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What are the most popular movies? Comedy, of course. These funny films attract people of different ages and financial statuses. In our article you will find a variety of pictures for every taste.

"1 + 1" (Untouchable)

If you are interested in popular comedies of recent years, then just "1 + 1" refers to this category. The main character of this film is a rich businessman who becomes disabled. Doctors are trying to help him in every way to adapt. For this purpose, they send specialists for the care of disabled people to him. Of all the people who came to him, the businessman chooses the strangest.

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This is a young African American with a criminal record. The immediate guy becomes a real guardian angel for a disabled businessman who makes his life more interesting. The relationship between these people develop into a real friendship.

“Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession”

The young engineer created a time machine in his apartment. Also Shurik, the so-called scientist, caused by chance from the past of Ivan the Terrible.And in that era he sent his neighbor, Ivan Vasilyevich. After these changes, that the king, that neighbor has a lot of funny adventures.

"Beautiful girl"

What other popular comedies are worth watching? The film called "Pretty Woman". This picture refers not only to the comedy genre. After all, many believe that "Pretty Woman" is a melodrama. Therefore, the love line is also in the picture.

Financial tycoon removes a woman for one night. In the morning makes her an interesting offer. For good money, he asks the lady to keep him company for a week. The girl agrees. But after a week the couple will not want to part.

"Fast Moska-Russia"

This is a movie about a guy who was ready to do anything in order to gain millions of views for his video on YouTube. On the way to his goal on the train, he meets an actress from America, who suffers from aerophobia. It turns out that these two are behind the train. Together they are trying to catch up with him, moving independently around Russia. Each of them definitely need to be in Vladivostok in seven days.

"High Security Vacation"

In prison, there is a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who accidentally killed his colleague in a service operation and a thief-relapse. As a result of the fight, these two prisoners escape.After they get into a pioneer camp, where they become counselors.

"Mr. Popper's penguins"

most popular comedies

Continuing to describe popular comedies, we will tell about this picture. The protagonist is a successful businessman. Inherited from his father gets a penguin. Trying to send him back, he does not succeed, on the contrary, they send him five more. Tom Popper, that was the name of a businessman, seems to be happy with such a gift. He takes up the "education" of these lovely creatures and makes a snow-covered desert in the apartment.

Merry comedy for children and adults - “Home Alone”

If you are interested in the most popular comedies, then pay attention to this picture. This film is especially in demand on the eve of New Year and Christmas.

A family from America plans to go on Christmas holidays in Europe. Having collected everything and everyone, they fly out to the appointed place. But after it turned out that in a hurry, the family had forgotten the home of one child - the restless boy Kevin. After the discovery of the missing mother in all possible ways, urgently trying to get home. At this time, Kevin learns that a gang of robbers is working in their area. But stupid thieves will have to regret their plans because the young boy Kevin is able to stand up for himself.

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