Replacement of rear racks (VAZ 2110). Support of a back rack VAZ 2110

In this article, you will learn about replacing the rear racks VAZ 2110. This work is not difficult, every motorist can handle it, who can handle wrenches and a special tool. When replacing the elements of the rear suspension, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances, the repair should occur as professionally as possible. Only in this way you can achieve acceptable characteristics of your car in the future. Of course, before starting the work it is worth to get acquainted with what the racks are for, and also to study their design.

Assignment of racks

rear racks of 2110 vases

And now about what is the rear pillar VAZ 2110. Repair of the suspension will be considered below. On the car VAZ 2110 racks are necessary to extinguish suspension fluctuations during driving on an uneven surface. Unfortunately, bad roads are not uncommon, cars suffer from them. If the suspension struts are out of order, vibration damping will not occur. And this leaves its imprint on the reliability of the car as a whole. It should be noted that during the movement on uneven roads to all elements of the suspension there is an increase in the load at least twice. And the main load occurs on the supports, to which the connection of the racks is made. It is these supports that take up almost the entire load.

Vehicle operation and suspension

Support for the rear rack vases 2110

In the event that the car is operated carefully, and the rear suspension is in working condition, maximum comfort will be observed during driving. In addition, the safety of your car significantly improves. Using the rear racks VAZ 2110 it turns out to optimize the degree of wear of the entire suspension. Thanks to them, the vertical movement of the entire car becomes minimal. This greatly increases the life of the suspension. For example, if the wheel detaches from the road surface, it does not participate in the braking. Consequently, safety in this case is deteriorating. With the use of shock absorbers, the possibility of tearing off the wheel from the road surface is minimal. The most important thing, of course, for any car is its comfort. Minor unevenness, sharp braking, create certain loads on the entire body of the car.

Stands for racks

Surely you noticed that with a heavy load on the rear axle, there is a significant reduction in clearance. In this case, the wheels begin to touch the fenders or the protection. To change the ground clearance to the big side, it is necessary to resort to the use of spacers. These elements are mounted in the lower part of the strut. They are located directly on the rear beam. The support is the support of the rear rack VAZ 2110. But you should pay attention to the fact that during the increase in the ground clearance the car changes its characteristics:

  1. In the rear contour of the brake system, the pressure regulator is in a different position.
  2. Also the angles of camber of the front wheels vary considerably.
  3. The head light changes its direction, it approaches the front of the car.

Please note that you can adjust the light and position of the pressure regulator yourself without much trouble. But the collapse of the wheels on the front axle is best done with the help of special equipment on the SRT.

Knocking pendants

2110 Cayaba Vauxhall Stand

Sometimes the knocking of the rear racks VAZ 2110. It is quite difficult to name an exact reason, since such behavior can be caused by anything. For example, if the car often moves along a rough road, there may be a knock. As a rule, shock absorbers work poorly, they must be repaired or replaced with new ones. It rarely happens that there is wear on the sleeves of the levers. In this case, only the replacement of the levers in the assembly will help. Pay attention to the fact that the spring becomes weaker with time. If it has slipped, you will need to install a new one. If recently there was a repair of a suspension bracket, then the knock began to appear, carefully check up all fastenings of the shock-absorber. Most likely, the nuts were badly tightened or the bushings in the springs were worn out.

Vehicle overload

installation of the rear stand of 2110 vases

Very often the knocking of the suspension occurs on cars that are constantly subjected to overloads. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure that the operation of the car takes place under normal conditions. To make sure that they are out of order, for example, levers, it is necessary to completely unload the rear axle. Diagnosis is best done using a viewing pit. Moving the suspension in a vertical plane, you can hear a rattle, as well as other sounds that emanate from it. In addition, in this way, you can accurately determine the specific place of failure. If the rear axle is knocking on the VAZ 2110 car, this is not a sign that it has failed. First of all, inspect the fasteners.

Rear pillar design

The rear pillar consists of two main elements. First, it's a telescopic shock absorber that works in both directions. Secondly, it is a spring, it is mounted on the shock absorber body. On a dozen racks are load-bearing structures. A leverage allows you to normalize the work of the entire suspension. This design consists of a set of levers, brackets, in which are the eyes, silent blocks, as well as connecting elements.

Removing the rack

2110 Vase

To replace the rear pillars, you will need a little patience and a tool. The first step is to completely empty the trunk. Get rid of anything that might interfere with normal access to the cups in the arches. It is necessary to dismantle the back of the rear seat, and also it is necessary to detach the brackets for fixation for a while. Then you get access to the top of the rack. It is attached to one point. Please note that it is most convenient to use a special key when unscrewing the upper nuts. If there is none, then you have to be a bit cunning, holding the rod from turning with the key on 6. Of course, removal of the rear racks VAZ 2110 is more convenient to carry out using a special tool. And the nut is unscrewed with a key on 17.

After this, it is necessary to install a special puller on the spring. Now unscrew the nut from the bolt on the lower bracket. That's all, the rear pillar is completely removed. Be sure to put new anthers and bumpers in the repair. If you are installing a new item, you will need to purchase all of the above parts in the store. And now about how the installation of the rear rack VAZ 2110.

Rack installation

rear rack vases 2110 repair

To install the rack on the car, you need to push the rod to the extreme position. Pay attention to the fact that the spring must be installed on the shock absorber and maximally compressed with a puller. Install the shock absorber rod into the hole in the cup. After that, in the upper fastener, you make a nut. Attach the lower eyelet to the rear beam of the vehicle. At this repair is over, do not forget to tighten all the nuts well. Please note that before starting the disassembly, it is important to pre-treat all threaded connections with a penetrating grease. This will allow you to quickly unscrew the nuts. That's how you can replace the rear VAZ 2110 racks with minimal time costs. "Kayaba" produces quality shock absorbers, which will be much better than stock.

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