Quests of the Guild of Thieves in Skyrim: "Persecution"

One of the most powerful organizations in the"Skyrim" - Guild of Thieves. Her followers prefer to stay in the shadows all the time and from there, secretly and imperceptibly, make their dark deeds. Nevertheless, Dovakin will have the opportunity to join the famous guild and even get certain privileges for it.

skyrim guild of thieves

Before becoming a part of the thieves elite, the mainthe hero has to complete a chain of tasks. Almost all of them will not cause any difficulties, but there is one that will make even the veterans of Skyrim sweat. "Persecution" is the name of this quest and it will be discussed in the article.

Chain start

To begin with, Dovakin needs to go to Riften. This city is famous for its skillful medovars and is located in the south-eastern part of the kingdom "Skyrim". The guild of thieves, for her only known reasons, decided to establish her headquarters here, carefully hiding it in a sewer network.

skyrim persecution

To start the first of the chain assignments, the herojust take a stroll around the city market. There he will be approached by a representative of the thieves' brotherhood named Brignolph and offers to turn a small business. The essence of it is to steal the ring and slip it to a local merchant, for which the latter will be taken prisoner.

After that, Dovakin will need to dislodge debts fromlocal businessmen, to penetrate the estate, participate in the dismantling of medovars and perform other tasks that the Guild of Thieves will give him. The quest "Persecution" will become available near the end of the chain. It's time to talk more about it.

Passage of the quest

So, Dovakin helped Karliya get hold ofproof of her innocence, after which the thief invited him to meet at the "Wild Canteen" tavern. It is at this point that the "Skyrim" quest "Persecution" begins. Arriving at the place, the hero needs to convince Brignolph to open the Guild's repository and make sure that it is empty.

pursuit of Skyrim passage

Now Dovakin needs to go to the manorRiftveld and find out what Mercer did with the stolen. The problem is that the house is guarded by someone Wald. The guard can either be killed or persuaded to give the key to the manor and leave the territory. Anyway, the way to the estate will be opened and the hero will have nothing left, except to go there.

Once in the house, first thing is worth exploringsuspicious closet on the first floor. Behind him will be a secret passage that will lead the hero into a secret room. Here, on the table, are Mercer's plans, which Dovakin must relate to Brignolph to complete the quest.

Helpful Tips

There are several useful tips that will facilitateyou will complete the quest "Persecution". "Skyrim", the passage of the storyline of which was to teach you that any situation in the game can be solved in several ways, and this time does not depart from its traditions. For example, Wald, guarding the estate, you can not only kill, but also persuade to leave his post. And you can do this in two ways:

  • If the hero has a high "Eloquence" skill, he can deceive Wald and tell him that Mercer is waiting for him in Markath. The watchman will give the key and go home.
  • From Vex, you can find out that Wald owes Maven money. The latter will agree to forgive the guard, but he will ask for a double pen. It can be found at the bottom of the lake near Riften.

In addition, many castles in the estate of Mercer will require from you an expert level of the skill "Hacking." If you pump this skill, you will be able to find several valuable items.


During the "Skyrim" task "Pursuit" you may encounter several unpleasant bugs:

  • Karla does not want to go to a tavern and,accordingly, the quest is stalled. This problem is solved with the help of the console command Setstage tg07 20. It teleports the disobedient thief to the agreed place, and you can safely continue the task.
  • If you visited Mercer's homestead and were taken awayfrom there plans before they began to carry out the quest "Persecution", the task will be hijacked and its execution will become impossible. The situation will be fixed by the Setstage command tg07 10 (it starts the task) and Setstage tg07 60 (returns the plans to the table in the manor).

Continuation of the quest chain

Dovakin, if desired, can continue to performinstructions of the Thieves Guild and make decisions that will ultimately influence the entire Skyrim. "Persecution" is one of the most important quests in the chain, but not the last one. After its completion, the hero will not only understand the squabbles of thieves' brethren and enter into a mysterious cult, but also get one of the forces of the dark goddess Nocturnal.

guild of thieves quest pursuit

By the way, under certain circumstancesA Dragonborn can even lead a Guild of Thieves and return her former grandeur. For this he will receive excellent armor, an amulet replacing the skill "Eloquence", and, of course, the key from the chest of treasure. In general, thieves' quests are not only interesting with their storyline, but they can also bring a good profit.

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