Prokhor Dubravin - biography, filmography and personal life (photo)

In April 2011, TV screens were releasedThe first part of a multi-part mystical thriller called "Closed School". This picture, which tells about the life of students in a closed boarding house and about the experiments that took place there on children, quickly won the sympathy of the public. One of the important supporting roles in this series is Prokhor Dubravin.

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The filmography of the actor at the time of the first partfilm "Closed School" already contained a lot of records, but it was the role of Vladimir Sokolov (Ilya Shevtsov) that showed the viewer the talent of the artist from a new side that had not been disclosed so far. He is known to the public not only as an actor of cinema and theater, but also as a popular TV presenter. Where did the career of this artist begin? Let's see.

Children's Years and Exact Sciences

Vitaly Emashov - it was under that nameknown for quite a long time Prohor Dubravin. The biography of the boy begins the chain of his narration in Naberezhnye Chelny. July 13, 1976 Prokhor (we will call him that) was born in one of the maternity homes of the city. His mother - Victoria Emashova - worked as a secretary-typist at a local foundry.
From the very childhood Prokhor Dubravin showed obviousability to exact sciences, and about a scene and art at all did not think. In 1983 he became a student of the mathematical gymnasium of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. It is worth noting that during the years of study the boy has established himself as a very capable student. Teachers predicted a great future for him in technical specialties.

Prokhor Dubravin Filmography


After graduation from the gymnasium Prokhor Dubravinenters the first course of the day department of the Kama Polytechnic Institute, choosing for further study the specialty "civil and industrial construction". However, after a few months the young man understands the futility of the venture: it is not occupied in any way by engineering barriers, drawings and schemes. He becomes bored, and therefore, after studying the first semester, Prokhor leaves. This was 1993. As a result, the young man becomes a machine at the foundry of his native city. In 1994, when a young man turned eighteen, he takes the oath and replenishes the valiant ranks of the Russian Armed Forces. His service took place in the airborne troops. In 1996, for Prohor Dubravin, the Dembelian chord sounds, and he leaves the military unit with the rank of private.

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From builders to artists

Three years later, the young man leaves forYaroslavl also goes there to the theatrical institute. His curator is Vyacheslav Shalimov - a professor and rector of this institution. Not stopping from the process of studying, the guy becomes a participant of several productions in the theater named after Fedor Volkov. As the actor Prokhor Dubravin admitted later, these years were the happiest in his life.

In 2003 he successfully graduated from the institute. In the final performances, Prokhor performed the roles of Lopakhin in Anton Pavlovitch Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard" and Apollos in Leonid Maximovich Leonov's play "Untilovsk". After these works, the young man is invited to join the troupe of the Moscow theater Kinopuskakt. There, Prokhor Dubravin works until 2005.

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Path to the screen

Almost at the same time, the artist trieshimself in a new role: he is casting for the role of TV presenter for the children's entertainment program "History of the old attic", which was shown on the channel "Star". A bright and talented artist was not easy to miss - his creative potential, beating over the edge, drew the attention of filmmakers and producers of this project, and he was approved for this post.

Soon interest in the charismatic leader was shownand representatives of the film industry. In 2004, the series "Bachelors" appeared on the screens, along with Prokhor Dubravin, along with Marat Basharov, Mikhail Gorev, Anna Gorshkova and many others. The filmography of the actor gets the first record, which becomes a step up to the top of the national Movie Movie. Then followed the shooting in the series "Love Talisman", "Do not Be Born Beautiful", "Adjutants of Love", "Philip's Bay", "Full Moon" and some others. All these projects came to the screen in 2005.

In two years viewers watch with ecstasyfor the development of the plot in the series "The Princess of the Circus", where the important roles of the twin brothers are played by Prohor Dubravin. Filmography of the actor at the time of the release of the picture on the screens already contained a lot of records, but it was this tape that brought the artist the real popularity and love of the audience.

Continuation of career

In addition to serials, this talented young manit is removed and in the big cinema. The viewer can easily recognize the charismatic actor in the films "A few simple desires", "Shift", "Love-carrot 2", "Veronica will not come", "Rud and Sam", "Grandfather as a gift" and many others.

In 2010, the screens are the first parta multi-part film "General Therapy 2". In this melodrama, Prokhor Dubravin plays the leading role of Oleg Kirillovich Shumelov - a talented, bright and audacious doctor, who, because of many disagreements, the head of the department "exiled" to work in the emergency department. However, after some personnel reshuffles, he comes back. In the company with Dubravin, Anna Snatkina played organically and vividly. This series, according to viewers, is one of the best works of the actor.

To date, the filmography of Prokhorconsists of more than thirty paintings. He is a very popular actor not only of serials, but also full-length paintings. Currently, the artist is working on two projects. The first is a picture called "The Year in Tuscany", and the second is the series "Game 2: Revenge".

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Personal life

In 2011, the actor officially changes hisreal name Vitaly Emashov. In all the documents, Prohor Dubravin appears instead of this entry. The personal life of the actor, like any other charismatic and talented person, is the subject of intense attention of the fans. However, the beautiful half of the population is disappointed: the artist has been married for a long time. His chosen one is Evgenia Zaputina (Serebryannikova). She works at the Moscow Chamber Theater. The couple got married in 2003, but they do not have any children yet.

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Prokhor Dubravin - biography, filmography and personal life (photo) Prokhor Dubravin - biography, filmography and personal life (photo) Prokhor Dubravin - biography, filmography and personal life (photo) Prokhor Dubravin - biography, filmography and personal life (photo) Prokhor Dubravin - biography, filmography and personal life (photo)