Restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy": menu and reviews

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of our country. This is a tourist city that attracts visitors from different parts of the world. There is nothing strange and surprising that in such a large city there is no lack of entertainment facilities, bars and restaurants.

restaurant in Moscow spices and joy

But if you have planned a trip to St. Petersburg, it is better to decide on a restaurant in advance, so as not to waste time on tedious searches. Restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy" - a place quite popular among residents of the city and its guests. Charming atmosphere, excellent cuisine and leisure facilities are what each visitor will receive. Are you really interested in the place? Then we offer to get to know him better.

about the project

"Spices and Joy" - a restaurant in Moscow, the brainchild of the famous Ginza Project holding. Each of his projects is exceptional, impressive in its scope.Here and in this case, guests can enjoy a non-standard combination of Caucasian and European cuisines. For residents of the cultural capital, neither European nor Caucasian cuisine is a rare occurrence, because there are enough cafes, bars and restaurants in the city. But the restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy" is not just an institution that serves Caesar and lamb kebabs, but a real experiment that found support among the residents of the city and its guests. Only here you will be able to get acquainted with dishes from the provinces and cities, the existence of which many do not even know.

spices and joy restaurant in Moscow

Have you ever heard of the Georgian region of Megrelia? So, the restaurant "Spices and Joy" on Moskovsky Prospekt will allow you to get acquainted with culinary masterpieces, which many have not even heard. As for European cuisine, chef Ike Weishtort has given her a new sound, a certain piquancy and exclusivity with the help of a non-standard combination of ingredients and unique products.


The restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy" honors the centuries-old traditions, especially Eastern hospitality. That is why the concept of the institution is based on creating comfortable conditions for the rest of the whole family.From morning to late evening there is a bright children's room where specially trained babysitters will look after your kids, and professional animators will be engaged in an entertainment program.

restaurant spices and joy in Moscow Avenue

Parents at this time will be able to communicate with each other, discuss relevant topics and issues, without worrying about the comfort of their children - they are in safe hands. Thematic games, contests, fiery dances - your children will be truly delighted. We are convinced that the restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy", the photo of which you can see in our review, will become your favorite place to relax.


Restaurant on Moscow "Spices and Joy" is represented by two floors - there is enough space for everyone here. Above the interior worked a team of professional designers. It turned out to be seasoned, concise, and at the same time stylish and modern. Designers did their best. It would seem that they managed the impossible - to harmoniously combine, within the framework of a single space, the desire for conciseness, independence, typical of Europe, and Caucasian flavor.

spices and joys Moscow restaurant real reviews

Comfortable sofas made of light leather, chairs of an original fancy shape, abundance of natural materials - all this creates a feeling of calm and peace.Restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy" - a great option for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis and enjoy the comfort, style and peace.


Guests can choose a table near the huge panoramic windows and admire a stunning view of the city, bustling about passers-by while drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Large friendly companies will certainly pay attention to soft and comfortable sofas, leather chairs and velor.

restaurant on Moscow spices and joy photo

The second floor, decorated in a simple style - a great option for negotiations, business meetings. Moreover, quite often it is rented for conferences and seminars.


The doors are open to visitors from 9 am. If you do not have time to have breakfast at home, you can always drop by at the Moscow restaurant "Spices and Joy". From 9 to 12 is breakfast time. Sets of milk porridge and scrambled eggs, crispy toast from fresh vegetables, tender chicken fillet or a piece of fresh fish with a creamy sauce - here it is a source of vitality and a charge of energy for the whole day. Here they brew a stunning, invigorating coffee made from aromatic beans.Moreover, if the waiting time for your breakfast is delayed by 15 minutes, all meals are provided by the establishment. And all this - "Spices and Joy", a restaurant in Moscow. Reviews, real comments of visitors confirm that here you will not only be tastyly fed in the morning, but if necessary they will collect lunch box for the road. Anyone who does not have time to have breakfast in a school orders breakfast with them. Friendly staff on your arrival will pack everything in special cases.

restaurant on Moscow spice and joy address

From 12 to 17 hours in the restaurant lunch time. The chef himself worked on the creation of lunches, trying to make each version balanced. Here for a small fee you can have a really good snack. During dinner, the restaurant is going to a full house: someone comes here with colleagues to relax in an informal setting, have a tasty meal and get a little distracted from the tension of the working day, couples looking for a quiet and quiet place to enjoy talking with each other. Quite often, the Moscow restaurant "Spices and Joys" is chosen to celebrate important and solemn events in their lives.


Chef's specialty is chef with chicken and satsebeli sauce. Lovers of luxury and delight will appreciate the fresh oysters with toast and ginger-raspberry sauce, hot brie cheese with fresh vegetable salad.

restaurant in Moscow spices and joy

The menu includes a variety of dishes: fresh seafood, vegetables and meat cooked on the grill, pickles from oak barrels, homemade cheeses, national Caucasian soups, aromatic pastries and much more. Every visitor will find here something special for himself and, last but not least, he will always be able to pamper himself with something extremely unusual. And all thanks to the unique author's menu.


For its visitors, the restaurant holds themed evenings, master classes both on official occasions and as a gift to guests. The youngest ones will be able to take part in fascinating master classes where experienced chefs of the restaurant will teach them to prepare national sweets, oriental pastries. On weekends, the restaurant hosts live music nights, festivals and theme parties.

restaurant in Moscow spices and joy

Every year fans come to the soda to enjoy the world hockey championship on a huge screen, having tasted stunning national dishes. And on Tuesdays the best films of the world film industry are shown here.


If you decide to visit a restaurant in Moscow "Spices and joys", you should definitely remember the address. The institution is located in St. Petersburg, on Moskovsky Prospect, 191. Its doors are open to visitors daily from 9:00 to the last guest.

Summing up

As part of this material, we presented from all sides a restaurant in Moscow "Spices and Joy." This is an excellent institution in the city center, ideal for quiet and quiet family evenings, meeting with friends, romantic dates and even romantic dinners. Be sure to take a look here if you walk around the city center or become its guest. You will be pleasantly surprised by the level of service, quality of service and cuisine.

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