Pregnant adolescents: adult games and their consequences

Perhaps somewhere in the distant villages of hot Africa or in the wilds of the Amazon, early childbirth is considered a blessing of heaven. However, in developed countries, pregnant adolescents face a completely opposite reaction. Such an attitude is reasonable, but does not solve the problem.

Causes of early pregnancy and its dangerpregnant teens

13-18 years old - the age when the girl already seeks to appear as an adult, but in fact she is still a child. She already falls in love, obeying hormonal changes in the body, and may well allow physical intimacy with a man, focusing on the behavior of book and TV heroines or older girlfriends, not realizing the danger of her act. After the incident, most girls for a long time do not dare to confess to their parents and are afraid to go to a doctor on their own. Many of them lead an antisocial lifestyle, do not pay attention to the first symptoms and cannot remember the exact date of conception and the last menstruation. All this complicates the correct definition of the period of pregnancy and childbirth.At the same time, an incompletely formed organism is already capable of conception, but is not yet ready to bear and give birth. At this age, any decision - to give birth or to have an abortion - can lead to tragic consequences. Pregnant adolescents under 15 years of age are at particular risk.

Danger of early abortion

Much has already been said about the danger of abortion at any time. But it’s one thing when an adult woman with one or more children is faced with irreversible consequences. And it is quite different when a girl who has barely reached child-bearing age is in the same situation. Most often, when parents become aware of the status of their daughter, the deadlines for medical or mini abortion are already missed. A serious operation in the interruption of the first pregnancy at an early age often leads to bleeding, inflammation and further infertility.

determining the duration of pregnancy and childbirthPhysiological problems of gestation and childbirth

As a rule, carrying a child at an early age is accompanied by serious complications: severe toxemia, pressure jumps, anemia and insufficient weight gain, destruction of the placenta.The course of childbirth is also often unfavorable because of the physiological immaturity of the young mother. In this case, the probability of having a sick child is great. According to statistics, the most young mothers with premature, underweight, with serious birth injuries and fetal abnormalities are born in very young mothers. Among such babies, there is a high level of sudden infant death and a tendency to lag in physical and mental development.

Social problems

In addition to physiological issues, pregnant adolescent girls, having decided on the birth of a child, face social problems. To create a prosperous family at this age is extremely rare. As a rule, an accidental or equally young father refuses to take on his part of the responsibility. At best, the girl is supported by her parents. It is impossible to combine study and motherhood, the young mother is left without education, without a profession. Even if the girl grew up in a happy family and led a healthy lifestyle, having decided on early childbirth, she falls into the risk group. Loneliness, lack of fulfillment in life, inability to independently provide for themselves and the child often lead a woman to depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide.As a result, a significant number of babies born as teenagers enter shelters and orphanages either immediately after birth or several years later.

Psychological problemspregnant teen girls

Among those around, pregnant adolescents usually find misunderstanding and condemnation. Fear, a sense of hopelessness, panic - the first emotions that a girl feels when she learns about what happened. She feels guilt, anger at the man, at herself and at the child for her “spoiled” fate for the rest of her life, regardless of the final. After all, both abortion and the birth of a child are an equally dramatic step from childhood to adulthood, with its level of responsibility.

Prevention of early pregnancy

Despite the opinion of ordinary people and the self-blame of girls, the blame for early unplanned conception should be placed on parents. The fact is indisputable: absolutely all pregnant adolescents do not have normal contact with their parents, first of all with their mother. These are girls from dysfunctional families or daughters of seemingly “right” moms who do not have time or dare to engage in the sexual education of a child. Sometimes a girl's early sexual adventure is a protest, resisting parental pressure.In all such families there is no trust relationship, when a teenager can ask and tell about everything that he cares about. Thus, prevention of early pregnancy consists solely of parental responsibilities: to talk with the child, listen and hear him, treat him with attention and understanding.

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