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Correa's is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the Russian capital. In 2003, it was founded by an American with Puerto Rican roots, who grew up in New York’s Chinatown, Isaac Correa. Correa’s is a chain of restaurants and corporate cafes, differing in format, providing for the supply of simple and high-quality home-made food without any fancy fancy. It is known that the policy of the institution has not yet found understanding among experienced restaurateurs, but according to white-collar workers, Correa’s simply has no equal.

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Correa’s, restaurant chain: location

All the restaurants of the chain are located either directly in the business centers of Moscow or in its office blocks. It is known that the main goal of the project was to feed and serve office workers in a hearty and tasty way. According to reviews, in the Correas restaurant is really very convenient to look before work for breakfast or run for lunch during the lunch break.


As the visitors note, there are no solutions in the interior of the establishments of the network that have romantic dates or intimate conversations.Each Correas restaurant is notable for its extremely simple and concise interior without any cozy sofas, separated from the main hall, soft zones and secluded corners.

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According to the habitues of regulars, Correas is a restaurant that conquers stomachs and hearts precisely with its cuisine, which offers European and Mediterranean dishes to its guests. In the center of attention of experts of an institution - interesting, healthy, easy and at the same time simple food. Each restaurant at Correa’s (Moscow) has a kitchen in which products are exclusively fresh, and experienced masters tirelessly conduct gastronomic research and experiments in an effort to bring the taste of each dish to perfection.

In order to find interesting recipes and ingredients, restaurant specialists travel and communicate, including with farmers of small farms. Weekly restaurant Correas offers guests a new menu that includes both traditional favorite dishes of the regulars and a number of original novelties. The institution regularly holds open tastings of new food and wines. Here you can meet with friends in the evening or hold business talks during the day.

Visitors to the restaurant have long appreciated the incomparable taste of the local pizza with salmon, tartlets with passion fruit and chocolate cakes made without flour, bruschetta with hummus and baked sweet pepper, charlotte and pies, baked beet with spaghetti and goat cheese, as well as spaghetti “Volga”, baked beet with spaghetti and goat cheese, as well as spaghetti “Volga”, baked beet with spaghetti and goat cheese, as well as spaghetti “Volga”, baked beet with spaghetti and goat cheese, as well as spaghetti “Volga”, baked beet with spaghetti and goat cheese, as well as spaghetti “Volga”, baked beet with spaghetti and goat cheese, as well as spaghetti “Vol” with a piece of chicken. And although there is nothing fundamentally new in what they do in the kitchen of Correa’s restaurant, it seems to visitors that cooking here takes place in a fundamentally new way.

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Correas - a restaurant whose gourmet menu will be pleased with the presence of crab meat salad, avocado, shrimps and artichokes, pear salad with dor blue cheese, chicory and hazelnuts, mouth-watering schnitzels and steaks of marbled beef, a large selection of pizzas, delicious pasta with thick tomato sauce and barely toasted pieces of juicy tuna. For dessert, lovers of sweets can order a portion of cherry pie, berry milfea, poppy seed cake decorated with blueberries, meringue and saber or banana cake poured with caramel.

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Restaurant Correas offers guests pre-enjoy the dishes (cold appetizers and desserts),most of which are put on display on a special table in order to make it easier for visitors to make their choice.

Weekly menu updates

Many reviewers are encouraged to regularly update the menu at Correa’s. Every Wednesday new salads, desserts and hot dishes appear here. A little less often there is a change of pizzas and sandwiches. Guests in their reviews write that they are not disappointed when they dine here daily. Looking at the slate at the entrance, you can find out what menu today. Correas is a restaurant-shop-based restaurant, therefore it is considered here as a sign of good taste to take food with you.

Delivery and catering

The institution provides catering services and free delivery, which is used by many residents of the capital. Authors of reviews note the convenience and high quality of providing these services. Having made an order via the Internet or by phone, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in your office or at home. The establishment delivers hot meals, desserts, pizza, sushi, corporate meals, pasta, salads, soups to any district of the capital.

A team of professionals at Correa’s restaurant can provide services for organizing a holiday or holding any solemn event at the highest level anywhere in Moscow. Especially for catering, a menu has been developed, which can be combined with the main restaurant at the request of the customer.


Visitors can order:

  • Portion of Caesar salad (chicken breast, focaccia croutons, parmesan cheese and branded homemade dressing) for 530 rubles.
  • Salad with green onions, grilled shrimps, avocado, lime and cucumbers for 690 rubles.
  • Parma ham for 150 rubles.
  • Grilled tiger prawns for 390 rub.
  • Chicken noodles for 280 rubles.
  • Tomato soup with eggplants, mozzarella, parmesan for 350 rub.

And also:

  • Bruschetta with smoked salmon and plums. cheese for 380 rubles
  • Teriyaki chicken sandwich in pita with tomatoes, avocado and lettuce for 450 rub.
  • Pizza with tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella for 380 rub.
  • Pizza with real Neapolitan salami for 550 rubles.

From the hot you can enjoy:

  • Rack of lamb (tomato risotto, pesto and rocket leaves are added to it) for 1,200 rubles.
  • Grilled duck breast (served with Asian salad, palm sugar and lime dressing), for 990 rubles

If you wish, you can get acquainted with the taste of specialty desserts by ordering a portion:

According to reviews, all dishes at Correa's are exceptionally tasty.

About the subscription system

Not so long ago, in the restaurants of the Correa's chain, a very convenient subscription system appeared, according to visitors. Acquisition of cards is possible in all gastronomic points. Owners receive a number of advantages:

  • They can use the card daily for a whole month. The system allows you to significantly save: the cost of the subscription "coffee to go" (unlimited card for coffee) - 2500 rubles. If this amount is divided into 30 calendar days, it turns out that Correa's guests pay 83 rubles a day for the service. The benefit is obvious.
  • There are no restrictions on the choice of a drink: you can order any type of coffee, whether it is a latte, a glass or an espresso, or carry an order with you. It should be noted that the subscription is valid in all restaurants of the chain, except for an establishment at the address: ul. Greater Georgian, 32.
  • The advantage of the card is also the availability of bonuses: by paying an amount equal to the price of 10 servings, the visitor receives 3 pizzas as a gift.

The list of items available by subscription includes 7 types of pizza: with pear, Italian sausages, mozzarella, etc.fillings. Those who like to treat themselves to pizza at home and drink coffee on the go find this offer in every sense pleasant and profitable.

correas restaurant addresses

Correas (restaurant): addresses

The institutions of the network are located in Moscow:

  • St. Sadovnicheskaya, 82, p. 2.
  • St. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 32/34, p. 3.
  • St. B. Ordynka, 40, p. 2.
  • Der. Barvikha, 85/1 ("Dream House").
  • St. Timur Frunze, 11 (“Red Rose”).
  • Leningradskoye Highway 16A, Building 3 (Metropolis).
  • Kaluga highway, 21 km.
  • Romanov Lane, 4 (“Romanov Dvor”).

Correa’s at Bolshaya Gruzinskaya

One of the most popular restaurants of the chain, which has won the most positive and grateful reviews, is an institution located in Bolshaya Gruzinskaya. The Correas restaurant (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 32/34, p. 3) opened in 2003. It is the first restaurant known in the capital network.

Today this institution remains truly intimate: its hall has only 7 tables. In the warm season outside open an additional platform. This restaurant is remembered by old-timers - tiny and, according to reviews, somehow completely foreign, differing from other metropolitan brethren by the presence of expats, as well as (once it was new) guests who do not grumble in the sun at the street tables.


  • Mediterranean, European.
  • The size of the average bill: from 900 rubles.

The institution is open:

  • From Monday to Friday - from 08:00 - 23:00.
  • On Saturday and Sunday - from 10:00 to 18:00.

Good morning capital! Breakfast at Correa’s Restaurant

A decade ago, Moscow’s breakfasts owe their appearance to this particular establishment - earlier, it was possible to have breakfast only in hotel restaurants, and it was not cheap. Correa’s on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya has remained unchanged for many years, is still loved by regular visitors of the cafe and became an ideal start to the day for adepts of a full leisurely breakfast or those who like to take everything for two.

correa s chain of restaurants and corporate cafes

Continental breakfasts at Correa’s (priced at 430 rubles) are very popular with Muscovites. A glass of invigorating freshly squeezed juice, a portion of the freshest fruit salad, coffee with a teddy bear on the surface of an aromatic drink made with cinnamon, the most delicious, as visitors say, cheesecakes, which feel the taste of delicate curd with natural sour cream and berries - so you can have breakfast in a restaurant Greater Georgian.


According to some visitors of the establishment, it is the service that brings to Correas in Georgian.Many reviewers note that coffee here has to wait about 20 minutes. Even when the room is almost empty.

restaurant correa s moscow

Yet most of the guests call the food that is prepared in Correas, simply divine, forcing them to immediately forget about the shortcomings of the service. Visitors are also encouraged by affordable prices in the establishment. If it were not for the gloomy and inhospitable faces of the staff, according to reviews, the restaurant could be considered one of the best in Moscow.

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