Recipe for Canape on Skewers

Tiny sandwiches on skewers witha seductive French name "canapé" in our country has long been superbly accustomed and have become part of the serving of buffet tables. The recipe for canapés on skewers is in the arsenal of any hostess, as well as many bars, cafes and restaurants.

The recipe for canapé on skewers: a kaleidoscope of variations


Preparation is reduced to sequential stringing on skewers of various ingredients.

  1. cheese, olives, cubes of smoked sausage, fresh cucumber.
  2. pickled onions, a pickle of pickled cucumber, a cube of ham, fresh tomato, pickled mushroom.
  3. cheese, marinated mushroom, a piece of balyk, fresh tomato, a slice of lemon.
  4. cheese, shrimp, slice of lemon, olive, cube of red bell pepper.
  5. pickled onions, a slice of herring, a cube of boiled potatoes, a slice of fresh cucumber.

Fruit canapés on skewers

Canapes from fruits have as incredible a number of varieties as canapes from more nutritious foods.

Option 1.

For example, a good recipe is amazingly mouth-wateringand aesthetically cute canapes are those. Necessary ingredients: wheat bread, apple, banana, pear, kiwi, grapes, honey. Bread is cut into small cubes and each is smeared with honey, fruits are made into pieces of approximately the same size and threaded on skewers, alternating with bread and grapes. Banana can be cut into circles and thread it not through the core of the mug, but piercing it by the diameter - it will look more interesting and more unusual.

Option 2.

A recipe for canapés on skewers with berries is also good. Ingredients: kiwi, bananas, pear, grapes, peaches, any berries. Before planting on skewers, the washed fruit should be dried. Peaches and pears cut into cubes, bananas and kiwi - slices. You need to rotate the fruit by color.

Option 3.

Ingredients: pears, peaches or plums, apples, bananas, roasted peanuts, coconut chips, grapes without pits.

Banana cut into slices, collapses intoground peanuts. Apples and pears are cut into cubes and crumbled in coconut shavings. Peaches are cut into pieces. On the skewer fruit are stringed in the following order: banana, apple, pear, peach, grapes. Before serving, fruit canapes should be cooled (about an hour the dish should stand in the refrigerator).

Canape with shrimps on skewers

Option 1.

For cooking you need bread slices,mayonnaise, fresh cucumber, shrimp. Prawns are cooked on medium heat until cooked (about 20 minutes). Chilled shrimps are cleaned of shells. Bread is cut into small pieces and smeared with a small amount of mayonnaise. Cucumber should be cut into circles. Pieces of cucumber put into pieces of bread. First the shrimps are piled on skewers, then the cucumber with bread. It turns out an extremely simple and exquisite combination of Mediterranean motifs and spring freshness of cucumber.

Option 2.

You can make canapé with shrimp and in this way. There is the following recipe for canapés on skewers. Necessary products: bread, shrimp, mayonnaise, bay leaf, cloves, pepper-peas, greens.

Boil the salted water for 10 minutes withlaurel leaf, a bunch of dill, a peppercorn and a clove. Then pour the prawns into the water and cook them for 10 minutes. Shrimp clean and cut. Put on skewers alternating them with slices of bread and parsley leaves.

Option 3.

For gourmets, the following complexa recipe for canapés on skewers with shrimps, champignons and vegetables. Ingredients: hard cheese, ham, toast bread, shrimp, olives, corn, greens, champignons and gherkins (pickled), fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers. On the skewers plant corn, a cube of Bulgarian pepper, a slice of ham, fresh cucumber. Cut the cheese and ham into slices, and then cut out the same figurines from them and the Bulgarian pepper and put them on the skewers. Behind them, weave shrimps, olives, dices of cheese and ham. If desired, in the middle of the composition you can include pieces of champignons and gherkins.

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