Propolis (recipes for use)

For centuries in folk medicineA bee products such as propolis is used. Recipes of medicines from it are quite simple, but very effective. Propolis (bee glue) is a resinous substance produced by certain bees from various plants. This substance is bitterish, a little spicy to taste. It can be of different shades: from golden brown to brown.

How can a person use propolis? Recipes given below have been known for hundreds of years, which confirms the value of this substance as a medicine. It has high bactericidal properties, confirmed by official medicine. A particularly strong effect can be obtained by using royal jelly, honey and propolis simultaneously. Recipes of healers recommend using such a composition for lowering cholesterol, restoring affected tissues, joints and bones.

Microelements and vitamins (PP, B1, B2, C,provitamin A) contained in propolis, participate in many biochemical processes in our body. The use of drugs from propolis can accelerate the process of recovery of patients, enhance immunity and obtain a rejuvenating effect. Also known are the antioxidant properties of propolis, which are widely used to suppress cancer cells. Its antitoxic and anti-inflammatory properties allow using it in diseases such as scarlet fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria.

The most valuable is soft propolis. Prescriptions of healers recommend using one that was not stored for long in a dark place at a temperature of no more than 25 ° C. Close to this substance, you can not store products that have a strong odor.

With infections of the respiratory tract (fronts, sinusitis), inflammation of the middle ear need 3 r. in a day to chew propolis. Recipes of folk remedies:

- with rheumatism, a thin plate of heated propolis is applied to the sore spot;

- with migraines, 10 g of propolis is poured into 100 mlMedical alcohol (70%) or vodka. The resulting mixture is infused for a week. It should be shaken 3-4 times daily. Alcohol tincture is taken 1 p. one hour before meals, 5 drops, diluted in 50 ml of warm water. Drink it with tea or milk. After 3 weeks, the number of attacks is reduced. The course is held three times a year.

- with boils on the inflamed areaA lozenge of heated propolis is applied. Pus will start to stand out very soon. The procedure is repeated until the end of the inflammatory process. Prevention of furunculosis: drink 10 days for 1 tsp. tinctures of propolis.

- with symptoms of gastric or intestinal disorders propolis is taken for 10 g 3-4 days. For the treatment of chronic inflammation, you need 40-100 g per course.

Using propolis, do not forget that hemay cause irritation of the oral mucosa and diarrhea. It is advisable to gradually reduce the consumption of this substance after curing or improving the condition.

Propolis is often an allergicreaction. It is most often manifested in people prone to allergies to beekeeping products, eczema, urticaria, bronchial asthma. With allergies, itching, burning, weakness, headaches, rashes, high fever. To prevent allergies and side effects, therapy starts with small doses. When she appears, treatment is stopped and antihistamines are taken.

In a pharmacy, anyone can buy a drug"Extract of propolis water". It is known that such an extract has stronger antimicrobial properties than alcohol. Propolis on water has a specific balsamic odor. Apply it as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. This drug is used in the treatment of colds, sore throats, flu, intestinal and stomach diseases. It activates the process of growth of normal cells and tissues, metabolism. As a rule, appoint a reception of 1 tsp. extract of 1-2 r. in a day. It is used for:

- gargling with throat, tonsillitis, stomatitis;

- Burying in the eyes with conjunctivitis (diluted in 2 p.);

- rinsing of inflamed maxillary sinuses (bred in 2 rivers);

- syringing with inflammation of the vagina, erosion of the cervix (diluted in 10 p.);

- treatment of the common cold (they are bred in 2 rivers and buried a nose 1-2 rubles a day).

The extract is diluted only with boiled water.

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