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Holidays in most of them get positive. This city is one of the most visited places in the Krasnodar Territory. And although it does not officially have the status of a resort, more than a million tourists come here every year. In this article, you will learn what it is, the city of Tuapse, what a good stay here is and where you can stay at an affordable price.

Tuapse: useful information for tourists

Can't decide whether to go to Tuapse? Holiday reviews holidaymakers characterize the positive side. This city is a Black Sea port specializing in the transportation of petroleum products. But this fact does not have any harmful effect on the environment. The beaches are located at a considerable distance from the port area.

vacation in tuapse reviewsThe climate here is subtropical, while the humidity is quite high. The weather is almost always windless, thanks to the Caucasus Mountains. July and August in Tuapse are the warmest months, ideal for holidays. There is no sweltering heat, it rains very rarely. Water in the sea warms up to a maximum of 24 degrees.The swimming season is different in duration - there are a lot of tourists from May to the end of October.

Beaches and Sights

Rest in Tuapse (reviews confirm this) - this is not only a pastime on the beach. The city offers many attractions to tourists. Among them is the Kiselev rock, a kind of Tuapse business card. You will get great pleasure from walks through the “Varvinka” and “Kadosh” forest-park zones. The flora of this area is simply amazing variety. Ancient dolmens, picturesque waterfalls - all this leaves a mark in the soul forever.

recreation center mermaid tuapse lermontovo reviewsAs for the beaches, in the city center in the waterfront area you will not find them. There "dominates" the port. But the beaches for recreation is to look north and south of this zone. The most popular is the central beach. It is located on the left bank of the river. Tuapse. Under their feet there is a mixture of pebbles and sand. The beach stretches for more than a kilometer, while its width is about 50 meters. The infrastructure here is on top. If you are looking for a less crowded place, you can go to the beach "Wave".

Recommendations for housing

Rest in Tuapse (reviews of tourists report this) offers excellent conditions forpeople with different incomes. The hotel infrastructure is quite developed here, so you will definitely find the right place. In the city you can find cheap hostels and five star hotels. If your prerogative is a beach holiday, it is better to settle away from the center. In addition, housing prices are highest in this area. Optimal for tourists are the areas of Star, Primorye, Kadosh.

tuapse vacation reviews vacationers

Recreation center "Little Mermaid" (Tuapse)

Lermontovo always gets positive feedback. This village of Tuapse district is a quiet place where you can isolate yourself from the hustle and problems. The sea coast is literally 200 meters from the recreation center. The territory is guarded, it is fenced and offers a lot of services that are usually in demand by tourists.

There is a swimming pool with sea water, near which loungers and shade umbrellas are located. Bar, billiards, you can have fun at the slot machines. The tour desk offers a wealth of exciting options. The car can be left without fear in the parking lot, which is guarded.

holiday house tuapse reviewsThe recreation center is designed to receive 152 tourists. Comfortable stay in the rooms they are provided with: there is comfortable furniture, balconies, bathroom, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator. The building itself looks simply magical - the windows are made in stained glass style.This room offers stunning views of the mountains or the sea. Vacationers offer three meals here. Going with the kids in Tuapse? Holidays with children receives only excellent reviews. And the village of Lermontovo is considered the best for these purposes.

If you stop at the recreation center "Little Mermaid", you can visit the water park "Chernomor", located nearby. There are many slides, suitable for both adult tourists who love extreme sports, and for kids who visit this place for the first time.

recreation center mermaid tuapse reviewsHere it is, the recreation center "Little Mermaid" (Tuapse). Lermontovo reviews are characterized as a quiet, cozy place for family fun. The price for one day in Russian rubles for living here varies from 750 to 2800 per person. It all depends on the category of rooms and the time of year.

Recreation center "Tuapse"

This is another great place that tourists often choose when they come to a hospitable town. Holiday House "Tuapse" (reviews of this indicate) is distinguished by amazing nature around. It is located on the shores of the Black Sea, in the Blue Bay. On three sides it is surrounded by hilly terrain. The greenery of pine forests creates an amazing microclimate.The territory of the base is closed from outsiders, guarded round the clock, and occupies 23 hectares.

The rooms are located in a five-story building, 102 in all. Guests are offered a visit to the recreational and swimming complex. There is an opportunity to swim in the pools with hydromassage, to enjoy in the jacuzzi. The territory also has a cafe, a playground for futsal, volleyball, and tennis courts. You can rent quad bikes, bicycles, play table tennis, go to the cinema. Sightseeing program is also present.

recreation center tornado tuapse reviewsThe recreation center "Little Mermaid" (Tuapse) receives positive reviews. And this is for the infrastructure and conditions that were described above. But Tuapse Holiday House, plus everything else, also offers treatment and prevention of various diseases: skin, ENT organs, heart, blood vessels, blood circulation, respiratory system. So you can successfully combine leisure, visiting the beaches and various entertainment with health benefits.

Prices range from 2 thousand rubles to 7.5 per tourist per day. It all depends on when you come to rest and what room you prefer.

Recreation center "Tornado": description, number of rooms

This place is very popular among holidaymakers. The village Novomikhaylovsky and the base "Tornado" invite guests all year round. It is located in the bay, where yachts can dock. The beach is pebbly, clean, offering all the necessary types of services.

Recreation center "Tornado" (Tuapse) reviews receives enthusiastic and grateful. There are several accommodation options. Six hotels, two bungalows, houses "Hazel" - you can choose the number that suits you specifically. All these buildings are close to the sea, for example, a bungalow is only 10 meters away, and hotel No. 2 is 50 meters away. So the beach can be reached in minutes. Everything you need for a comfortable stay is in each room. From the windows overlooking the bay. Children under 5 years old can relax here for free.

Infrastructure and prices

Tourists are offered a swimming pool with sea water, beach equipment, visits to bars, sea biking, water skiing and parachutes. Sailing and diving is also at your service. And diving in the mountains will leave an unforgettable impression. At the recreation center you can book excursions to the dolphinarium, water park, spend time at discos, play basketball, volleyball, futsal.The infrastructure includes simulators, which are located in the hall and at the pool. Massage room, bath, sauna, billiard table continue the list of services.

tuapse vacation with children reviewsThe cost of living one person per day varies from 800 to 2,900 rubles. The only difference is in what period you came to rest and what category of rooms you preferred.


Places to stay in Tuapse abound. If you are not satisfied with the option of recreation, you can always contact the private sector. There will not be such a service and infrastructure, but prices are much lower. Come to Tuapse, here you will be warmly welcomed and offered a quiet, full of impressions rest. And you can not just relax on the beach or by the pool, but also see a lot of interesting places. Rest in Tuapse (testimonials about this) is always fun, memorable and positive. You can get here without any problems. For example, come by train to the local railway station. Planes arrive in Krasnodar or Adler. From there to Tuapse is a high-speed train.

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