Program "Perspective Primary School": reviews, textbooks, planning

If parents are often not easy to understand the features of school curricula, then children will not even find differences between the existing educational and methodological complexes. But the choice of school and educational project is a very important matter, from which, without exaggeration, the effectiveness of further education of the child depends. In order not to bite your elbows, it is important to make the right choice in favor of teaching methods for primary school children. According to reviews, “Perspective Primary School” is a specific educational program that has its pros and cons.

Briefly about the authors of the training complex

This project, as well as other educational and methodological complexes, is the result of the collective work of scientists and practicing teachers of leading Russian universities. Unlike the traditional learning system,the program “Perspective Primary School” is a variation product of educational developmental methods, which are written by prominent Russian scientists D. B. Elkonin-Davydov and V. V. Zankov.

Roza Gelfanovna Churakova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor at the Academy of Advanced Training of Educators, became the creator of the course for elementary school students. As a project manager, the author responsibly approached the selection of teaching aids and textbooks in all disciplines. These benefits were included in the package "Perspective Primary School":

  • “Learning to read and write (learning to write)” and “Alphabet” for the 1st grade, sponsored by professors Yu. A. Agarkov, M. G. Agarkova.
  • The “Russian Language” for elementary school students was prepared by M. L. Kalenchuk, N. A. Churakova.
  • “Literary reading” - the author is N.A. Churakova, doctor of philological sciences.
  • "Mathematics" (textbooks and workbooks) were developed by A. L. Chekina - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
  • "Informatics" (from the second class) - authors E. P. Benenson, A. G. Pautova.
  • "The World" - the entire training course is represented by the candidates of pedagogical sciences O. N. Fedotova, G. V. Trafimova and S. A. Trafimov.
  • "Technology" in the "Perspective Elementary School" was published by the candidate of pedagogical sciences T. M. Ragozina, I. B. Mylova.
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The educational kit also includes textbooks on music, physical education, fine arts and the English language (S. G. Ter-Minasova “Favorite”). It is worth noting that the textbooks on the subject “The World Around” did not receive the relevant reviews from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for introduction into the educational process.3

Development of the project on federal educational standards

Let's try to understand the features of this school program. The first thing to note is its compliance with the GEF. "Perspective primary school", according to the authors and famous domestic teachers, is an effective mechanism for the development of the individual qualities of each student. The goal of the project is to develop a child's skills of independence in learning. A schoolboy should not be simply a participant in the educational process.

The conceptual provisions of the Perspective Primary School system of education fully comply with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard.In addition, each item of the program is characterized by individual and collective orientation. That is, the introduction of the project into the educational process implies the use of a personal approach to each student and, in general, to the children's team.

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Main principles of the project

All the provisions that will be indicated below are reflected in the existing didactic principles of the Prospective Primary School development program and generally accepted standards of elementary general education:

  • The formation of personal qualities that meet the requirements of modern society on the basis of tolerance to its multi-ethnic, cultural and confessional composition.
  • The focus on obtaining the highest learning outcomes as a system-forming element of the educational process, in which the development of the personality of the student is due to the assimilation of ordinary learning activities, knowledge of the surrounding world.
  • Ensuring the achievement of goals through the development of a fundamental educational course.
  • Warranty continuity and consistency of pre-school, primary general, basic and secondary (full) education.
  • Accounting for personal age, psychological and physiological characteristics of students.
  • Determining the role and importance of certain activities for setting goals in the process of training and education.
  • Providing a variety of organizational forms, taking into account the characteristics of the development of each student (including gifted students, children with disabilities, speech defects, etc.).
  • Providing conditions for the growth of creative potential, the desire to learn the unknown, to interact with adults and peers.
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The comprehensive development of the student

The tasks of primary general education also include the development of the creative abilities of the student, his interest and desire for learning. It is in the children in the lower grades that moral and aesthetic feelings are cultivated, the emotional-axiological criteria of a positive attitude not only towards oneself, but also to those around.

In the “Perspective Primary School” educational-methodical kit for grade 1, the authors proceed from humanistic considerations, relying on the conclusions of psychologists: absolutely all children can study well if the appropriate conditions are created for this.And one of these is a student-centered approach to each student.

Universal program for primary school

In compiling the educational material and choosing the style of its presentation, the authors took into account several important features. According to their reviews, "Perspective Primary School" can be considered a universal program, because:

  • Textbooks, workbooks and other benefits are best suited for students of different ages. It is known that a child of both six and seven or eight years old can be a first grader.
  • All students have completely different levels of training. Children who attended pre-school educational organizations go to grade 1, having the necessary oral and written skills.
  • Significant differences in the topographic affiliation of the trained audience. So, not only urban, but also rural schoolchildren are trained in this educational program.
  • Differences in the level of proficiency in Russian among students, as well as the presence of a large number of speech therapy problems in lower grades.
  • It can be used for classes with different occupancy, including for ungraded schoolchildren.
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Features of the compilation of educational material

Interestingly, at the heart of the teaching kit is a close relationship of the course "The World" with the rest of the disciplines. According to the authors, the basics of this subject are firmly “sprouted” in both the Russian language and mathematics. Without knowledge of what is around us, the child will not be able to fully develop and become literate. The only thing that is doubtful is the lack of recommendations from the Ministry for the “World around” manual from the Perspective Elementary School educational complex.

Textbooks and workbooks corresponding to this program are created according to a single principle: all of them, from the first to the last page, are permeated with images of bright characters named Misha and Masha. The guys who flash in the books also have parents, friends, classmates, pets, etc. Over the course of a year, they grow up with their students, gaining knowledge, doing homework. Agree, the game stirs the interest of primary school students to learn. On the other hand, it is not clear how useful the presence of such illustrations is. So, for example, in workbooks for many tasks, two solutions were proposed - one Mishino, the other Mashino.Would it not be the child’s habit to choose the answer at random? In the end, of the two options, choosing the right one is much easier than solving the problem yourself from beginning to end.

Description of the project in general

It is impossible to give an unambiguous assessment of this complex and say how effective it is in the learning process. Any criticism, however, as the recommendation from the parents is purely subjective, and therefore in practice there are the most controversial reviews about the "Promising Primary School". To a person who is far from the current education system, it is easy to conclude that this is an educational and methodical program:

  • Based on traditional approaches to the education and upbringing of children of primary school age.
  • It is intended to make the child independent and purposeful.
  • It is not always easily perceived by students, and therefore requires the help and assistance of parents, especially with regard to homework.
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What most often causes discontent, reviews

For parents of children entering grade 1, the “Perspective Primary School” may seem “raw” and imperfect, full of flaws and flaws in the project.Often in the reviews you can find dissatisfaction with parents about the lack of information on a particular topic. In fact, the key goal of the developers of the complex is to teach students to work independently with sources of information and correctly apply the data.

Starting from the second class, the teacher uses several dictionaries, as well as reference books and encyclopedias in Russian lessons. In this context, it would be more correct to take a textbook in the role of a tutorial. The manuals in all subjects are structured in the same type, each topic looks approximately like this: table of contents - questions and answers to them - terms (vocabulary words, definition of concepts) - conclusions. The teacher is only required to set the right direction for work in the classroom and at home, coordinate the actions of the students and prepare the “ground” for finding the necessary information. However, students will have to look for it on their own.

If you pay attention to the responses of parents, their discontent about sharing lessons is striking. "Perspective Primary School" - an educational project that aims to develop in children of junior classes the skills of independence, initiative and self-control.At the same time, the authors themselves recommend not to deviate one step from the teaching method, which is based on the principle “to solve the traditional in a non-traditional way”. In practice, the majority of children aged 7-10 cannot cope with tasks without the help of parents. Well, there's nothing left but to wish them patience and tirelessness. Apparently, parents will have to learn again.

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How educators evaluate "Perspective Primary School"

There are enough examples of discussion of this educational program on the web. Among them, there are not many complaints about not only textbooks, but also workbooks. "Perspective elementary school", in the opinion of teachers, is inferior in some moments even to the traditional education system:

  • Tasks are not highlighted in the background of the text on the page - neither the font nor the color. Teachers are not very comfortable to navigate in the material.
  • Many teachers have the impression that the “Mathematics” course is not finalized, because there is no systematic character in the learning process, as evidenced by the “blurred” structure of educational and methodical planning.
  • "Perspective Primary School" implies the use of several parts of textbooks in all subjects at the same time, since each of them contains tasks,referring information to other sources. Children have to carry whole piles of books in their briefcases.

The main disadvantages of the program according to the parents

Parents in their reviews about the "Perspective Elementary School" often call the program odd, designed for children with low levels of training. The reason for such responses is:

  • A large number of typos in all educational materials.
  • The mismatch of tasks in mathematics general course. Parents are not always able to help in solving problems, because they themselves do not see their main essence, logical meaning.
  • The facelessness and monotony of all textbooks of the complex. Especially often parents complain about the content of the "surrounding world".
  • In the Russian language, children are given very few capital assignments, which prevents the formation of writing skills. According to the responses, the mathematics course for the 1st grade is considered too simple: for almost a whole year only the numbers of the first ten and actions with them are studied.
  • The topics that are simple for children’s understanding and perception are suddenly replaced by complex ones, which once again speaks of the lack of consistency in the compiled educational materials.
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Teacher recommendations

Of course, the learning outcomes that the students show in the final test papers depend largely on the teacher. But, in accordance with this program, a considerable burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents. They also have to go into all the subtleties of the educational process of their children in grades 1-4 to help them do their homework. In this case, teachers pay special attention to the inadmissibility of the use of ready-made homework (GDZ). In Perspective Primary School, if you look at it, everything is completely clear without it. The banal, unreasonable cheating from restebnik, which is abundant on the Web, contradicts the main principle of this educational project - student autonomy.

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