Restaurant "Kuzminki": the elegance of taste

Restaurant "Kuzminki" at the first acquaintance gives the impression of a solid institution. Everything is serious here: wonderful parking spaces, beautiful spacious banquet rooms, bright rooms with large windows. In the future, a positive impression is reinforced by the friendly attitude of the staff and the professional approach of the waiters to their work. I am glad that here they know how to create a festive atmosphere, they know how to organize coziness and provide comfort and fun leisure. This is very important, not every similar institution today can do this professionally, many people have no idea how to please people with their work. This is something that is sad in our time, because it is so nice when you are treated with respect and attention. That is why Kuzminki restaurant wants to come again and again, people are drawn here, because it’s just good. Here you rest in the full sense of the word.

Restaurant Kuzminki

Popular institution

The restaurant opened recently, in the spring of 2013, and in a short period of time it gained popularity.It would seem that this institution is the same as everyone else, however, a huge amount of positive feedback from those people who have been here, convincingly proves that this restaurant still stands out from its own kind. It seems that the main factor that caused the growth of its popularity is the benevolent and sensitive attitude of the staff and management of the establishment to its customers. Apparently, here they are able to correctly understand their duties and perform their work properly. Many of those who visited the Kuzminki restaurant note that they spent pleasant hours here, because they always take into account all their wishes, for which they say "thank you" to this establishment.

The expression "in cramped, yes in no offense" does not fit the description of this restaurant: it is spacious here, although nobody is offended here either. The restaurant falls in love with its interior. There is a lot of light thanks to the large panoramic windows, the interior is made in eye-catching, non-aggressive colors. I am pleased with my aristocratic graceful furniture: chairs and tables made in classic style. Many of the visitors say that they visited the palace of royal people and were pleasantly shocked by all this beauty.

Kuzminki restaurant reviews


To all you need to add that the restaurant "Kuzminki" is a place designed to give pleasure to various culinary creations. They serve wonderful dishes prepared by the best metropolitan chefs. Appetite here is something to wander, the choice is huge. No one will remain indifferent, and everyone will find for himself what he likes. The cuisine here is European (Italian, etc.), Russian, Georgian, Pan-Asian, Ossetian. The last should be said separately: Ossetian pies with a filling are praised by everyone who tried them, and, of course, there is something for them: they are deliciously delicious!

Banquet facilities also need to be noted. In a small room provides 30 seats. The large banquet room can accommodate up to 70 guests. Each of them is provided with maximum comfort. Of course, none of the holidays can do without dancing, there will be no problems with them: there is a dance floor, which can accommodate several dozen people.

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It is always nice to receive gifts, the Kuzminki restaurant, reviews of which are almost always with a plus sign, has a system of discounts that are intended for birthdays.Is it your birthday? Receive congratulations and discounts. Moreover, the price of services will be reduced to those who came along with the hero of the occasion, if there are not more than 15 people.

Sports fans

Restaurant "Kuzminki", whose address is street Young Lenintsev, 117, building 1, p. 2, will appeal to all sports fans: football, hockey, tennis, biathlon and so on. It is very convenient to watch sports broadcasts by a large company.

Kuzminki restaurant address

Music lovers

Many music lovers believe that music should be performed only live. Well, the owners of the Kuzminki restaurant probably agree with this, therefore they offer to perform on their stage to various musical groups and performers. It seems that good music will not spoil anyone's mood!

For children

The Kuzminki restaurant has taken care of the children, they will not be bored for sure. There is a special children's furniture, games, coloring, children's menu. It seems that the little visitors of the restaurant will not be disappointed with the food and services offered.

Another good side of this restaurant is convenient free parking. The holiday begins with the arrival, and when there is no place to put the car, it can ruin everything and turn the holiday event into agony and anxiety. But this case is not about Kuzminki.Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, including a place to park cars.

Here it is such a wonderful one - Kuzminki restaurant. Employee feedback is also positive. There is no reason to doubt that they like to work here: the mood of a person is easy to read on the face, and here everyone sincerely smiles. What can I say: please positive people working in positive institutions, one of which is this wonderful restaurant.

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