Prayer to Peter and Fevronia about family well-being

A person on the path of life falls a lot of difficulties. Helps overcome obstacles love. But what to do, if you have not yet found your soul mate, or worse - is your family falling apart? The article will tell why the prayer to Peter and Fevronia saves couples from the crisis.

Theory of all lovers

A lot of trouble lurks us on the road of life. Especially difficult in modern society to save marriage. If earlier they worked on the problems, now it’s easier to just give up.

prayer to Peter and FevroniaBut here people forget that the path to happiness lies through pain. The dream is on top of a steep mountain, the path to which is full of obstacles. Their goal is to help a person understand whether he needs a given fate or not.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family implies first of all the realization that you are ready to work on misunderstandings. A person who does not value marriage and does not want to save it will never turn to the Lord for help.

Now one of the motives for divorce is the independence of both partners. Women have become not so docile, while men have no respect and often do not value their soul mate.

A lover who for some reason finds it difficult to save a marriage will be helped by the prayer to Peter and Fevronia. About returning a loved one to a family, about overcoming difficulties and about the proper upbringing of children, people ask these blessed.

Real figures

The history of these two people is very popular in the Orthodox world. They became a couple that all families should be equal to. The legend of lovers appeared in the distant 1200s. Since then, the story has got new details and eventually turned into a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Today, thousands of people turn to the saints with prayers. But it is worth noting that not only couples help the blissful. The prayer to Peter and Fevronia about marriage is heard from the lips of young ladies, the young men are asked to send them a good girl to create a family, and the married ones beg to strengthen the marriage.

Despite the fact that the people added some fantastic facts to the story, scientists believe that Peter and Fevronia were real historical characters.

For the first time the chronicler Ermolai Pregreshny took up the description of their biography. He began work at the insistence of the metropolitan. Then the author did not even guess that his work would become a role model and lead the list of the best works of the XVI century.

Peter and Fevron's prayer for love

From trouble to great happiness

With the popularity of this story, the fame of the saints spread. In each house, Peter and Fevronia prayer sounded.

The events of the myth unfolded in the city of Murom. In the 1200s, Prince Paul governed the area. There was trouble in his family. A serpent began to come to the monarch's wife at night. He tried to seduce a woman and bring her to sin. But the young lady every time repulsed the demon. Husband tried to save his beloved soul. He decided to defeat the unclean by cunning.

Paul incited his wife to ask the serpent how he would perish. The princess did so. Bes told her that he would die at the hands of the younger brother of the ruler, Peter. He will defeat him with Agric's sword.

The prayer to saints Peter and Fevronia can be aimed not only at enhancing love in family life. It is worth asking for the blessed about the courage that each of them possessed. After all, an uncommon courage needed to have a younger brother in order to decide on the next act.

Peter and Fevron prayer for the return of the beloved

Fate be together

The guy, as soon as he heard about the prophecy, immediately decided to help the family. First, I discovered where to find the sword, and then killed the snake. But during the fight, the poisonous blood of the enemy spat on the young man. From this on his body opened terrible wounds.

The best healers treated the brave man, but in vain. No one could help him. Saved the young prince love.

This whole story is a good example of the healing power of sincere feelings. In a difficult period of life, Peter and Fevronia of Murom met. Prayer marriage is appropriate at any time. These two found each other when one of them was fatally ill. The pair has become a symbol of the fact that one should not pay attention to temporary difficulties, one should hope for the best.

From one of the rulers of the ruler, the girl Fevronia learned about the hopelessly ill prince. Her God endowed with an unusual gift of healing, and she skillfully treated people. After thinking for a minute, she said to bring a man to her. But the girl agreed to help him only on the condition that the prince became her husband.

The ultimatum was not invented at random. God has long decided that these people should be together. That is why the prayer to Peter and Fevronia for love is not only an appeal to the saints, but also a request from the Most High to unite your destinies in heaven.

Peter and Febronia's prayer for marriage

Fulfillment of will

The man, having heard such a request, agreed.But in my heart I understood that I would never marry a simple girl. The witch also knew about it.

That is why Fevronia, after giving the prince medicine, ordered to smear everything except one wound. Ulcers healed, but the place where he did not rub the ointment again infected the whole body with the disease. Therefore, the prince married a peasant.

The pair overcame all obstacles together, although at first it was not easy to get along with Peter and Fevroniy of Murom. Prayer to these saints will help strengthen mutual understanding in the family, will put marriage above your own desires.

The wife was distinguished by special mercy: she fed the hungry, helped the poor. For simplicity and cordiality, the prince loved her. Then they began to rule the city together.

In joy and sorrow

But the courtiers disliked the good sorceress. They kicked her out of Murom. The prince left with her.

When the couple was swimming in a boat, a married man was staring at the young lady. The princess told him that the water was the same from both sides of the board and it was not good to admire someone else’s wife because they were similar.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia saves not only your marriage as a whole, but also strengthens love. If one of the partners planned a betrayal, the philosophy of this story will help him get on the right path.

The prince grieved.But the woman reassured him and said that everything was fine. This is what happened. In Murom, the courtiers fought for power to the blood. As a result, there was no one to rule, and the people returned Peter and his wife from exile.

Since then, the city did not know the grief, because the wisdom of the spouses knew no bounds.

Peter and Fevron Muromsky prayer

Even the sky together

The couple were born five wonderful kids who grew up worthy of Christians. Peter and Fevronia's prayer for family well-being implies that your children will be safe. You bring up beautiful people.

Even when the couple grew old, their love did not fade away. In their declining years, the couple went to the monastery. The day before they agreed that they would die in one day and the same hour. This is what happened.

The princely family bequeathed them to bury them in one grave. But the people did not fulfill the request, explaining that by the law it’s impossible to bury the monks like that and put them in different coffins. But the next morning the bodies were close again. In this event, the people saw God's blessing on such an action, and the couple were buried together.

A prayer to Peter and Fevronia about love will become your talisman, will help to meet old age together.

prayer to saints peter and fevronia

The road to happiness is sincerity

It is worth reading the words of the saints not only in moments of despair, but also at the moment of joy. The text of the appeal is as follows: “The great and merciful pious Peter and Fevronia. You have become an example of the purity and holiness of marriage. We ask for your help. Send us faith, patience, and sincerity. May our life be filled with the same light of love and devotion as your path. Give us the strength to preserve the sanctity of marriage. Love unites us on earth, and bind souls in heaven. Let neither the hardships of life, nor the human words jinx us. For this we will faithfully and faithfully serve the Lord our God. His name and yours will be glorified. Amen".

This and any other prayer to Peter and Fevronia should sound from a pure heart. Saying her, remember that even the prince himself, who decided not to keep his promise and not marry a simple girl, could not be healed.

Peter and Fevronia Murom prayer for marriageIf the heart is dark and wants to deceive the heavens, it will not receive help. But sincerity and kindness will not be ignored.

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