable, this type of condom has an elastic head that increases the length of the penis by a couple of centimeters.

The texture and ergonomic shape of this sex accessory are as close as possible to the natural characteristics of the penis and thus provide tremendous feelings for the partner and comfort for the man.

Reliable fixation of the condom is carried out thanks to a special ringlet that wraps the scrotum.reusable condom with vibration

And the main element of this whole structure is the vibropoule, which stimulates the clitoris during sex and guarantees the onset of an orgasm in a girl.

Another type of reusable condoms are accessories with tendrils and spikes, and ribbed reusable condoms are also popular.

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