Precious yellow stones: overview, properties and reviews

Yellow stones are very common. Moreover, a variety of minerals makes it possible to choose exactly what is needed, in accordance with your budget. Precious yellow stones are represented by zircon, greedy, beryl, citrine. Topaz are also very popular. To obtain the desired shade stones are often subjected to thermal processing.

Semiprecious stones are also presented in yellow. One of the most famous minerals is amber. Cat and tiger's eyes are considered to be less popular stones. Carnelian and jasper are mined in large volumes.yellow stones

Yellow stones - the power of minerals

But first things first. Yellow stones are a symbol of the sun, life and youth. They say that they can control the human feelings, replace despondency and sadness for happiness and joy. Yellow stones are also able to take care of the physical health of their owner.They share their energy and help in difficult situations.yellow gem


This mineral is the most affordable and popular among the yellow semi-precious stones. Decorations with him, as a rule, raise a person's mood and improve his appearance. Frozen resin activates creativity and strengthens the creative state. Amber pushes its owner not to sit still, but to look for new peaks.

yellow stones properties


This type of yellow gem has a positive effect on vision. It is necessary to look at the mineral for only a few minutes, and this will contribute to the removal of spasm of accommodation, deprivation of burning sensation and dryness in the eyes after prolonged exertion. This stone acts beneficially also on the work of the brain. Accelerates logical thinking and analytical skills.


The yellow gem under this name is also called Heliodorus. This mineral warms its owner with heat and gives him energy. In addition, it is the strongest antiseptic. Therefore, it is carried by people suffering from all sorts of infectious diseases. Beryl is also beneficial for maternity and women's health.yellow transparent stone


In ancient times, any yellow transparent stone was called that way. Topaz most clearly shows all the positive qualities of these gems. Precious jewelry with this stone allows people to reveal the secrets of the world, to influence other people to achieve their own goals. At the same time topaz with evil intentions will not allow you to use your strength. It purifies both thoughts and soul from any negativity.

Yellow transparent topaz is often called wine topaz. The stone develops intellectual abilities and activates the best character traits. In addition, topaz has a positive effect on sleep and improves the functioning of the digestive organs.yellow semiprecious stone


The stone of yellow color under this name brings happiness and prosperity to the family. It prevents quarrels, resolves any conflicts peacefully. Mineral is also used for healing wounds. It is divided by soft power, thanks to which a person becomes physically stronger and psychologically more stable.

A stone is mined in China. In this country, it is considered a symbol of immortality and fertility. Carnelian has a positive effect on the functions of procreation, helping parents raise children.The small cavity structure allows the internal organs to function positively, cleanse the body at the cellular level, stabilize the pulse and pressure.

Gems give health

Yellow stones have the most positive properties. First of all, precious jewelry with them affects the physical shell of their owners. It is recommended to wear them with any health problems. In moments of fatigue, these minerals give a person vigor and strength. The mineral also has a positive effect on the upper respiratory tract. Citrine improves eyesight. To relieve the tension of the eye muscles - exactly what is needed.

It is believed that yellow stones are suitable for Aries and Leo. Their energy ideally coincides with the warmth of gems. A lion who wears such jewelry receives an additional source of energy and strength. Aries - the ability to regulate their emotions and feelings. According to astrologers, yellow stones are not recommended for Scorpios.white-yellow stone


In principle, any white and yellow stone is not a rare mineral. They decorate people and themselves, and their home. Today, there are plenty of yellow stones.They can afford people with different budgets. And it's not about money. On the financial side of the issue at the sight of these beautiful stones, you can forget. In order to achieve a juicy and expressive shade, some of them are subjected to heat treatment. For example, a stone of yellow color, whose name is topaz. He gained particular popularity in ancient India in the Middle Ages. Archeologists discovered ritual objects made from this mineral.

Not less popular is amber - a fossil amorphous resin of coniferous plants. Many women have jewelry in their caskets in which there is a yellow semi-precious stone.

Citrine is a type of quartz. Translated from Latin means "lemon-yellow." Smooth crystals of this mineral are of great value.

Another type of quartz is carnelian. It is used as an ornamental stone.

Yellow stones, like any other colored, are semi-precious and precious. However, in any case, they carry a very important meaning. Yellow color has a positive effect on the human nervous system.In a word, it warms. This property of these stones is indispensable in our latitudes with harsh winters. They give their owner extra strength and energy.

Gems honey and sun shades are not just beautiful. They are also used as talismans. They contribute to getting rid of the blues and boredom. Help to fight a passive lifestyle. Yellow color encourages action and strive forward. He can become a wonderful accent not only in jewelry, but also in interior decoration - even a city apartment, even a country house. Yellow stones are ideally combined with other building materials - black, red, orange, blue.

These materials are also used to work with landscape design. For example, yellow sandstone is used for paving paths. As a finishing material, stones also proved to be excellent.

Thus, gems have a special mission. Those who wish to be healthy, happy and beautiful are recommended to choose these solar minerals. Moreover, decorations with yellow stones are available to everyone. Gem is appropriate for people of any gender.He looks beautiful on women and men. Age restrictions are also absent. Yellow stones are perfectly combined with various precious metals.

There are, however, minerals, from which you can make only a beautiful crafts. Or lime and cement. Calcite is suitable for this purpose. This mineral was installed even a monument in Ulyanovsk. Find it easy. As a rule, most ordinary tourists find it in the mountains. The most common calcite in the Alps and the Cordillera.

Stones are used in the construction of houses of various heights. They are durable and reliable. Withstand very high loads. Quartzite is one of these stones. When using high temperatures, it is recommended to use it. For example, when laying stoves.

In general, yellow stones are not only beautiful minerals, but also very useful. They preserve mental and physical health, adorn life, and serve for a long time as a reliable and durable building material.yellow stone name

Yellow is associated with gold and the sun. He calls for action, fills a person with energy, helps to make decisions correctly and quickly.Often these stones are chosen by people with artistic and creative abilities. They even make it possible to understand new ideas and opinions of the people around them. In short, if you crave novelty and change, choose yellow stones. They will support you in all your endeavors.

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