Quick salad: cooking recipe. Quick salad recipes

Salads - the most common and diverse category in cooking. Each housewife has her own “quick salad”, the recipe of which is passed from generation to generation. And when guests come, this dish is decorated with a festive table. Recipes continue to improve, new ones appear. But there is a so-called classic of the genre.quick salad recipe

Culinary need

Why do you need a quick salad, the recipe of which is simple in execution? Basically, to meet as befits a sudden guests, who are about to come, and the main course is not ready yet. And then it is time for snacks under the first toast (not to drink without it). A quick salad saves the day. His cooking takes very little of your time, leaving the opportunity for culinary improvisation. Let's take a look at the recipes of instant salads, not all, but only some of them.We hope that you will pick up "some kind of" one.

Vegetable quick salad

Its recipe is very simple in execution, available to the cook at any level. We will need:

  • fresh tomatoes - half a kilo;
  • fresh cucumbers - half a kilogram;
  • cucumbers (not pickled, barrel) - half a kilogram;
  • two bell peppers;
  • sunflower oil for refilling;
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • greens (parsley, dill, onion);
  • salt;
  • peppers - to taste;
  • a couple of garlic cloves.

Tomatoes cut into large slices. Cucumbers - in small cubes. Pepper - long stripes. Crumbled greens. Garlic is not pressed, but also finely chopped with a large knife for cutting greens. All vegetables are mixed by adding greens. We fill with oil and lemon juice. Salt and pepper (black ground or a mixture of peppers). Once again we interfere. It turns out the whole "bucket" of salad, able to satisfy the tastes of any guests. In addition, the dish is useful and contains many vitamins. And the cooking time, with a certain skill, is exactly ten minutes!delicious and quick salad recipes

With peas

To prepare this quick salad will take only 5-10 minutes. Ingredients: a jar of green peas, two small onions, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a few pickled cucumbers, salt, pepper - to taste. With peas poured water. Onion cut into half rings, cucumbers into cubes.All mix and pour mayonnaise. Salt, pepper to taste. Quick salad, the recipe for which is so easy to perform, is ready for the joy of your guests!

With chicken breast

Ingredients: smoked breast (fillet) - half a kilo, pickled cucumbers - three pieces, canned corn - 200 grams, onions - one onion, mayonnaise - 100 grams, eggs - three pieces, pepper, salt - to taste, greens. Hard-boiled eggs are cooled. Smoked chicken breast (without bone) cut into cubes. Cucumbers - diced. Eggs chop finely. Onion - finely. We decant the corn from the jar. All mix in dishes. Add mayonnaise. Knead again. Salt, pepper - to taste.quick hand salad recipes


Recipes for delicious and quick salads are found in the menu of many cuisines of the world. For example, Mexican, for the preparation of which will be required: roasted chicken - 200 grams, lettuce - 200 grams, canned red beans - 200 grams, corn chips - 50 grams, Bulgarian pepper - 1 piece, tomatoes - 200 grams, red onion - 1 piece, vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon, juice of half a lemon, sour cream - 3 tablespoons, ground chili, salt - to taste, avocado - one piece.

Lettuce leaves tear to pieces. Beans throw back in a colander to all the liquid glass. Pepper cut thin strips. From the chicken we take out the bones and cut into slices. Tomatoes - big cubes. Chop the onion. Tomatoes and onions combine, add vegetable oil, lemon juice, chili, mix and set aside for ten minutes. Put the salad (leaves) on the dish. Beans combine with pepper, add the chips there. We spread the mixture on the leaves. The next layer is slices of fried chicken. Then dressing: tomatoes and onions. Put sour cream on the edge of the plate. Decorate with avocado and lemon slices, sprinkle with parsley.

Radish or radish

At all times there were, probably, salads for a quick hand. Their recipes are passed on from generation to generation. We will also try this “old” recipe for preparing a salad with meat and radish (or radish). You will need: boiled beef - 150 grams, radish - 150 grams, sour cream - 100 grams, onions - one head, green onions - 50 grams, boiled eggs - 3 pieces, salt - to taste.

We clean radish or radish, cut into strips, soak in salted cold water for half an hour, then drain the water.Boiled meat - straws along the fibers, mix with radish. Onion lightly fried in butter. Finely chop eggs. All the ingredients are mixed. Add salt to taste. We fill with sour cream and decorate with chopped fresh greens.instant salad recipes

With herring

If you like to make quick and easy salads, recipes for their preparation can be found in this article. One of these is, of course, the Herring with Egg snack. We will need: herring - one big, onion - head, egg - 2 pieces, pickled cucumbers - 2 pieces, vegetable oil - one tablespoon, pepper, cumin, salt, sugar - to taste.

Clean the herring and remove the large bones to make the fillet. Dice onions. Eggs boil and also cut into cubes. Cucumbers cut into small pieces. All ingredients are mixed and seasoned with spices and vegetable oil. Simple and nutritious salad is ready. It allows you to "skip" a couple of glasses in anticipation of the main course, if the guests have already arrived, but it is not ready yet.salads quick and easy recipes


Of course, it is prepared from such popular crab sticks (200 grams), canned corn (200 grams), onions (one onion), mayonnaise (a couple of tablespoons for refueling). To taste, add salt and black pepper.
Crab sticks thawed and finely chopped. We decant the corn from the jar so that all the liquid is gone. Cut onions finely. We mix everything, we fill with mayonnaise. We salt, we pepper. Some cooks add there a couple more boiled, finely chopped eggs. An absolute and unsurpassed (so far) record of making such a salad (of course, from already prepared products) in time — three minutes!quick and easy salads recipes

Salads: quick and easy

Recipes for such salads, associated with health benefits, with diets, are often found in notebooks of housewives who cherish the dream of going on a diet and losing weight by three to four kilograms. Sometimes, to lose weight, just enough to clean the intestines. For such purposes, and intended salad "Brush". He successfully fights, especially if taken on an empty stomach, with toxins and slags that have lingered in the human body. Its structure includes the products which are not passing heat treatment and therefore useful, sated with vitamins and minerals. Salad is also good for fans of syroedeniya or for holding fasting days.

Take: white cabbage - a pound of half, a beet - a pound of half, a carrot - a pound of a half.Once again we remind: do not boil, do not scald with boiling water, but simply: peel and grate or chop finely. All mix, fill with vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn - optional), the juice of one lemon. Decorate with greens: onion, parsley, dill. We add some pure water for the improved impregnation. We put in the fridge, after fifteen minutes - you can eat. Here is a salad - a real well of health! Enjoy your meal!

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